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Saturday Afternoon Reads

As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also. Thomas Jefferson

  • Who said the US is stingy? We're always reading how much everyone hates the United States and we're constantly told by the UN that we just don't do enough. Well, this report should put to rest any notion we don't contribute enough of our largesse to help the needy. This year, the U.S. had contributed $362.7 million to WFP just through May 4, according to the website. That figure does not include another $250 million above the planned yearly contribution that was promised by President George W. Bush in the wake of WFP's April warning that a "silent tsunami" of rising food costs would add dramatically to the world population living in hunger. Nor does it include another $770 million in food aid that President Bush has asked Congress to provide as soon as possible. Here's the list of donors. (Via Jammie Wearing Fool)

  • Senate Democrats on Wednesday called for a temporary windfall profits tax on oil companies and a rollback of $17 billion in oil industry tax breaks as part of an energy package. The proposal also would impose federal penalties on energy price gouging and calls for stopping oil deliveries into the government's emergency reserve. Looks to me that this would only push fuel prices higher meaning even more tax revenue receipts for the government and less money in my own pocket. This benefits their energy package how? (Via Flopping Aces)

  • Oil boom due for a bust Is $120 oil even real? Not if you ask the Saudis, or even Lehman Bros. The investment bank's oil expert said this week that the oil boom is due to bust. Economic growth across the globe will slow just as new refineries kick in, raising supply. (Via Money News)

  • Get over the gap Trade Deficit: We have long been told that when the dollar "corrects," making our goods cheaper abroad, the trade deficit will begin to fall sharply. Well, it's finally happening. Now that it is, do you feel any better? (Via IBD)

  • Bewitched If there was ever a good indication that liberalism is a mental disorder, then this article proves it. Code Pink is calling on area witches, crones and sirens to bewitch the Marines: "Friday, May 9th: Witches, Crones, Sirens: perform rituals of leaving, cast a spell of peace and love over the station, rendering nil the recruiting of our youth to become fodder for this occupation of Iraq." Catherine Moy at Move America Forward broke the story and adds this detail: "This should be no surprise. One of Code Pink's mamas is Miriam Simos, a bisexual feminist witch living in Berkeley who goes by the name "Starhawk." I'm sure Starhawk and the rest of the witches of Code Pink will work up a real witches' brew of hate for our Marines." By the way The group's Mother's Day week of themed protests, which included days to galvanize grannies and bring-your-daughter-to-protest, appears to have done little to boost its flagging numbers. (Via Patterico)

  • Just another form of control Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says British restaurants should be fined if they serve out-of-season fruit and vegetables. (Via BBC News)

  • Economy improves...old media ignores Surprised? Demonstrating the old adage that "there's none so blind as those who will not see," media talking heads keep pushing recession even as the economy continues to grow. (Via Pajamas Media)

  • Oily Chavez Oozes Beyond Venezuela The Hemisphere: Oil spiked $4 Friday on new evidence of Venezuela's deep involvement in terrorism. There's no glossing over such news: Hugo Chavez intends to destabilize the region. The U.S. will need to take action. (Via IBD)

  • Gotta hate when that happens Newt has been getting a lot of guff for his stupid global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi and rightfully so, but at least Newt is out of office. Pelosi, on the other hand, is in an election year, and may have violated election rules by appearing in the ad. (Via Liberty Pundit)

  • Don't know much about history Apparently the kiddies at Huffpo are historically challenged. (Via Liberty Pundit)

  • Unions oppose military voting bill because it expands private sector workforce. NAPUS is deeply concerned about HR 5673, particularly the provision that sanctions private contractor conveyance of overseas and military ballots. (Via Red State)

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    Comments (4)

    Melissa, I don't think your... (Below threshold)

    Melissa, I don't think your 4th recommended article (IBD) says what you think it says.

    It answers its own (trick) question, "do you feel any better?" with a resounding, If you do you're a freaking nut.

    Also: the Move America Forward link was my laugh for the day. Melanie Morgan and Melanie Morgan's manicurist need to get their video links to not generate as text files. Non-profit piggy bank scams need to appear Occupied, not Out To Lunch. Strictly F Troop. Where's Agarn? And where's that recipe for buttermilk cole slaw?

    BryanD,I know exac... (Below threshold)


    I know exactly what the 4th link says. I read the article, thank you very much.

    Well I don't know whether t... (Below threshold)

    Well I don't know whether to be mad or grateful.
    You put many of my 'reading stops' all in one place.
    Saved me time or freed up time to do chores??? Hmmm

    Typical of Starhawk to viol... (Below threshold)
    The Listkeeper:

    Typical of Starhawk to violate Wiccan ethos and try to manipulate minds to accomplish her goals. She's no more than a pathetic, sad fluffy bunny.






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