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War on Terror Update

Iraqi Defense Ministry Says: Leader of al-Qaida in Iraq Captured

Iraqi police commandos captured the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq in a raid in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi officials said Thursday.

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Hopefully the report of al-Masri's capture will prove to be accurate. With further luck al-Masri -- ahem -- will be persuaded to divulge sufficient information to allow Iraqi and U.S. forces to finish off A-Q-I as an effective, large-scale fighting force. Time will tell.

UPDATE: The U.S. Military and other Iraqi officials now are saying no dice. With luck, however, they do have the real al-Masri and their denials of his capture are strategic in nature.


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Comments (3)

Glad we caught him before O... (Below threshold)

Glad we caught him before Obama/Pelosi/Dems could bring home the troops.

Mission Accomplished.... (Below threshold)

Mission Accomplished.

The story has been updated ... (Below threshold)

The story has been updated -- it's NOT al-Masri.

Better luck next time.






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