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North Carolina and Indiana -- By the Numbers

North Carolina Democrat Primary

Whites: Clinton, 60-36.
Blacks: Obama, 91-6.

Six percent of the black vote went to Clinton, eh?

Six percent.


Can you imagine the shrill cries of racism from leftists in the media and on university campuses if the white demographic in any given state voted 91-6 against a black candidate???

Indiana Democrat Primary

Those under 25 years old: Obama, 63-37.
Those age 50 and over: Clinton, 60-40.

That comports with prior results in the more conservative Mid-Western primary states.

* * *
Indiana went pretty much as anybody could and should have predicted. I'm stunned, however, by Obama's victory margin in N.C. Not that I'm naive, mind you. Certainly I knew blacks would vote overwhelmingly for Obama. But a 91-6 margin is, quite frankly, preposterous.

Incidentally, can you fathom what will happen to overall black turnout in November and thus to Clinton and to the media/Democrats if Obama doesn't get the nomination??? Then again, since Obama can't connect with white voters -- especially mature whites -- Clinton versus Obama with regard to the general election is analogous to six versus half-a-dozen, isn't it?


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Don't you just wonder how a... (Below threshold)

Don't you just wonder how all these people can be so naive in supporting Obama. Just how the hell is he planning to accomplish all the things he talks about without driving the economy into the ground. To say nothing of U.S. stature in the world. He has no clue about how things in the world really work. He is positively dangerous. As much as I dislike Hillary, she's a lot wiser about the world. You just can't trust her.

As a caucasoid male, wouldn... (Below threshold)

As a caucasoid male, wouldn't be right for me to shake my head at that disparity and wonder out loud why do blacks in this country continue to vote for the donkeys when they never ever follow through on all the promises they keep making to minorities in this country. Oh wait...

Everyone likes supporting ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Everyone likes supporting a winner.

Another thought as I've loo... (Below threshold)

Another thought as I've looked at the results for today's primaries. At the end of the day, how many additional delegates will Obama end up with? Right now he looks like he's +9. Think about all the money that has been spent for the 9 delegates. How many people could have used that money to help with their everyday expenses? Tell me again why it is that Republicans are thought of as the party of the rich? Methinks it's the other way around.

Can you imagine th... (Below threshold)
Can you imagine the shrill cries of racism from leftists in the media and on university campuses if the white demographic in any given state voted 91-6 against a black candidate???
Do you even have to ask? I've seen the media on an earlier race with a similarly skewed ratio lament the fact racism prevented whites from having the same ratio as the Blacks.
"since Obama can't conn... (Below threshold)

"since Obama can't connect with white voters -- especially mature whites -- Clinton versus Obama with regard to the general election is analogous to six versus half-a-dozen, isn't it?"

Mature? That's the age group that matured during "Jim Crowe" America, and though they may have become more tolerant than once upon a time, their bells can still be easily rung by vestiges of the old racism.

A group that is voting 40% ... (Below threshold)

A group that is voting 40% for Obama is hardly showing signs of racism, Phoenix. That refrain is old.

Jim Crowe was the lead tuba... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Jim Crowe was the lead tuba player for the Black Crowes.

OBAMA will WIN INDIANA! Ho... (Below threshold)

OBAMA will WIN INDIANA! How do I know. Because that is a Chicago politics area -- they wanted to wait until Clinton announced herself as the winner -- then BAM. How dumb will she look.

The bottom line is this on race -- blacks are voting for Obama because he is black. Period. So Obama saying this should be about this issues is a farce. If he were white they all would not be coming out to vote for him -- it is NOT that they really side with him on the issues. It IS because he is black. And that, my friends, is racist.

yes because the republican ... (Below threshold)

yes because the republican candidate is doing so well with his economic initiative. the presidential candidates are beginning to hopefully realize how little affect one man can have on the economy. more importantly though, of course obama isn't getting the white vote. his opponents couldn't say "vote for me because i'm black" so they found back-door racism: look at that, he knows a crazy black guy so clearly he must be a crazy black buy too...

I have one question or two.... (Below threshold)

I have one question or two. What percent of blacks live in Iowa, WY, MT, ND, WA.

So before you know it alls spout off about race/skin color, check your facts on how Obama won in those states that have very few blacks compared to whites.

After you have done that, please explain your previous BS. Thanks. And I'm not a Obama fan, just want to see the truth printed out on blogs.

Did anyonw watch CNN... A r... (Below threshold)

Did anyonw watch CNN... A rat was in the voting poll in Indiana...Mayor Rudy Clay could not answer why the votes from his part of the land had not been turned in.. He was downright asked what kind of Hanky Panky was going on!
It was so clear that it was suspected some kind of tampering was going on...
The bit rat seemed to be Mayor Rudy Clay...
Wolf and John tried to smooth it out and on by thier reactions and the reaction to the other mayor, which I do't recall his name, we all knew that some kind of Hanky Panky had gone on!
I don't know who Rudy Clay is but It was very obvious that something that was not to parr.

Mayor Rudy Clay was the Rat... (Below threshold)

Mayor Rudy Clay was the Rat..not being able to answer why the votes had not come in at midnight, he could not answer... The other mayor asked him all they had to do was press a button..usually votes come in by 1,2.3 % all of a sudden 28% comes in all at once...the up to 75% all at once. He was asked if Hanky Panky was going on? John seemed concerned, very concerned and kept looking at the map//
I looked up Mayor Rudy Clay and Obama supporter
Shame on This big rat, cheater, hanky panky was so obvious! and I want to know more! It was just smoothed over.... Mayor Rudy Clay a cheater RAT!!!

"I have one question or ... (Below threshold)

"I have one question or two. What percent of blacks live in Iowa, WY, MT, ND, WA".

If that's what you really think, that Obama will be the Democratic nominee just because blacks support him, I don't know what to say. You covered a few, Allen, but not even the tip of the iceberg.

How big is the black vote in states like: UT, KS, ME, ID, CO, NE, WI, MN, CT, and VT?

Whatever makes you feel better heading toward November, I guess.

b. hussien obama a "Winner"... (Below threshold)

b. hussien obama a "Winner"? Never. "Whiner"? Always.

Allen - please stop it with... (Below threshold)

Allen - please stop it with that canard. Those states you cited were caucus states. You know where a few thousand "party activists" show up.
Hardly represented of the average folk of those states. You live in a fantasy world if you think Obama has general election appeal in MT , WY or ND.

No one seemed to mind when ... (Below threshold)
June W:

No one seemed to mind when Bill Clinton was heralded as the "First Black President" just to get votes from the black community, and it worked. Now we have a truly bi racial candidate (mother white/father black, only in America does that make him black)who is appealing to everyone, except the over 65s who are traditionally afraid of change of any description. (myself excepted)
I don't believe his heritage has anything to do with why he is running rampant over Hillary despite the increible amount of mud she has thrown during this campaign. He is a breath of fresh in a nation that has been smelling of gunpowder for far too long.






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