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Giving up

Hillary Clinton refers to the next President as a 'he'

Speaking to voters in the Appalachian state, she said: "All the kitchen table issues that everybody talks to me about are ones that the next president can actually do something about, if he actually cares about it." Realising her faux pas, she added: "More likely if she cares about it!"
Certainly Bill Clinton will be happy. The former President doesn't want to be upstaged by his wife. After the pathetic campaign Hillary has run, I don't know if I'd trust her ability to manage anything.

Wizbang readers don't need to remind me that I predicted Hillary being elected President this year. Can I revise that prediction just like the Hurricane forecaster William Gray does?

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB who doesn't see this as a sign of Sen. Clinton quitting her Presidential bid. I agree.


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Comments (3)

She won't drop out until th... (Below threshold)

She won't drop out until the 57th state has voted.

Hillary won't drop out unti... (Below threshold)

Hillary won't drop out until some horrible little girl from Kansas throws a bucket of water on her.

Now, don't be nasty. She's... (Below threshold)

Now, don't be nasty. She's being gender-blind by default... or using the Proper English Grammer for the situation.






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