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Asking the questions the media won't ask

Everyone knows that no one is supposed to ask Barack Obama any tough questions. We're supposed to be pacified by his empty rhetoric message of "hope" and "change", and not look any deeper. Because, you know, if we do, we find a whole lot of things to be uneasy about, and he is the Obamamessiah and all.

Unfortunately, the RNC didn't get that memo.

Just, you know, don't expect to get any answers. That'd be asking too much.

Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU


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Comments (6)

Very good video. ww... (Below threshold)

Very good video. ww

Hey Cassy, while you're at ... (Below threshold)

Hey Cassy, while you're at it why not ask the media some tough questions about this?


Is this the alleged left-leaning media you blame for not asking Obama tough questions?

Why not ask him if he appro... (Below threshold)

Why not ask him if he approves of the bombings of his friend Ayers,, and to explain how Weather Underground is any different than Hezbollah, Hamas, AQ, etc?

Ask him exactly how his wife got a substantial raise soon after his earmark was approved for her employer in Chicago?

Also, how about if we ask him what branch of the military he served in, since we all know service was a key issue for the libtards in the 04 election.

What a pile of crap... (Below threshold)

What a pile of crap

Very thoughtful analysis Ph... (Below threshold)

Very thoughtful analysis Phoenix.

Still waiting for Slim Pick... (Below threshold)

Still waiting for Slim Pickens to kick b. hussein over and shout, "It's a fake, we've been suckered in..."






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