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Hillary Clinton Prepared to Bring Democratic Party Down with Her

The general consensus among, oh, virtually every pundit and everyone in the Democratic party is that this primary contest is over and Barack Obama is the nominee. CBS News has a good compilation of what the tone is in Washington (via Drudge):

However, Fox News has an article this morning that reports Hillary is ignoring those who say she needs to step down for the good of the party and is staying in the race.

Hillary Clinton drop out? Perish the thought.

The New York senator is still raising bucks and wearing out her campaign pedometer. She has a breathless day of coast-to-coast campaigning planned Thursday as she tunes out calls from Democrats and pundits for her to face the music and accept Barack Obama as the party's nominee.

After campaigning in West Virginia ahead of the state's upcoming primary Tuesday, Clinton's marathon itinerary Thursday has her leaping from there to South Dakota to Oregon, all states that vote in the next four weeks.

"I am staying in this race," she told donors Wednesday night at a Washington, D.C, fundraiser that netted her campaign about $500,000. Telling them she's been counted out before, she attempted to link her electoral struggles today to those she faced before winning the New Hampshire primary in January.

"I landed in New Hampshire on a Thursday night down 9 points, and I won on Tuesday," she said. "You can turn elections in a day. You can turn them in a week if you know what it takes to actually win. I believe I know with your help, that is exactly what we're going to do."

Only, when Clinton landed in New Hampshire, there still were 49 states left to vote. Now there are five, and none of them can give her the pledged delegates she needs to win.

While Clinton vowed to continue her fight "until there's a nominee," a general consensus was growing among Democrats on Wednesday that the contest to become the party's presidential candidate already had been decided beyond a reasonable doubt.

It's called scorched earth. The Clintons are not accustomed to losing and it seems they're going to make the Democratic party pay for not choosing her. This primary may end up in court by the time the dust settles.


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Comments (32)

And come the General Electi... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

And come the General Election, John McCain will be just another bug smashed on the windwshield of Barack Obama.

He'll never know what hit him.

It'll be one of those things you'll look back on and laugh at:

"McCain vs. Obama? What were we thinking!"

Adrian, that is a typical g... (Below threshold)

Adrian, that is a typical gun toting, religious embracing, immigrant hating, white person thin to say. Obama is guaranteed 18% of the electorate in the general election. The rest he has to convince he did not know about the racist pastor friend over twenty years. ww

Now they are talking about ... (Below threshold)

Now they are talking about Hillary in the VP spot on the ticket.

Obama, a word of caution - if you giv eit to her, watch your back, cause now you will have people gunning for you from all sides. It wouldn't matter to Hillary if she has to take the White house over your dead body.....

What's the easier race for ... (Below threshold)

What's the easier race for her in 2012? A race against a 76 year old republican John McCain, or a race against an incumbent democratic president Obama?

Scorched earth makes sense as a long term strategy for her; you have to make the simple assumption that she's primarily motivated by her personal prospects.

Why should she quit? The O... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Why should she quit? The Obamessiah won't win enough delegates to seal the nomination before the convention any more than Clinton. She may indeed lead in the popular vote with Michigan and Florida included once it's all said and done.

I'm not thrilled about McCain, but he's going to have a lot more cross-over appeal than a man with the most liberal voting record in the Senate. How'd that work out for John Kerry? Obama = a John Kerry who doesn't trust whitey.

Although I do enjoy rejoinders from Obama about "distractions" and his unique ability to "get things done". Unique in that there's no physical evidence of any legislative accomplishments by Obama*, nor can his supporters identify a single Obama accomplishment.

* Considering his voting record is the most liberal in the Senate the fact he's accomplished nothing substantive is a plus for America

John McCain may be the only... (Below threshold)

John McCain may be the only person the republican party could have nominated who will lose to a Marxist head after a 3 month fiasco of democratic party screw ups. An honest to God conservative would have had a cakewalk, even in todays political market of country club republicans betraying the American people at every turn.

Adrian's confidence in the ... (Below threshold)

Adrian's confidence in the Democratic nomination of an associate of a Weather Underground terrorist is quite amusing.

Hillary is a helluva lot mo... (Below threshold)

Hillary is a helluva lot more stubborn than G.W. Bush. And you see how much he listens to his critics.

And come the General Ele... (Below threshold)

And come the General Election, John McCain will be just another bug smashed on the windwshield of Barack Obama.
He'll never know what hit him.

Maybe, but when Michelle and Barry's war on the free market replicate the failure of the Carter years will you know what hit you?
Gas lines caused by 2 gas bags.

It appears there's a lot of... (Below threshold)

It appears there's a lot of self-tickling going on in the Bushblog-o-sphere. The peddling of patent medicine Optimism within the Bushbot political fraternity seems to be a cruel top-down ploy to keep the partisan sheep barefoot and...stupid day by day.

But no, Hillary Clinton isn't "going to bring the Democratic Party down with her". Have you not noticed that Hillary is (gasp!) a...follower? It's true. Which might explain her present predicament with primary voters.

So please file it in the bottom drawer along with the "Invincible Clintons" papers which became obsolete in 1980s Arkansas. Unless you consider Connecticutt Herbert Walker Bush and Chainsaw(sic)Bob Dole the acme of irresistible force worthy of a Trajan's Column.

Let's face the election meta: It's Jimmy "Cinnamon Stick" Stewart versus Old Man Potter in the general.

This joke of a primary shou... (Below threshold)

This joke of a primary should end up in court, for the next 10 years, and be decided by some future SCOTUS. The democrats are seeking the greatest voter supression since 1861 when they started the '1st' civil war. Democrats in Fl and Mi should start the '2nd' civil war. Since I no longer watch Holy-wood movies I don't know who the best comedy producers are but they have a wealth of materiel for a dozen comedy's provided by the Anti-american, Arab Islamist, Non-black America hating, qualified for nothing but racism and racial preferences Hussein O and big mouth M, and the it's my office Clinton's.

"Unique in that there's no ... (Below threshold)

"Unique in that there's no physical evidence of any legislative accomplishments by Obama*"-bvo

s.1949 Lugar-Obama Act (The "loose nukes bill" co-sponsored by Richard Lugar (R-IN))


Hahahaha! Obama cannot eve... (Below threshold)

Hahahaha! Obama cannot even win the party nomination. Keep hope alive, count the change.

Running for presidency on the strength of the "Loose Nukes Bill"? Can we stop laughing now?

Hillary can't even win the ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Hillary can't even win the nomination how could she destroy the Democratic party?*

*magic, space aliens, and previously unknown laws of physics are not acceptable answers.

One consistent thing about ... (Below threshold)

One consistent thing about this race has been that Obama cannot win anyone apart from blacks voters, and consistently loses every other group. Even when he wins a state, he loses 60% of the non-black vote. And that's in the Dem primary.

He will get 99% of the black vote, who account for 11% of the electorate. He will get 30% of the non-black vote, which accounts for 89% of the electorate. Do the math.

Hey, BryanD, <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Hey, BryanD, Wow, what an accomplishment for Obama you listed there.

That's hilarious. What's going to be your encore?

Lugar-Obama Bill signed by ... (Below threshold)

Lugar-Obama Bill signed by the Chimp, chump.

(I knew the "S" would throw Clouseau off the trail of the Pink Panther! Thanks for playing!)


Here's my question about th... (Below threshold)

Here's my question about those asking Hillary Clinton to drop out: would they feel the same way in October if John McCain is up in the polls by less than a percent? What about on election day, if McCain is ahead a few percent with the West Coast still to be counted?

The surrender in Iraq, surr... (Below threshold)

The surrender in Iraq, surrender to the Mexican criminals, democrats are now demanding Shrillary surrender. I thought their own (stupid) system required someone to obtain a set number of delegates to win. But to a democrat surrender is always the first option when the going gets tough. I guess if you are willing to violate your oath (of office) to the American people and assist the enemy at every turn you are willing to surrender anything at anytime. If you support a conservative America drive with your headlights on in the daytime, if you support a liberal America drive with your headlights off at night.

I want to see this debacle ... (Below threshold)

I want to see this debacle dragged out to the last gasp, with Hillary losing by the narrowest margin, with the end being a huge fight at the Denver convention. Entertainment like this comes too infrequently.

Bryan, you cited the wrong ... (Below threshold)

Bryan, you cited the wrong bill and call me a chump? That's typical of you. Obama claiming credit for Lugar's work, that's typical of him.

Well shut my mouth, a singl... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Well shut my mouth, a single lesislative accomplishment. All hail Obama's unique "can-do" spirit and dogged determination in getting his name as co-sponsor on a bill that was signed into law.

Too bad the dot.com bubble burst - he's the perfect candidate for anyone who overvalues hype and marketing versus concrete results and accomplishment*.

* Once again, the fact Obama has failed to enact any "bold" legislation is a positive considering he owns the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

If the leadership of the De... (Below threshold)

If the leadership of the Democratic Party wants it to end, all they have to do is squeeze the uncommitted super-delegates to commit.

Barry's sheep are not empat... (Below threshold)

Barry's sheep are not empathizing with their fallen idol, Hillary. Yeah, she lost 11 in a row but Dems have proportional distribution of votes so as not to appear unfair and bigoted like those fascist Republicans and commissioners of pro sports.
I'll 'splain it you this way;
My favorite team, the New York Mets just lost 2 out 3 to the L.A. Dodgers....1st two games won by LA, 5-1, 5-4. But the Mets won the 3rd game 12-1. Soooooooo.....
when I add up the total runs, the Mets scored 17 to LA's 11. Therefore, if we divide up the total of runs proportionally the Mets deserve to win all three games by maybe a couple of runs each game.
See how loony liberalism is? They deserve the strife they've created by virtue of their own rules.

As I've read elsewhere (per... (Below threshold)

As I've read elsewhere (perhaps on fark.com actually)

Hillary is now the "psycho ex-girlfriend" of the democratic party.

Actually, I think Hillary i... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think Hillary is preparing to step down. Likely will be next week after winning WV; might wait till after Kentucky. She wants to go out on a positive note. Plus the extra couple of weeks allows her to do a little fundraising and make back that money she loaned her campaign.

Keep in mind Adrian also th... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind Adrian also thought 2004 would be a blow out for Kerry. lol.

"Well shut my mouth, a sing... (Below threshold)

"Well shut my mouth, a single lesislative accomplishment."-bvo

I just google "Obama legislative accomplishments" and get:


<a href="http://andrewsulli... (Below threshold)
bryanD - "s.1949 Lugar-... (Below threshold)

bryanD - "s.1949 Lugar-Obama Act (The "loose nukes bill" co-sponsored by Richard Lugar (R-IN))"

One bill in three years? And that bill is just a rehash of the Nunn-Lugar cooperative threat reduction program that focuses on weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union.

That's pretty thin gruel you're serving up there bryanD and by extension obama. In fact it borders on being "Kerry-esque," if you scale up that one bill to kerry's 20 years in the Senate.

3 into 20 = 6 and a fraction...yepper, at that rate obamamessiah will be right on target to hit kerry's 20 year numbers.

Not to ention the bill you're apparently so proud on behalf of obama-wamma-slamma is flawed at its very core and spent cash that was already spent in other areas of the gov.

"In that regard, the Department is concerned at the requirement in S.1949 to devote specific amounts from our Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs (NADR), and our Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program to help other states with WMD detection, WMD interdiction, and conventional arms reduction. While these objectives are certainly important, the designation of funds as required by the legislation could lead us to devote funds to efforts for which other agencies -- for example, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security on interdiction or the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security on detection -- may be better suited to develop and manage. Potentially even more significant, such designation of funds could also prevent us from implementing what may be higher priority programs - support to capacity building against WMD terrorism might be a good example - in which State Department funds might best be used.

I doubt there will be any l... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I doubt there will be any legal action. The DNC can set whatever rules they want for selection of their nominee. They could say that every person who votes in a caucus must do so while wearing a hat shaped like a chicken. Hillary may try to sue, but she won't get any traction and would, ultimately, look like an Al Gore-type crybaby.

Steve L.: Doesn't matter i... (Below threshold)

Steve L.: Doesn't matter if there is any legal basis or not. Just the fact that the race may end up in the courts is delicious enough. Imagine Scalia selecting the Dem nominee!






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