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Is Hillary Preparing to Drop Out?

That's what the New York Post is reporting today. They say she's "hinting" at dropping out. Can it be that Hillary is actually going to admit defeat and move on? (pardon the pun) I'll believe it when I see it:

Hillary Rodham Clinton hinted she might wrap up her campaign as early as next week.

"Thank you for caring so much about our country," Clinton said in a video sent yesterday to supporters. "And now it's on to West Virginia and Kentucky and Oregon, and we'll stay in touch."

Not mentioned in her apparent video swan song are the final three primaries, in Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota, to be held after next week - leading to speculation that she might pull the plug on her campaign after what are expected to be strong wins in West Virginia and Kentucky.

But a new poll says 64 percent of Democrats nationwide, want her to stay in the race.

Even 42 percent of Obama's supporters in the ABC News/ Washington Post poll, said they don't want Clinton to throw in the towel.

If she's got this much party grass roots support to stay in the primary even though she can't win, this combined with a massive win in West Virginia could offer her a new way to spin her defeat. She's done her best to drag Obama under the bus with her, but if she drops out when a majority of Dems thinks she should stay in, then she could play the martyr card: "Look at Hillary, she's doing what's best for the party. Isn't she wonderful?" Could she do this successfully in spite of the fact that she played so dirty, so brass knuckles, that she almost undermined her party single handedly?

Answer: don't underestimate the Clintons.


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Obama beat Hillary so far m... (Below threshold)

Obama beat Hillary so far mainly because he was an unknown. I do not think he would have carried any states had the Wright issue been exposed. Or his typical white person remark. This is what Hillary knows. ww

The pro-Obama biased media ... (Below threshold)

The pro-Obama biased media have interfered in, undermined, and subverted the Democratic presidential nomination process. The pro-Obama biased media continue to sabotage Sen.Clinton's presidential campaign with impunity.

Obama does not have the requisite number of delegates for the nomination; he has no presumptive lock on the nomination. At the conclusion of the primaries when all states have voted, the superdelegates must use their independent judgment to select the best qualified presidential candidate; "delegate math" is irrelevant to the function of the superdelegates.

The presidential nomination process is still in progress with several states to vote. Sen. Clinton is the best qualified candidate to win the general election; and she continues to campaign strongly for the future of America.

If Obama swipes the nomination from Sen Clinton, he will crash and burn in November. I will vote McCain like other Hillary supporters. The Democratic Party will be a train wreck of "eggheads and African Americans."

"OBAMA BACKERS MAKE THEIR THREAT" - Executive Intelligence Review - "Those who are attempting to shut down the Clinton campaign and control this Presidential election have no allegiance to (the) Democratic Party, or to the United States."


There are times I don't kno... (Below threshold)

There are times I don't know what gets in to me. I wouldn't trust Hillary as far as I could toss her, but now I kind of find myself admiring her for her persistence in campaigning against Obama and the sycophantic media. If this is true then she may be stepping aside after big wins in West Virginia and Kentucky. I don't think Obama has half the stones that Hillary has. And all this rumor about her being the VP nominee? If you consider Hillary, Michele and Obama (oh and can't forget Bill)as a group, it is clear to me that he's easily the wimpiest of the lot.

I have no sympathy for her.... (Below threshold)

I have no sympathy for her. I disliked her when she and Bubba were in the White House, and I was PO'ed when the media gave her a pass time and time again. I'm happy that she finally got smacked down by the MSM, but I'm not happy that they did it because they became even more enthralled with Obama, the empty suit.

Hillary and her supporters ... (Below threshold)
Hillary is a crone:

Hillary and her supporters (rednecks and old crones) can suck my balls for all I care. She needs to get the hel! out of the race and slink back to NY, Arkansas, Illinois, Scranton or whereever she's claiming residence this week.

Pro-obama media? Yeah, they... (Below threshold)

Pro-obama media? Yeah, they just let the wright issue slide right by didn't they?

Neither Obama or Clinton or their supporters have any right to complain about the media. The candidate I supported (Bill Richardson) was mentioned in the news 3 times. When he entered the race, when he dropped out of the race, and when he endorsed Obama.

Don't complain about how the media treated Clinton. It got her everything she has had thrown her way thus far.

It is so sad that "We the P... (Below threshold)

It is so sad that "We the People" are once again left out of the democratic process. Bush stole the last election illegally and now the media, which is corporate America has decided upon the "chosen one" Obama. Will our vote ever be counted again in the United States of America? Our founding fathers must be rolling...

Obama has been a blessing f... (Below threshold)

Obama has been a blessing for those of us wanting something other than the status quo and fearing, that Hillary would be nominated merely because of her gender. ( Gender, like race, is not a qualification in my opinion. )

I'm from NY, where she made many promises to get elected - and then renege on all or nearly all of them, setting her sights instead on the Presidency.

As far as "pro-Obama media" goes, no single story has gotten more play than "Rev Wright", which is ironic, because this isn't even someone who is in the race. It's not Obama. And those supporting him, know this. Whereas so many legitimate stories of Clinton scandals has gone unmentioned, not because they're not important or relevant, but simply because they are "old news".

Obama '08

I was a die-hard supported ... (Below threshold)
a raman:

I was a die-hard supported of Obama till last week. Now, that he has abandoned West Virginia completely show me that he is not for "Change". He is just in it for himself. All his talk is just that - cheap talk. Although I am a registered Democrat, I will take my chances and vote for McCain in November.

I, for one, would be happy ... (Below threshold)
S Bullard:

I, for one, would be happy to see Hillary go. She is a conniving, sneaky, lying individual who would stop at nothing to win, including scamming and cheating. She has been caught in numerous lies and has been given a "Get out of Jail" pass each time. It seems that she is only able to bring herself up by knocking other people (Obama) down. She was the former president's wife. I'm sure she does "know her way around the White House", she "lived" there for 8 years, duh!!! If she does win the nomination, which I pray she doesn't I would vote for her for ONE reason. SHE IS THE LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS!!!

Crat3, wooow...your whole p... (Below threshold)

Crat3, wooow...your whole post screams..."I will not vote for a black man". It is funny to me how some people are. Hate, racism will be the fall of humanity. To say you will not vote for a democrat because the one you supported did not get the nominee is true chicken crap. You are probably not a democrat. I just hope that one day, a big meteor hit this planet and vaporize everyone and everything on it. Start over...Your hearts are full of hate.

Obviously the 64 percent of... (Below threshold)

Obviously the 64 percent of Democrats that want her to stay in aren't giving her enough money to stay out of $20 million in debt, so unless they put their money where their mouths are, I don't believe it!

Don't get angry with Obama ... (Below threshold)

Don't get angry with Obama for not campaigning heavily in West Virginia. Spending less time in WV has nothing to do with his character or his policies. This is a presidential election, so he needs to look at the bigger picture. Clinton is expected to win big in that state, no matter how much Obama shows his face there. Therefore, it is a smarter decision to focus on the other remaining states.

I think Hillary should have... (Below threshold)

I think Hillary should have left a long time ago. She has lied (about Bosnia), we all know that Clinton's cheat and she is still in the race trying to steal something she has no chance at (the democratic nomination.)

I have never had much respect for her but after using the excuse she was tired that is why she sadi she was fired on in Bosnia led me to belive I do not want her answering the phone in the White House at 3:00 a.m. She my invade Canada or something the next time she is tired.

Also she claims to have the experience, problem is she cannot name the experience she has. What she needs to say is her husband has the experience and that she wants to ride his coat tails.

The real problem is there is no one qualified to be President this election.

I was disgusted with the wh... (Below threshold)
Valerie Baryo:

I was disgusted with the whole voting process. I did vote for Hillary but it was so confusing trying to understand the process. I don't understand how we can have an election where people's votes were not counted. Who let Florida and Michigan have their primaries to early? Therefore the people in Florida and Michigan just don't count..that's not right. I also heard that the soldiers in Iraq were given ballots to vote but only a few states accept the returned ballot by computer and the rest will not make it back in time to be counted if they are returned by mail. How can we deny a vote and a voice to the very men and women who are on the front lines..that is not right! They should have first consideration and every man and woman over there should have their vote cast. Now you tell me all my hardwork, my thoughts and my opions mean nothing in the end...only the superdelegates. No wonder other people don't have faith in our country..we can't even have faith in our own country that we count for anything..I will not vote in this election now that Hillary will not be running. She is the only one who ever made any sense when she spoke. We all lose again!!

Truly, does anyone care wha... (Below threshold)

Truly, does anyone care what a blogger thinks, and even more so, how about the comments made to a blog? What a waste of our time. Let's all go do something else. Does anyone care what we say? No, they don't. We all just care about what we say. Let's think our thoughts and congratulate ourselves.

Obama has avoided West Virg... (Below threshold)

Obama has avoided West Virginia, because he wants people to forget his hypocrisy when he supported and helped campaign for Sen Robert 'KKK' Byrd.

A bit hard to play the race card when you are chummy with a former Klansman.

I wish everyone would stop ... (Below threshold)

I wish everyone would stop blaming Senator Obama for Hillary's problems.Is this not the same Clintons who was taking rare art and furniture from the White House when Bill's term was up.These were items that was in the White House for centuries.Was it not Hillary that brought up the race card and has been dragging Obama thur the mud.Don't forget Senator Obama was the one who agreed to to split the Michagan delegates whereas he would get 45% and Hillary 65%.She refused she wanted 100 %.Oh by the way i was a Hillary fan and was going to vote for her,until she started with the old negative politics and and brought the race card into the race.So now i will be voting for Obama.

outsider:<blockquote... (Below threshold)


I just hope that one day, a big meteor hit this planet and vaporize everyone and everything on it.[em added]

How nice. So that's what's meant by the whole empty 'hope' chant ?

outsider:I ... (Below threshold)


I just hope that one day, a big meteor hit this planet and vaporize everyone and everything on it.[em added]

How nice. So that's what's meant by the whole empty 'hope' chant ?


Listen Mike

Where in my argument do you see me backing a candidate. So this is what it is to be taking out of context....well...maybe you like to spin things...
I was making a comment on how this election really shows the ignorance of humans.

I found this comment bizarr... (Below threshold)

I found this comment bizarre:

Who let Florida and Michigan have their primaries to early? Therefore the people in Florida and Michigan just don't count..that's not right.

Who "let" them? The state legislatures in each state picked an earlier date for their primary than allowed in the party rules specifically to make themselves more important. The party rules stated in advance that states that violated the rules on dates of primaries would be so punished - the only way that the parties can enforce their rules - and did so regardless.


SPQRThank you for ... (Below threshold)


Thank you for explaining...
It's amazing how much people who write on these boards know....






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