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The Perfection Fallacy, or "I'll Give You Something To Complain About!"

Yesterday, the Boston Globe decided to observe Israel's 60th birthday by discussing what it's like to be an Arab living in Israel. And to no one's great surprise who reads the Glob, it's full of complaints about how tough things are for them, and how a Palestinian state just might make it all better.

The one thing I find missing from the story is context. It dwells on the challenges Arab Israelis face, and has a little bit of a fantasy about a Palestinian state, but that's where it stops. I thought it might be educational to expand on the article, and look at some other circumstances these Israeli Arabs might find themselves.

Being a Palestinian in another Arab nation: they're denied citizenship, as well as a great deal of other rights (employment and land-ownership restrictions come to mind as among the most common.) Palestinians are held in "refugee camps" (which often resemble towns and cities than traditional notions of camps) and deliberately kept in a deprived state to they can continue to be used as clubs against Israel whenever they feel the need to justify their Jew-hating, genocidal instincts.

That's just a generalization. For more specifics, look at Lebanon: they are the puppets and human shields (willing or not) of Hezbollah. The camps are supposed to be weapons-free zones, but much like we've discovered here in the US, that merely means that anyone who chooses to ignore the rules ends up literally having the literal power of life and death over those who do abide by them. In Lebanon, the army has had to "invade" at least one camp in one recent years in an attempt to root out the terrorists, and Hezbollah is thisclose to overthrowing the government -- all in the name of "helping" the Palestinians, of course.

(Lebanon's situation is probably worthy of another posting, but I digress.)

In Jordan, Palestinians are a smidgen better, but many Jordanians have memories of Black September, when Yassir Arafat led an insurrection against his Jordanian hosts in a clash that led to thousands of deaths.

I don't think there's a single Arab nation that has embraced their Palestinian brethren, offering them citizenship and a chance to start anew. Instead, they keep them as perpetual victims, sentencing generation after generation to wait in abject deprivation until the Arab nations can keep their promise made in 1948 to "drive the Jews into the sea" and give the land to the Palestinians. If fact, the Arab League has banned any member nation from offering Palestinians citizenship.

Being a Palestinian living under Palestinian rule. This is probably the truest representation of how the mythical "Palestinian state" might look.

There are two competing models of Palestinian self-governance. In the West Bank, Palestinians live under the rule of Fatah, the corrupt, kleptocratic terrorists run the show. In the Gaza Strip, the radical Islamist terrorists of Hamas run the show. So, the choices are between the greedy, nationalist, brutal terrorists and the religious, nationalist, even more brutal terrorists -- both of whom have been duly elected in free and fair elections by the Palestinian people.

And just for the hell of it, let's look at one other set of circumstances:

Being a Jew in an Arab nation.

Well, according to the CIA World Factbook, there are some "tiny communities" in three cities in Syria, but Israel's other neighbors -- Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt -- are utterly Judenfrei. In Iran, the Jewish community is pretty much a hostage to the government.

So to go back to the Glob's original point: yeah, it seems kind of rough to be an Arab in Israel. But they at least have citizenship, can participate and be elected to government, and in general enjoy far more rights as citizens than they can in Palestinian-controlled territories or any of their brethren nations.

Gee, I wonder why the Glob didn't look into any of these things?


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Freaky Fact Alert!Fr... (Below threshold)

Freaky Fact Alert!
Freaky Fact Alert!

The "Hitler(s) Of Our Time" in Iran and Syria have thriving "tiny" Jewish communities (like say, Tulsa, OK or Augusta, GA) (with voting rights!) while our allies are "Judenfrei".

"Palestinians are held in "refugee camps" (which often resemble towns and cities than traditional notions of camps)..."

The word is "ghetto". The term "ghetto" is studiously avoided in Israel since knowledge (NEAR OR FAR)combined with inaction puts the onus of "unrighteousness" on the informed, especially when the European ghetto experience is within living memeory. Also, "Ghetto" unlike "camp"/prison/facility,etc is unmistakedly populated by families. It is a 100% segregated quarter of an actual city or town seperated by a fraction of an inch and well in view of everyone.

You mean newspapers don't a... (Below threshold)

You mean newspapers don't always make good faith efforts to print only facts and truth? Oh, surely not!

Likudnik welfare kings atta... (Below threshold)

Likudnik welfare kings attack US envoy (scroll down).


Great work fighting the goo... (Below threshold)

Great work fighting the good fight Jay, but you know the minds of the haters won't shine the light of truth on the fact that the worst perpetrators of violence against Palestinian women are their men.
And what would happen if they were under the authority of fellow Arabs? Oh wait, they were until the Jordanians expelled and slaughtered thousands during Black September in September, 1970.

Now, for just the teeniest ... (Below threshold)

Now, for just the teeniest bit of balance for this 60th orgy of the founding of the Israeli state, this piece by Israelis provides perspective for the non-existent perspective here..

Excellent piece Jay.<... (Below threshold)

Excellent piece Jay.

Always great and predictable to see the words "jew" or "Israel" mentioned and the asshats come flying out of the closet, spittle flying and eyes rolling.

"teeniest bit of balance... (Below threshold)

"teeniest bit of balance"

Jay's post was a balance to the Globe's article and you think augmenting the Globe's article and including words like "orgy" to ridicule that with which you disagree is what provides balance.


Excellent counterpoint, Bry... (Below threshold)

Excellent counterpoint, BryanD! I am shocked and appalled at that article.

Don't those stupid settlers know that you don't ram vehicles as "protest," you blow them up?

Or, at least, you use the guns that you're carrying to butcher the civilians?

No wonder the Arabs are so bent out of shape over Israel's presence. They simply don't fit in with the barbarism and brutatlity that is the status quo among Israel's neighbors.

That's the way it is with Jews. Let a few in, and there goes the neighborhood...


Phoenix, funny thing about ... (Below threshold)

Phoenix, funny thing about those 750,000 Palestinian refugees. They're now up in the several millions -- quite an accomplishment for a group that is allegedly the target of genocide, huh?

And how come no one (especially antisemitic folks like you) never talk about the roughly same number of Jewish refugees created at the same time, fleeing from Muslim nations TO Israel? Is it because they stopped whining and sitting on their asses and MADE SOMETHING of themselves?

And all in pretty much the one part of the Middle East without oil. Boy, things sure are different when you have to WORK for your success, isn't it, instead of just letting the kaffir pay you to come in and pump out the oil?


Can't the Israelis and thei... (Below threshold)

Can't the Israelis and their violent Arab detractors ALL be bad guys? 'Cause they sure as hell act like it.

Nice moral equivalence, though, Jay Tea: condemn the behaviour of Arab states and Palestinian terrorists, and laud the Israelis for being a peg above them on the ladder of civility and decency.

Nice moral equivalence, ... (Below threshold)

Nice moral equivalence, though, Jay Tea: condemn the behaviour of Arab states and Palestinian terrorists, and laud the Israelis for being a peg above them on the ladder of civility and decency.

That's the only conclusion real history renders.
Let's hear about all of those Arab beacons of democracy that allow Jews to participate in.

It's hard to take seriously... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

It's hard to take seriously someone who thinks anyone in Syria has "voting rights". Iran is a little more debatable, but I doubt bryanD would tolerate those sorts of voting rights at all, or at least not until the big men with guns adjusted his preferences.

It's hard to take ... (Below threshold)
It's hard to take seriously someone who thinks anyone in Syria has "voting rights". Iran is a little more debatable, but I doubt bryanD would tolerate those sorts of voting rights at all

To put it another way: if Israel had the same voting "rights" as Syria, there would be no end of weeping and wailing from bryanD about the evil jooooos...

OM, You can trim th... (Below threshold)

You can trim that down even more, and describe BryanD's reaction to any related article:
Israel {SNIP},{SNIP} no end of weeping and wailing from bryanD about the evil jooooos...

"Excellent counterpoint, Br... (Below threshold)

"Excellent counterpoint, BryanD!"-jt

In a perfect world I'd leave it that and we could both go heterosexually cruise the karaoke bars of BC Street...unfortunately:

"Don't those stupid settlers know that you don't ram vehicles as "protest," you blow them up?"-jt

As editor of a board which decries (regularly, with pictures!) elderly San Francisco male homosexuals who wiggle their ding-a-lings in public as enemy collaborators and security threats to the wellspring of The American Way and world peace, I would expect more than a brush-off when the benefactors of US taxpayer largess dis' (with prejudice) the troops by ramming them with their 1:1 scale Hot Wheels!

"It's hard to take seriously someone who thinks anyone in Syria has "voting rights"."-aog

It means Jews have rights. They can buy! Sell! Carry on wildly! Have you not heard of "Aleppo"? "Antioch"? The Jews gave Paul hell when he visited, circa 45 AD. Others converted to Christianity. They've been an institution ever since. Employed by sultans and beys!

As for Iran: The Medo-Persian favor shown the rescued Babylonian Jews confirmed and further shaped the Judaic self-image (post Torah) of Judaism as a cardinal force in the world. Persian king Cyrus the Great is deemed "Shepherd of the Lord" by Jews and Christians to this day. In short, Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to the land of Israel. Some did. Most did not. Those that stayed have been fixtures in Persia/Iran ever since. Going waaay back!

"...about the evil jooooos..."
13. Posted by OregonMuse

Definitely, the grand anomaly of RW/ neocon/ (supposedly) Jew-friendly boards: the flinching mispelling of J-e-w-s as "j-o-o-o-(etc)s".

I detect a secret and begrudging hatred which I don't share.

Actually, BryanD, I picked ... (Below threshold)

Actually, BryanD, I picked up the "Joooos!" from Meryl Yourish, that noted anti-Semite who hates Jews so much, she teaches little Jews to be big Jews at her synagogue. It's sarcastic -- like my bit about "there goes the neighborhood," but better, as she is The Master Of Juvenile Scorn (tm Meryl Yourish).

So, BryandD, your great insight here is NOT that "neo-cons are radical Zionist Likudniks on the surface, but Jew-haters at their core," but "BryanD is a clueless moron whose sarcasm detector is hopelessly busted." And that insight is only new to you -- most of the rest of us have known it for some time.

You know, every year the Washington Post runs a contest for "new words" -- created by adding, removing, or changing a single letter in an existing word. So far my favorite has been "ignoranus," but BryanD is single-handedly pushing "sarchasm" to the top. It's that gap between a sarcastic comment and the perception of the target of it.


But his comment was one of ... (Below threshold)

But his comment was one of the funniest things anyone's written on your blog ever, Jay Tea, so why don't you lighten up and acknowledge the fact that he's not stupid, and is simply a part of the vast majority of Americans with whom you disagree?

Or, you know, go on being a petulant asshole.

Well, I guess there's a tar... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess there's a target for your second place word JT ;-)

Comment 17 again demonstrat... (Below threshold)

Comment 17 again demonstrates the ever present selective denigration of a minority by the left while proudly boasting the continuing fallacy that "there's more of us than you, so we're right".






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