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Obama knows the United States, all 60 of them.

Check out this video, where Barack Obama brilliantly showcases his knowledge of American geography:

Let's see... he has been to fifty-seven states, not including Hawaii and Alaska, and he still has one left to go.

So according to Obama, there are sixty states that comprise the United States of America.

Question: shouldn't the President of the United States know basic facts about the country he's running? OK, so maybe he was "tired". He "misspoke". Who gives a crap? Everyone knows how many states there are, and they know that at approximately five years old. For him to get something so simple, so basic, so elementary wrong is mind-boggling.

Instapundit reader Jeff Cauthen suggests:

Somebody should ask him to name all 114 US Senators.

Now let's just imagine the media reaction if McCain had said this.

Hat Tip: Gina Cobb


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Comments (30)

So, do they apply the same ... (Below threshold)

So, do they apply the same accounting to Democrat delegates?

Obama was awarded extra sta... (Below threshold)

Obama was awarded extra states because he is a minority.

Any question left as to why... (Below threshold)

Any question left as to why he's not a practicing attorney, but a politician? Another example of the failed liberal education system. Everyone knows there's only 48 states if you don't count Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here are those extra states... (Below threshold)
resident of other 10 states:

Here are those extra states who fly US flags and have had the highest soldier casualty rate in Iraq conflict:
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
St. John, US Virgin Islands
Water Island
Puerto Rico
Americans overseeas
District of Columbia
At least Obama knows the difference between Sunni and Shiites, Iraq and Iran, Al Qaeda and Saddam, the business end of a microphone and the receiver.
and when did getting a Harvard education with student loans make you a bad person? If W had gotten in by merit instead of a grandfather clause, the US might still be a super power.

Obama just won the Potatoe ... (Below threshold)

Obama just won the Potatoe Award.

Something tells me I won't be seeing the continuous loop of the awards ceremony on the news tonight.

Um, buddy, those are TERRIT... (Below threshold)

Um, buddy, those are TERRITORIES. Not STATES. There is a difference. They aren't represented in Congress. They don't vote in national elections. They are not considered STATES, so your argument is invalid.

And anyways, you left a few out.

Cassy, how dare you ... (Below threshold)

how dare you question the messiah? If he says there are 57+ states, then you are surely mistaken!

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)

57 states and one more to go .. one more to go plus Alaska and Hawaii

50 states + 10 annexed Canadian provinces = 60 states

That explains it all .. no NAFTA problem with Canada after you annex all 10 provinces.

Maybe Obama wasn't really i... (Below threshold)

Maybe Obama wasn't really in the state of Oregon, but rather in the state of confusion.

Guess he lost his bearings.

He's an idiot. No one was w... (Below threshold)

He's an idiot. No one was willing to give W a pass and I'll be damned if I am going to give Odumba one.

He knows neither history nor geography and after seeing his tax plan, I realize he's piss poor at math as well.

4. Rez of 10I suppos... (Below threshold)

4. Rez of 10
I suppose Obama had high level meetings with those senators?

If his tax plan in some way... (Below threshold)

If his tax plan in some way reduces your disposable income, "dr"john, then it's a good plan. You only deserve so many Tonka toys.

So he misspoke. McCain has repeatedly confused Sunni and Shi'ite Islam, and he's also confused Iran and Iraq, which the American people aren't comfortable with. You idiots keep nitpicking, though. It'll keep you busy throughout the Obama administration, when everyone else is busy enjoying themselves.

I am the Obamessiah, and I ... (Below threshold)

I am the Obamessiah, and I am NOT smarter than a 5th Grader.

What's interesting is that ... (Below threshold)

What's interesting is that the Obamessiah would be the first U.S. President to be born under the same flag that he would serve under.

As Obama says of McCain, "h... (Below threshold)

As Obama says of McCain, "he lost his bearings."

Sad that a 70+ year old is more with it than a 46 year old latte sipper.

From AP:"And I've ... (Below threshold)

From AP:

"And I've now campaigned in 47 states, actively. And I think South Dakota is the last state that I have not had a campaign event in.
Now that doesn't mean that I expect that I will win all 50 -- or 48 states and Alaska and Hawaii -- all 50 states."

He is also saying that he has campaigned in 57 states, with "one left to go:"

This is worse than a Dan Quayle moment, but black liberal latte sippers get a pass from the the media.

Democrats need all the pass... (Below threshold)

Democrats need all the passes they can get. To be a Democrat is to turn a blind eye to the corruption, idiocy, irresponsibility, and child like manners of their elected Democrat officials.

Somebody should as... (Below threshold)
Somebody should ask him to name all 114 US Senators.

Hopefully he'd at least get one right -- himself.

You left out the State of P... (Below threshold)

You left out the State of Panic!

Boy, you sure don't get as ... (Below threshold)

Boy, you sure don't get as much for your money from those "prep" schools and "ivy league"
colleges anymore do you ?
Guess I was too hard on him expecting him to know Canada has a Prime Minister and not a President.
Don't let the guy go on the "Are You Smarter
Than A Fifth Grader" show.
He is making Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Give hiM a break! Maybe he... (Below threshold)

Give hiM a break! Maybe he was under sniper fire.

He keeps this up Michelle w... (Below threshold)

He keeps this up Michelle won't be proud
to be an American anymore for the first time in her adult life

I am so glad Wizbang covere... (Below threshold)

I am so glad Wizbang covered this - I was a mild supporter of his campaign, but now I am withdrawing my support. Go McCain.

Continue micturating rivule... (Below threshold)

Continue micturating rivulets of Intelfectual Sarchasm, jp2.

Ooh, this is exciting news ... (Below threshold)

Ooh, this is exciting news for the obama campaign. Now God has 10 more states to damn.

You know, this could be Hil... (Below threshold)

You know, this could be Hillary's new argument to the Super Delegates. She was unfairly led to believe that there were only 50 states. Her supporters in those 10 other states will be disenfranchised if they never had a chance to vote for her. Heck, no wonder he's ahead, he's got an extra 20% more of America to draw from than does she. Is no-one thinking of the children in Nebransaskota?

Well, I'd like to say that ... (Below threshold)

Well, I'd like to say that you're reporting on Obama's single misstatement with the same fervor used when reporting all of McCain's multiple misttatements... except you haven't covered any of them. Shocker.

"Here are those extra state... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Here are those extra states who fly US flags and have had the highest soldier casualty rate in Iraq conflict:"

Assuming those territories do have a higher casualty rate than the 60 oh I mean 50 states you have to remember you are talking about percentages.

So if say the Virgin Islands had 10 soldiers go to war and 1 died. That is a 10 percent casualty rate.
Kinda hard for say Texas who may have as many as 40,000 soldiers go to war to have a 10 percent casualty rate when there have only been about 4k deaths.

Of course I am a former soldier so I need help from John Kerry and Stephen King so I dont get "Stuk n IRAK"

The poster's use of statistics is absolutely idiotic to make a point.

Of course most liberal's points are idiotic.

It doesn't take someone who was educated in Catholic schools (like myself) to realize this.

Heh, now I know what people... (Below threshold)

Heh, now I know what people have been talking about with Michelle complaining about being first lady of a measley 50 states and Obama blaming his "staff" yet again.

The number flub is funny, but it's a goof. Who cares other than the humor involved?

What gets me is that he *wants* to go to Alaska and Hawaii but his *staff* put the kebosh on it.

Oh, baloney. Please. The thing about being a grown-up is when you were a kid your parents put limits on what you could do. As an adult you have to make your own decisions and choices. If he WANTS to campaign in Alaska he goes to Alaska. If he AGREES with his staff that going to Alaska costs more than it's worth, then he stays home. Is Hawaii or Alaska supposed to think... wow, he *likes* us, he really *likes* us... if it weren't for his mean old staff he'd be here doing speeches instead of ignoring us the way everyone always ignores us.

Yeah, right.

I always thought that he wa... (Below threshold)

I always thought that he was not very smart and the 57 state comment confirms it. In fact I don't believe he even know what nationality he is. Black Father plus White Mother. That adds up to a Heinz 57 to me not afro american. If I am wrong please someone correct me






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