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UW-SC students show tolerance for opposing views on abortion.

See for yourself just how "tolerant" they are when pro-life group Pointers for Life put up a display of 4,000 crosses symbolizing murdered fetuses on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Here's the story:
Students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point butted heads Thursday after an anti-abortion organization planted 4,000 white crosses on campus to symbolize aborted fetuses and a student responded by pulling hundreds of them out of the ground.

The display, sponsored by Pointers for Life and planted on Isadore Street outside the Health Enhancement Center, is called "Cemetery of the Innocents" and features crosses and anti-abortion and religious signs, one of which reads "Seek Jesus."

The group has come to expect minor vandalism each time it displays the exhibit, but students were shocked when Roderick King pulled up many of the crosses in protest.

"It's just so disrespectful, and it's disappointing that this comes from UWSP students. I've always thought of this campus as a tolerant place. ... Someone made these (crosses) with their own hands," said Pointers for Life member Tracey Oudenhoven.

King eventually left the site of the display after speaking with Protective Services officials, but he later returned to protest. King said his anger was not just politically charged, but also related to the anonymity of the exhibit.

"If you're not ashamed of this, then you should claim it and sign it," King said. "My student dollars are going to support this, this travesty."

Pointers for Life reserved the space but didn't indicate its sponsorship of the exhibit. At King's request, students eventually posted a sign reading, "Sponsored by Pointers for Life."

Students put up the exhibit early Wednesday. By Thursday morning, some signs had been slashed and a few crosses had been broken. King said he didn't participate in those acts.

Why bother letting someone with a different opinion than you speak out or protest?

Let's just imagine it was the other way around, and a pro-abortion group had put up a display showing their support. Some members of a pro-life student group came along and started tearing it down because they didn't agree with it. What do you think the reaction would be?

Let me guess: it would be OPPRESSION! Right Wing intimidation tactics! Christian extremists trying to silence opposing voices!

One student gets it:

Passing students paused to watch King debate the moral implications of abortion with Pointers for Life members, and even some who supported abortion rights said they supported the group's right to protest.

"You don't have to agree with this. I don't agree with this, but they have just as much right to be here as the Pro-Choice Alliance," said student Colleen Kiefer.

Only some who supported "abortion rights" thought it was OK for the pro-life group to protest? Wow, how very tolerant of them. It must be the liberal streak in them.

Michelle Malkin shows us past vandalism from pro-abortion groups on college campuses.

Who cares about free speech when an angry lefty college student disagrees with you? Free speech only counts when it fits into the liberal -- and in this case, pro-abortion -- agenda. Too bad these students never got the message.


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Comments (22)

What a whiny little bitch. ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

What a whiny little bitch. Not you Cassy!

God forbid this should be p... (Below threshold)

God forbid this should be put into any kind of perspective. What I saw was 2, yes 2, thats 2, in case your vision is bad 2 students being jackasses. So lets get into a bunch of sweeping generalizations about the dreaded "liberals."

Yes someone should have come along and smacked these 2 idiots upside the head. Yes they should have minded their own business and left the display alone. Yes they were idiots. But for gods sake we're talking about 2 people here. So the author leaps to general conclusions with sweeping condemnations. Wow.

JFO, it wasn't just those t... (Below threshold)

JFO, it wasn't just those two idiots. It was those two idiots, along with those who created the environment that let them act with such impunity, and those who will not enforce the laws and rules that specifically forbid what they did and who will not punish them for their actions.

These two idiots did not act in a vacuum. They are the logical outgrowth of the environment of their school.


Yet another example of "fre... (Below threshold)

Yet another example of "free speech for me, but not for thee".

I wonder how upset Cassy wa... (Below threshold)

I wonder how upset Cassy was when Cindy Sheehan's crosses were removed by those who disagreed with her.
notiz=Your obsession with Cassie is growing tiresome.

What does Cindy Sheehan hav... (Below threshold)

What does Cindy Sheehan have to do with this Brian? A woman who has dragged her son through the muck because she's an attention whore?

Your obsession with Cass... (Below threshold)

Your obsession with Cassie is growing tiresome.

Uh, seeing as Cassy is the author of this thread, I think it was perfectly appropriate to address her in a comment. And what "obsession" are you talking about? I'm also currently commenting (more heavily) in threads by Jay and Jayson, so I fail to see how that equates to an "obsession" with Cassy.

I'm sorry you didn't like my comment, but it was civil and non-profane. It's unfortunate you don't share the same attitude about dissenting comments that Kevin and Jay have repeatedly and explicitly professed.

What does Cindy Sheehan ... (Below threshold)

What does Cindy Sheehan have to do with this Brian?

She planted crosses that were torn up by those who disagreed with her. I think the parallel was pretty clear. After all, the question was posited, "Let's just imagine it was the other way around". We don't have to imagine: it once was.

Jay tea...and of course you... (Below threshold)

Jay tea...and of course you are intimately aware of and familiar with "the environment" in their school? The last time I heard you lived in New Hampshire. Do you commute to Wisconsin? Go to class there? Teach there? Have psychic powers?

Come on man, you know nothing more about that school or what happened there than what you see through the bias of your tinted glasses. If I made the kind of ignorant generalization you just did the sarcasm and venom would be dripping from you.

I wonder how the fetus' fel... (Below threshold)

I wonder how the fetus' felt about this......oh yeah, they were a little occupied having their skulls crushed and limbs torn off.

"But for gods sake we're... (Below threshold)

"But for gods sake we're talking about 2 people here. So the author leaps to general conclusions with sweeping condemnations. Wow."

This is coming from the same twit who labeled all conservatives and Republicans as racist a few weeks ago in another thread. I'm sure JFO is going to retract that general conclusion and sweeping observation. Right, JFO?

JFO, a representative of th... (Below threshold)

JFO, a representative of the college -- a uniformed police officer -- told the asshole to stop ripping up the crosses. The asshole ignored the officer and continued, and the officer let him do it without attempting to assert his authority and stop the asshole.

Isn't one of the mantras of activism "silence = assent?" The school, through its authorized enforcement agent, chose to do nothing, and there has not been a single report that I've seen that the authorities have done a damned thing about it. They seem content to let it stand as is -- the asshole was free to rip up and throw on the ground the crosses placed in the ground, asserting his right to do so and denying the pro-life group's right to express their opinion.

Actions speak louder than words. And in some cases, inaction speaks even louder.


By the way, JFO, if you act... (Below threshold)

By the way, JFO, if you actually watch the video, the officer approaches the asshole at 0:52, and at 2:05 the officer walks off and the asshole resumes his vandalism. Until the school takes any further action, that remains their official response: "our officer talked to him and stalled him for one minute and thirteen seconds before letting him resume."

JT, when do you give up try... (Below threshold)

JT, when do you give up trying to reason with JFO? His motivation is not to pursuade, it is to belittle and offend. ww

How about pulling up that q... (Below threshold)

How about pulling up that quote for me Tom, you know the one where you state I said ALL conservatives and ALL Republicans are "raciststs"?

Jay - your ability to know all things continues to amaze me. You claim to know exactly what happened and exactly what the officer did after the video and exactly what school has done about it and you do it without leaving your computer in New Hampshire. Wow.

And then, of course, there's your conclusion that these 2 boobs
are: :..."the logical outgrowth of the ENVIRONMENT of their school." Pray tell, what would that "environment" be and how did you come to that knowledge from behind your computer in New Hampshire?

<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)

This is the thread I'm referring to. Your exchange with Oyster at comments 9 and 10 summarizes your thoughts quite nicely. Just so everyone knows what I'm talking about, here is what Oyster said:

"Ummm.....how many elected black politicians are Republican?"

Ummm.....how many black politicians even run on the Republican ticket? Get a grip JFO. We're not the racist pigs you think we are - but it won't keep you from pretending so anyway.

Here was your reply:

"I would exclude the pig part Oyster."

It's very clear to me and the rest of us what you meant by that.

I'm sure you'll try to weasel out of it by attempting to say it wasn't an "exact quote". This and the rest of the thread shows what you said and think. You sure didn't attempt to say anything like, "Don't get me wrong, not all conservatives or Republicans are racist." Nor did you attempt to disagree with the title of the post ("Quote of the Day - Racists Are All Republicans Edition"). Did you?

And now back to my point from earlier and to the topic of this thread. You're a hypocrite and an idiot for your comment at #2. Jay Tea has already stated very eloquently why you're an idiot, so I'll stick to the hypocritical aspect.

Nice try Biological. Won't ... (Below threshold)

Nice try Biological. Won't work as Of course I never said what you said I said in the entire post you're referring to. You criticize me for not denying the title of the post which is hysterical in view of the outrageous stuff said on this blog by some of your fellow righties. The silence that follows those kinds of comments is deafening. The gist of the post you have referred to was calling out Willie on what were clearly racist views.

As to the "idiot" label you like to throw around: I pointed out in the past post you like to say that but one has to wonder who the idiot is when you blow off over 4000 dead Americans as no big deal. I give you no serious consideration with beliefs like that.

"JT, when do you give up... (Below threshold)

"JT, when do you give up trying to reason with JFO? His motivation is not to pursuade, it is to belittle and offend. ww"

Exactly, but the only person JFO ends up belittling and offending is...JFO.

"Nice try Biological."</... (Below threshold)

"Nice try Biological."

Hmmm. I smell a sock puppet. You sound a lot like Lee Ward. No wonder you disgust me; the nitwit style and stupidity is the same.

"Of course I never said what you said I said in the entire post you're referring to."

So you're not only an idiot, you're also a liar.

"I pointed out in the past post you like to say that but one has to wonder who the idiot is when you blow off over 4000 dead Americans as no big deal. I give you no serious consideration with beliefs like that."

As I said before, anyone who read my post, which is still at the top of my blog, and comes away with that idea is an even bigger idiot than I can imagine. Either Wild Willie was right, or I am. You're either intentionally attempting to belittle or offend, or you're just that stupid.

My bet is that we're both right.

Ooooo... I disgust you now.... (Below threshold)

Ooooo... I disgust you now. The man who gives not a wit about 4000 dead soldiers. It's you and folks with Willie's views who should disgust everyone. That ain't ever going to happen here but who would ever expect it?

"Ooooo... I disgust you ... (Below threshold)

"Ooooo... I disgust you now."

Correction. You've always disgusted me. Anyone who calls me or anyone else a racist and a liar for absolutely no reason disgusts me.

"The man who gives not a wit about 4000 dead soldiers."

You can repeat that lie as often as you wish. Unfortunately for you, it doesn't make it true.

Keep proving my point, twit. I notice you've attempted to change the subject and won't talk about the topic of this thread, and you're now constructing straw men to do battle against. That's because you have no intelligent answer to anyone's comments about the topic at hand. As usual.

The thing that's most irritating to me about Roderick King is he thinks his freedom of speech includes violating and preventing the freedom of speech of others. All he had to do was make a counterpoint and bring a sign to the area that describes his opposing view. There would've been no problem or complaint then. Then of course, the university does absolutely nothing about King's despicable actions.

Why do you give the fool JF... (Below threshold)

Why do you give the fool JFO any response at all?..please guys, ignore the child and move on! Surrounding the village idiot seems such a waste!






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