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Indiana Update - Clinton Looks To Hold Off Late Obama Rally

Vote counting in Lake County Indiana was delayed for several hours this evening, for reasons that are not entirely clear. The Obama-heavy votes from Gary are just now being added to the statewide totals. Overall vote counts have 95% of the state's district reporting and Clinton leads Obama by in the neighborhood of 17,000 votes. Lake County is only reporting 56% complete (with Obama leading 2 to 1) at this point, but it appears that the Obama won't pick up the votes needed to make up the difference. Clinton won the more rural areas of the county and smaller townships while Obama won Gary.

Update: Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott (Clinton supporter), speaking to CNN, states that machine counts for most townships were done at 7:30 PM. Gary Mayor Rudy Clay (Obama supporter) is doing a very poor job explaining the 5 hour delay, but the latest numbers for Lake County (now 98%) show Clinton increasing her lead to over 22,000 statewide. Mark it up as a Clinton victory.

Here's the three reportings from Lake County (as of 1:20 AM), the first of which didn't appear until nearly 5 hours after polls closed.

158 precincts out of 561 reporting
Obama 27,991
Clinton 9,470

316 precincts out of 561 reporting.
Barack Obama 46,759
Hillary Clinton 25,100

550 precincts out of 561 reporting.
Barack Obama 66,265
Hillary Clinton 53,310

It sure looks like the reporting in Lake County may have been intentionally delayed to make a Clinton victory look less likely, and that initial returns were reported from areas voting heavily for Obama. Oddly, that's exactly what Mayor Clay predicted.


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could it have been her thic... (Below threshold)

could it have been her thick cankles that helped buttress against hussien's rally?






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