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Here Come De Judge

I just don't get it.

The key selling points of Barack Obama's campaign seem to be two things: his judgment, and his wanting to bring about a "new" form of politics to replace the old ways. And I just don't see how he does that.

First up, his "judgment" seems to be based solely on his opposition to the Iraq War. He claims, correctly, that he is the only one of the three Senators running to have opposed the war from the beginning. As someone who disagrees with him on that position, that actually hurts him with me, but I'll grant him points for consistency and say that it certainly wins him credibility with the anti-war crowd.

But how else has his judgment been demonstrated?

Certainly not in judging the character of those with whom he chooses to closely associate.

You want an example? I'm feeling generous. I'll give you three.

For twenty years, he chose as his minister, personal advisor, confidante, and friend the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright routinely used the pulpit to espouse racial divisiveness and spout such paranoid, delusional theories as the US government was behind the AIDS virus and pretty much every other bad thing that happened to black Americans and around the world. It became his hallmark, but somehow Obama never heard the most inflammatory and crazy rantings. It wasn't until the rest of the country got a good look at the man Obama had been closely associated with for decades that Obama removed him from an advisory position in his campaign, but refused to denounce his words, saying he simply couldnt -- until he could.

Another long-time Obama Associate is Bill Ayers. Ayers is an absolutely unrepentant former American terrorist, who had the misfortune of having his hagiography published (complete with photo of him stomping on the American flag) in Chicago Magazine on September 11, 2001. Ayers was at least peripherally involved in several robberies and bombings right through the year 1981 at least before deciding to "work within the system" and go into academia. Ayers and Obama served together on several projects, including Ayers serving as Obama's boss at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and serving together on the Woods Foundation Board of Directors. Also, Ayers and his wife -- fellow unrepentant terrorist Bernardine Dohrn -- held at least one fundraiser for Obama in their home, and are longtime supporters.

Finally (at least for now), Obama found a very useful friendship with Chicago businessman Tony Rezko. Rezko was one of Obama's earliest backers, helping raise money for him in his very first races. Rezko quickly won Obama's trust and was named to his finance committee. Rezko not only provided literally millions of dollars for Obama's rise, he also helped him personally -- Obama got a job with Rezko's law firm, and Rezko helped Obama buy his home in a slightly complicated real-estate deal that ended up with Rezko and Obama becoming owners of two adjacent properties. Coincidentally, I'm sure, Obama supported and helped bring about numerous projects in the Illinois State Senate that greatly benefited Mr. Rezko financially.

Mr. Rezko is currently on trial for influence peddling in a scandal that has already brought down Illinois' governor and numerous others of his beneficiaries.

Wright, Ayers, Rezko. These three men were not casual acquaintances of Obama's. These were not people with whom he had occasional brushes with. These were three men who played very key roles in Obama's life, who helped him at crucial junctures of his political career. And all three have done things that are (or, at least ought to be) thoroughly repugnant to a large number of Americans, and are utterly unrepentant about them.

This is how Barack Obama has chosen to demonstrate his judgment over the years.

Maybe there's some magic Venn diagram where one draws circles representing the influences of Wright, Ayers, and Rezko, and the point where all three overlap is a mystical place where the negative aspects of all three somehow cancel each other out and you're left with only their good aspects -- Wright's passion, Ayers' eagerness to challenge the status quo, and Rezko's organizational genius, I guess -- and that is where Barack Obama stands. After all, as many noted, Jesus himself chose to associate with the dregs of society -- prostitutes, beggars, a tax collector, the diseased, and whatnot.

But (despite the protestations of many) Obama isn't the Son of God. I think another type of aphorism applies here:

"Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas."


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Comments (23)

"After all, as many noted, ... (Below threshold)

"After all, as many noted, Jesus himself chose to associate with the dregs of society -- prostitutes, beggars, a tax collector, the diseased, and whatnot."

Jesus didn't try to be Ceasar.

First of all I want to say ... (Below threshold)

First of all I want to say that I'm an African American and I want to tell Americans that they would be making the biggest mistakes of their lives to elect Barrack Hussein Obama as the Democratic nominee or eventually as Americas First Black President.

Obama is trying to paint a picture of himself as someone who will bring change to America, but one has to look real deep to know whom Obama is, and that reflects the same things with his pastor and mentor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright. And Americans does not know what is going on in the middle east today because of an Obama candidacy, the Islamic terrorists are happy dancing and rejoicing in the streets because they know Obama will be Americas president and it's favorable to them because he is a Muslim as his middle name suggests and he would be sympathetic to their cause. That explains why Obama was against the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq in the first place as echoed by his pastor, and I tell you Obama would not have done anything if he was president during the September 11 attacks on America hw would not have fought the terrorists but leave them in place to terrorize Americans. Why did Obama not refute his pastor when he was making those remarks he was making? And only did after Jeremiah Wright attacked him? America needs a president that can unite it and solve the economic problems that is on the ground. Senator John McCain is not qualified for the job because he doesn't even have economic policies that would turn the economy around. We should look at Clinton's economic record while he was President and the numbers speak for itself. Hillary Clinton can turn the economy around and protect Americans too. It's the case of the devil you know is better than the angel you don't. Obama is a nobody with a hidden agenda he is a green snake under a green grass using sweet speeches to win the American population to his side. Look at it his name is even associated to the two most dangerous men on earth .Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

America open your eyes and think twice

FBO, that comment of yours ... (Below threshold)

FBO, that comment of yours is the worst drivel I have seen in a while. I won't even take the time to shoot it down, too easy.

Obama has no judgement. His views are open to the highest bidder, as is Clinton's. All ready I am starting to hear stories on the MSM about the possibility of riots should Obama lose. Predictable and pathetic. ww

His views are open... (Below threshold)
His views are open to the highest bidder, as is Clinton's.
If he was running a purely pragmatic campaign, he would have ditched Wright shortly before or shortly after becoming Senator.

I don't believe the closet Islamist meme, but I do believe he's a hardcore multiculturalist which means he believes 'all cultures are wonderful except western culture and especially American culture which is downright evil'. This is consistent with comments from Wright, his wife and his buddy Ayers.

I heard there's a tape of O... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I heard there's a tape of Obama promising the Teamsters Union that if he's in office, then the Federal agency that looks into union corruption will take it easy on them. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

I thought Obama was running as a 'different' politician; someone who wouldn't be the same old corrupt, slimy pol.

Seems like he is just as bad as the rest of them, maybe worse; since he comes out of the notoriously corrupt Chicago political machine.

I think that everyone admits that among all the serious candidates running, he had the least experience so he instead ran on 'hope' and 'change'. Well, change is right out the window and hope? Hope for what? All the same old bullshit and none of the experience. What a dangerous combination in a presidential candidate.

Sure he voted against the w... (Below threshold)

Sure he voted against the war but he wouldn't mind profiting off of it. His friend of 17.5 years and HUGE contributor Tony Rezko, Alsammarae anonther contributor, Daniel T. Frawley another contributor and Dan Mahru friend and contributor. All schemed to put through a $200. million dollar deal in Chamchamal Iraq for an electric plant. Daniel T. Frawley met with Seamus Ahern (an assitant to Obama in his Moline,IL office) for over 6 months, many letters and emails were sent between the two. Obama claims he didn't know that Daniel T. Frawley and Rezko were partners, that statement is utterly ridiculous and I'm betting it will be brought to light before the first debate with McCain. If Obama dosn't drop out it will be devastating for everyone who supported him, everyone has a few skeletons in their closet, but war profiteering when your running for President of the United States might not fly.

First of all, he didn't vot... (Below threshold)

First of all, he didn't vote against the war because he wasn't a Senator until 2004. He spoke out against it at a Chicago antiwar rally. But in 2004, he had this to say about Iraq to the Chicago Tribune, "There's not that much difference between my position and George Bush's position at this stage."


The man is not a serious person.

Wow! That's some hard-hitti... (Below threshold)

Wow! That's some hard-hitting political analysis. I've never heard these same, repeated daily talking points on every major right-wing blog/radio/television show. Congrats on being part of the noise machine.

Personally, I prefer excerpts from "Jay Tea's Silly Navy."

Governor Rod is not down ye... (Below threshold)

Governor Rod is not down yet. But it's not looking good for him at all.

and his wanting... (Below threshold)

and his wanting to bring about a "new" form of politics to replace the old ways.

Obama is running on a platform of overcoming partisanship by bringing Democrats and Republicans together. But where does he have any record of doing that? Where has he ever bucked his party on any issues let alone key issues? Where has he ever shown leadership to unite members of each party?

Obama has voted with his Party 97% of the time, as a comparison Trent Lott has voted with his Party 88% of the time. Voting with your party 97% of the time is hardly a record of bipartisanship.

John McCain can easily make the comparison that when it comes to being bipartisan he has a long record and Barrack Obama has none.

I've had this trifecta on m... (Below threshold)

I've had this trifecta on my mind for a while. I think one well-crafted TV ad about these three pals would go a long way to convince people Obama is not above anything or anyone.

Of course you'd prefer my f... (Below threshold)

Of course you'd prefer my fiction, jp2. It's kind of like Obama's speeches, but without the presumption that it will be believed.

But ain't it funny for what I've said being "standard talking points," nobody bothers to actually, you know, REFUTE them. I guess the theory is "if we keep calling them talking points and partisan attacks, nobody will notice that they're all true and relevant."

If that isn't the game plan, jp2, feel free to contradict me. But be ready to back it up with smoething more substantial than a Dogbert-esque wave of your hand and a dismissive "bah."


I'm feeling generous. I'll ... (Below threshold)
I'm an asshat:

I'm feeling generous. I'll give you three as well.

John McCain's relationship with Charles Keating.

John McCain's relationship with lunatic pastor John Hagee.

McCain's glowing endorsement from Iran Contra terrorist / felon Oliver North.

When God handed out irony, wingnuts thought He said "ironing," and ran away to play.

"Posted by I'm an asshat... (Below threshold)
I'm still an asshat:

"Posted by I'm an asshat | May 6, 2008"

Clever, Jay. You sound like like someone took Buddy Hackett and raped the funny out of him.

Jay Tea adds: I don't care for your fraudulent pseudonym. If you haven't caught on to that by now, and looked into finding a new name and e-mail address, then perhaps I should stop using such subtle hints and just ban you for being the asshat I keep labeling you as.

Excellent summary of why th... (Below threshold)

Excellent summary of why the Democrats cannot win if Obama is the nominee. People call those of us who are concerned about such matters "right wing nuts" or "Republican trolls" but most of us a good Democrats who want a Democrat in the White House. I worry that too many Obama supporters are too young to understand what the Republicans will do with this material (especially the Ayers relationship which is much mroe complicated and close than what has come out so far). I can see the "national security" ads now.

Poster name "I'm an Asshat"... (Below threshold)

Poster name "I'm an Asshat" says it all.

Jesus, people, can we call ... (Below threshold)

Jesus, people, can we call a moratorium on the word "asshat" please? It was clever for about a week, 4 years ago. Using it now simply shows a lack of imagination. Speaking of asses though, looks like you got yours handed to you yet again, Jay. You're on a roll lately, buddy. You might wanna have your meds checked.

Max, there's no reason to b... (Below threshold)

Max, there's no reason to bring up questions of McCain's constitutional eligibility EXCEPT to attempt to disqualify him from the race. It's a canard of about the same level of credibility as bringing up "Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the crypto-Muslim.

The asshat in question doesn't deserve a more creative epithet, so I don't give him one.

And max, until you're willing to show your medical credentials, you can stop trying to impersonate a doctor. The "off his meds" is even more tapped out than "drinking the kool-aid" or "asshat."



Touche, J. J. I sh... (Below threshold)

Touche, J. J.

I should have been clear that I was referring to your claim in part 2 of this post, that the NYT has an editorial opinion that McCain should be kept from being president because of where he was born. You were pretty clearly wrong about that. Or maybe just sloppy.

Didn't most of you g... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Didn't most of you guys vote for Bush once or even twice.

You guys think you have an ability to make sound judgments?

lava, in 2000 I held my nos... (Below threshold)

lava, in 2000 I held my nose and voted for Bush. In 2004, I looked at John Kerry, said "in what universe is this guy qualified to do a damned thing?" and voted for Bush.

You, on the other hand, appear incapable of doing anything besides making vague, inane, general criticisms that never seem to have anything to do with the topic at hand. It's like you spend several days coming up with your pronouncements, then plug them into whatever thread garners your attention.

And your vote, by and large, counts just as much as mine. I suspect that irritates you as much as it does me.


The asshat in question d... (Below threshold)
Asshat Forever:

The asshat in question doesn't deserve a more creative epithet, so I don't give him one.

Since you chose not to address my rebuttals..

I'll give you one.

Stateside deferred gimp.

Maybe you and Bob Owens can have a 10 meter limp race. The loser heads right to the recruiting station of their choice -or work for a private contractor that works outside the green zone.

What rebuttals, asshat? Tha... (Below threshold)

What rebuttals, asshat? That McCain has also been associated with shady characters? Not ONE of those associations go anywhere near as close as Obama's with the loathsome trio -- a terrorist, a racist hate-monger, and a political fixer.

Well, maybe Keating and Rezko, but Hagee and Wright? North and Ayers? I'll give you points for finding analogous figures (I presume you got them from someone more versed in actual thought), but the comparison fails on the magnitude.

I also note you can't seeem to make your points without taking a moment to "shoot the messenger." Sorry, I reject that attempt to change the subject from what I say to me. Who I am, where I am, the state of my physical health, and what I do for work do not in any way affect whether or not what I say is true. It's a dishonest tactic, one long discredited, but I'm not surprised that you reflexively reach for it.

Finally, I'm going to violate my long-standing policy and issue you a second warning, this one more explicit: find a new user name and e-mail address, instead of the fraudulent one you're currently using, or I'll ban your IP. I don't appreciate what you probably consider clever use of irony, and I don't feel like indulging you in its use around the web site I edit.

Is that clear enough?

Stateside deferred gimp who's considering suing you under the Americans With Disabilities Act






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