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Hit and Run

A very interesting(and dumb) way to assault a police officer.

DES MOINES (AP) -- A college student whose friend was being questioned in a hit and run found himself charged with assaulting an officer with a curious choice of weapons: M&Ms.

Sean McGuire was arrested early Sunday at a convenience store after Drake University security guards noticed the colored candies falling on the ground around the officer. When the officer turned around, an M&M hit his shoulder, according to a police report.

McGuire claimed he threw the candy because he was "sticking up for his friend," who apparently was the man suspected in the accident, the report states.

Doug at Below the Beltway wrote- "Yea, the guy was a dumbass. I just don't get why he was wasting perfectly good chocolate." I wonder what Mr. McGuire is majoring in at college. Being fair, we'll take nominations from readers. Keep it rated PG13.


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Comments (7)

Major?Liberal Arts... (Below threshold)


Liberal Arts; Woman's studies, left-wing politics; etc.

I'm more concerned about a ... (Below threshold)

I'm more concerned about a police officer who is such a wimp that he considers an M&M to be an assault weapon.

I'd think he'd be the laughingstock of the entire department for feeling threatened by that "attack".

Sounds to me like the cop's name must have been Eric Cartman, and the charge was really about McGuire's failure to "Respect mah authoritah!"

Makes you wonder whether he... (Below threshold)

Makes you wonder whether he was told to stop. Regardless of the extreme pettiness, he was interfering with an arrest. In that regard, there are consequences and that student should face them.

Having said that, I suspect that officer will be seeing a lot of unclaimed M&M packages on his desk, in his locker, his squad car, etc. His co-workers will do a far better job than the media of making sure he remembers.

Oh the humanitiy!they dont ... (Below threshold)

Oh the humanitiy!they dont go to collage to learn,silly rabbit. its all about them. well,not ALL of them.if it has lib arts,then that means left arts.

...Woman's studie... (Below threshold)
...Woman's studies...

That's WOMYN'S Studies!

Considering just how ill-co... (Below threshold)

Considering just how ill-considered it truly is to throw things at officers, and how vacuous the thought process is that believes pelting an officer with candy represents "sticking up" for somebody, I'd have to guess this guy must be an education major or a journalism major.

The student should be consi... (Below threshold)

The student should be considered for an award for bravery. After all, the Officer could of tasered him, called brother officers to stomp living H**L out of him, or decided it was enough of a threat to shoot him. Guess they are restrained in Des Moines.






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