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Someone Is Not So Clear On The Meaning Of "Psychic"

Celebrity psychic Judi Hoffman (via her PR firm) announced that she hit a trifecta at the May 3, 2008 Kentucky Derby. This purports to validate her psychic ability. A "trifecta" is when a bettor predicts exactly which horses will finish in first, second, and third place.

She was nice enough to include a scan of her New York OTB ticket (shown below) to back up her claim. Judi "predicted" that horses Big Brown (20), Eight Belles (5) and Denis of Cork (16) would be the winning order and supposedly won $1,619 on the $6 bet. Now, of course, she's offering her services to the media in preparation for The Preakness Stakes and the The Belmont Stakes.

Celebrity psychic Judi Hoffman claims that she hit a trifecta at the May 3, 2008 Kentucky Derby

Leaving aside the fact that Big Brown was a heavy favorite and Eight Belles (who was put down on the track after the race) was widely seen as the most likely to give Big Brown a run, take a look at the scan a little closer.

Why exactly would a psychic have to make TWO trifecta bets (and two other parlay bets) to produce a single win? Don't you think her publicist might have explained that sending a ALL the betting slips might not be such a good idea?

Picking front-runners doesn't make you a psychic. Hoffman should know all about that because six months ago she predicted Hillary to nudge out Obama and the Patriots to win the Super Bowl...


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Comments (6)

I don't bet nor am I... (Below threshold)

I don't bet nor am I psychic, but if I were I'd do better than 2 and 6 dollar bets.

Heh! I agree with mac! If ... (Below threshold)

Heh! I agree with mac! If she really knew the outcome, she'd have bet the farm!

Judi KNEW that you would po... (Below threshold)

Judi KNEW that you would post this entry, Kevin.

David,Yes and she ... (Below threshold)


Yes and she knew you would point that out!



Just today I posted about J... (Below threshold)

Just today I posted about Judi's confused psychic abilities (here), but your post is much more illuminating. Hope you don't mind if I quote and link to it.

Judi Hoffman may have screw... (Below threshold)

Judi Hoffman may have screwed up the horse race. I personally think too much pressure could kill an innate ability... Witness how many men loose erections each day. That said, the woman is a gifted psychic. Her predictions in her straight talking card reading three years ago all came true... well 8 out of 10, good enough for me. I found her through Gisele Bundchen the supermodel, fresh teen from Brazil. Then Judi predicted her Victoria Secret contract and the salary, then, the highest number awareded to one model in that kind of deal.Note: this was BEFORE Gisele's BIG FAME. For all you hard heads who freak about the horses, get a grip. It's a game. So is life. Leave a little room for the unknown, including the skills of Judi Hoffman.






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