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Slow news day, huh? Might as well pontificate about prospective V.P. selections.

For McCain there are IMO four screamingly-obvious candidates:

1. MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
2. Former PA Gov. and DHS Sec. Tom Ridge.
3. Former OH Rep. and OMB Dir. Rob Portman.
4. TX Gov. Rick Perry.

For Ridge the biggest issue the the "single-issue" dilemma. That is to say millions of single-issue conservatives would use Ridge's presence on the ticket as an excuse to stay home and not vote. Then again, what percentage of that demographic are not going to vote in any event?

For Perry the biggest issue is the fact Texas is not remotely in play. Then again, the Republican Party has a history of choosing Veeps hailing from states that are not politically competitive (e.g., Cheney, WY; Kemp, N.Y.; Quayle, IN).

If I were McCain I'd choose Ridge. I suspect, however, that Pawlenty or Portman will get the nod. Which would be fine. Pawlenty is a young conservative governor with a track record of success and pragmatism and he'd add geographic balance to the ticket. Portman is a young conservative with executive and legislative experience who has won multiple contests in an electorally-relevant state. You could do a lot worse.

For the media/Democrats there also are four obvious candidates:

1. NM Gov. Bill Richardson.
2. VA Gov. Tim Kaine.
3. TN Gov. Phil Bredesen.
4. OK Gov. Brad Henry.

At first blush Obama would need to pick someone who's white, given his disasterous showings among whites in key states. What's gone almost completely unnoticed by the liberal media and the spaced-out chattering classes, however, is that Latinos have even less use for Obama. If you don't believe me, well, check the results of the primaries in California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Keep in mind those were Democrat primaries; the numbers among that demographic in the Nov. general election stand to be much worse.

Richardson, as such, certainly will be a leading contender. On the other hand, Richardson does not hail from a big battleground, whereas Gov. Kaine might help the media paint VA red. I suspect the media will focus group or poll the issue and will be guided accordingly. All four men are strong candidates. (If, somehow, Hillary employs sufficient dirty tricks in Denver to snag the nomination then Gov. Rendell or Gov. Strickland would be the obvious Veep choices.)


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Comments (16)

I think that McCain would b... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I think that McCain would be mistaken to choose an older VP, and Ridge is older AND dull. I admit to being biased, living in MN, but I think Pawlenty would be a great choice. A successful purple state governor who is good looking and a very good speaker, McCain can't find anyone better. If Jindal had more years as governor under his belt I would be happy with him too.

Don Carcieri. Pro-life, goo... (Below threshold)

Don Carcieri. Pro-life, good on immigration, strong business background. And the Beltway press corps doesn't have its attack lines prepackaged

I would like to suggest McC... (Below threshold)

I would like to suggest McCain choose Michael Steele for VP.

I second the Michael Steele... (Below threshold)

I second the Michael Steele choice.

Can Schumer verify if Steel... (Below threshold)

Can Schumer verify if Steele has good credit or not before we choose him?

Mark Sanford is the #1 choi... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Mark Sanford is the #1 choice. 3 RINO Governors and an obscure ex-Congressman aren't acceptable.

COgirlSteele- was ... (Below threshold)


Steele- was only a Lt.Gov. of a not so big state and he lost his last election bid there.

I know Steele is popular and maybe he has more on his resume than I know about but it seems to me that we are watching the Affirmative Action election over there on the Democrat side and following them.

It's a real mistake to follow their six too close-you could end up a ground dart..

Now Condi Rice she has the resume but the skills of oratory are lacking.

Now the resume that Ridge has would out do the entire Democrat ticket no matter who they picked and even most of their cabinet-by himself.

Experience-it matters these days-and that should be the Republican mantra.

As a Texan who loves Texas ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

As a Texan who loves Texas and America, PLEEEEEEZ do not let Rick Perry anywhere near the White House!!!!!!

"2. Former PA Gov. and DHS ... (Below threshold)

"2. Former PA Gov. and DHS Sec. Tom Ridge."-jj

Pro-abortion Republican? This is a funny funny board!

"For the media/Democrats there also are four obvious candidates:
1. NM Gov. Bill Richardson.
2. VA Gov. Tim Kaine.
3. TN Gov. Phil Bredesen.
4. OK Gov. Brad Henry."

Richardson is a no-go. 2 and 3: ??.

As for Henry: He's only Just Bearable here in OK and fortunate enough to have run against Ernest Istook who is suspected by his utterances ("It wasn't supposed to be this way!") of being privy to the ATF bombing of the Murrah Bldg in OKC while in Congress.

I would also like to see Mi... (Below threshold)

I would also like to see Michael Steele, and after I heard an interview with Louisana Gov. Bobby Jindal today with Hugh Hewitt, he seems like a great choice as well.

oh my Ridge is beyond dull.... (Below threshold)

oh my Ridge is beyond dull... and is not the face of the Republican party that most of us want.

Portman is a horrible choic... (Below threshold)

Portman is a horrible choice. According to Rasmussen, he actually hurts McCain in OH more than he helps him. He makes no sense...


"3 RINO Governors"... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"3 RINO Governors"

Posted by The Exposer

If you think Pawlenty is a RINO then you must believe only 100% is acceptable. You would have rejected Reagan with that mindset, which is great in imaginary universes, but entirely useless (and harmful) in the real world.

I don't think Pawlen... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

I don't think Pawlenty is a RINO. He is. A downright lousy Governor who has presided over a complete collapse of the party in his state, including the MN House, all the other individually elected GOP statewide incumbents, a Congressional seat and the failure to help us retake a prime Senate seat. It's about leadership, and he's a failure. Oh, and, yeah, he's aligned himself with the environwackos, too.

I know of no Conservatives from MN who have warm feelings about him after the "job" he's done. None. All I see is the RINO Establishment trying to shove him down our throats as a potential VP choice (along with potential similar incompetents Huckabee and Romney, both of whom no Democrat could've done to their state parties and Conservatism what they did to bury both).

You don't reward failure with promotion.

There's only 3 top Republican Governors remotely acceptable, and those are Sanford, Barbour, and Carcieri. The only ones whom have demonstrated clear leadership and have the records to prove it.

I still think Gov. Palin in... (Below threshold)

I still think Gov. Palin in Alaska would be a good pick. She would give some of the ticked off women folk somewhere to go. She is a good conservative and comes across very well on TV.

Yes, I know she's about to be a new mom, but I think thats a plus. Dem's would have a hard time attacking the "new Mom" and she can always pull out the old favorite "I'm running for my children, to make their future better".

This is coming a bit late, ... (Below threshold)

This is coming a bit late, and might go unread, but there's an important consideration to the McCain VP choice that I don't see being addressed.

That is the possibility that McCain will NOT be running for re-election at age 76, making his VP (should they win the election) the sitting incumbent for the 2012 election. In that case, who would be the best choice of VP?

Just something to keep in mind.






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