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American Idol - Top 3 Week


American Idol is down to the final three so they're going to haul out the judge/contestant/producers choice of songs format again where each of the three sings one song pick for them by one of the judges, one of their own choosing, and one the show producers pick for them. As the suspense of the show has completely worn on my I'm going to attempt to give my impressions of the show without the benefit of actually having watched the show, nor reading anything about the performances.

If you're thinking. "hey that's not right," you are correct, but really the wheels are coming off Idol in a hurry. The problem for Idol is that the format is so ridged and, frankly, dull they're going to have to burn down the house to fix what ails the show. Because the contestants are more and more robotic there's less and less interesting storyline apart from what Paula's drug of choice is for the week or whether Randy can add another critique to his very small collection of cliche critiques.

What's so interesting about the aging of Idol is that the much older Survivor is coming off one of its best seasons ever. The formula of the game gets minor tweaks every season, but the real reason the season was such a joy was that the contestants (half all-stars, half fans) were interesting, dynamic, controversial, and engineered several of the greatest blindsides the game had ever seen. Idol, especially this season, traded interesting if occasionally wildly inconsistent contestants for a collection of boring ringers and the resulting monotony has ratings sinking like the real estate market.

Anyway, here's my assessment of the performances I haven't yet seen.

    The Top Two

  1. David Cook

  2. David Archuleta
  3. The Soon To Be Departed

  4. Syesha Mercado

That order lines up with my overall season order as well. What I'm imagining happened on the show was that David Cook had two really good songs and one not so great tune; little David had one really good song, on really weird song, and one so-so song; and that Syesha had several decent, if entirely unmemorable performances. Syesha, I'm imagining, really showed that her future isn't on a concert stage, but on the Broadway stage. She's earned her way into the final three, but it's really going to be a two man show for the finale.

So how close (or far off) was I?


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Comments (8)

Are you sure you didn't wat... (Below threshold)

Are you sure you didn't watch it? I'd say you're pretty close.

As predicted. I did tell my... (Below threshold)

As predicted. I did tell my wife this is the last season I watch. It has been very boring this year. ww

Your prediction is perfect.... (Below threshold)

Your prediction is perfect. Had David C. picked a better song as his choice (nothing against Switchfoot - it's just that the song he picked needs to be sung in full, not the cliff notes version) it would have been a total blowout. Syesha is talented and will have a long, successful career on Broadway. David A's voice still grates on me and his stage presence is no where near the other two. Unfortunately I think he'll end up being the winner.

Ditto what Al said. I thou... (Below threshold)

Ditto what Al said. I thought Syesha was great but understand that she didn't show herself as a contemporary artist. Archuleta grates on my nerves. I realize he can hit some difficult notes and is really talented, especially considering his age, but every song he sings sounds the same to me.

Geez, who pays attention to... (Below threshold)

Geez, who pays attention to the contestants? I watch to see if Seacrest will implode [almost happened last night], Jackson break out of cliches, Paula not flub for once, and Simon lose his temper and cut loose a few explicatives. Still waiting, but it could happen, right?

Agree with your ratings for... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Agree with your ratings for last night's performances. I actually like David A., but agree that much of his stuff sounds similar... But I think that's what will appeal to the teen-age girl vote and get him the win.

Can't add a whole lot more.... (Below threshold)

Can't add a whole lot more. Syesha picks a moment to shout so we think it's belting. David A giggles and says he "just wants to have fun" and David C does well when he picks the right material.

The downfall of this show began when the top 24 were reduced to 10 by virtue of the popular vote. If there's any chance to save it from jumping the shark (which some will argue has happened already) they need the judges to pick the top 10 and they need to raise the age to at least 18.

I watch the performances vi... (Below threshold)

I watch the performances via YouTube since I work nights and I have to say I prefer it that way. The show itself got old a long time ago.

They should keep Simon and get other people to replace everyone else. Maybe one guest judge a week who's actually in the current top 100 and then maybe a current producer to round it out. Seacrest? Completely replaceable from day one.






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