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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

From time to time I receive books in the mail for review purposes. Lately I have had little time to read, but I got Hungry Girl in the mail a week or so ago and liked it so much that I have already purchased an additional copy to give as a gift. Not only does the book have some great recipes and "guilt-free eating" tips, but it is entertaining as well. Even the names of the recipes are fun: Ooey Gooey Chili Cheese Nachos, Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Lord of the Onion Rings, 7-Layer Burrito Blitz, and I Can't Believe It's Not Sweet Potato Pie. In addition to the recipes there are lots of fun facts and tips. Chapters include Chop `Til Ya Drop, Junk Food Junkie, Manly Meals, Chocolate 911 and Fruity Call. If you like the Hungry-Girl website and email newsletter you will love the book. If you want it in time for Mother's Day, you can pick it up at your favorite bookstore.

Some moms are into jewelry, but I am a fan of books, CDs and gift certificates for use online or for indulgences like manicures/pedicures. I also love to get flowers -- the kind I can plant in the yard. I still have one Mother's Day gift to buy so I'd love to hear some readers' unique gift ideas.

Update: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton has a very positive review of the book Clintonisms - The Amusing, Confusing, and Suspect Musing of Billary. Read Terresa's review which includes some funny excerpts from the book. Based on Terresa's review, I am adding this book to my wish list.


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You might consider a gift c... (Below threshold)

You might consider a gift card to a favorite restaurant of the recipient. I've given my Mom cards to Red Lobster and Olive Garden occaisionally over the years and they have been truly appreciated. We don't have either in our town, but when Mom goes in to the city she indulges herself. Being on a fixed income she wouldn't treat herself to a nice meal otherwise.

Not terribly unique, but sp... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Not terribly unique, but spa days are always winners.

(BTW: My wife is having her first Mother's Day this weekend. Ironically enough, it's also her birthday. And then 10 days after that it's our anniversary. I've now dubbed May "Daddy Takes A Second Job" Month. I'm kidding....)

Would a woman take offense ... (Below threshold)

Would a woman take offense to a gift like "Hungry Girl?" Doesn't that imply she needs to lose weight?

My mom's a retiree on fixed... (Below threshold)

My mom's a retiree on fixed income. I gave her flowers and a $100 gift card for the local supermarket.






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