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Barack Obama, fairy tale king!

How do you know the left has gone too far with with their idolatry of the Obamamessiah?

When this picture accompanies an endorsement of him for President.

Rising from the sea like a mythical merman, with his loyal white steed behind him, the Left presents Barack Obama, fairy tale king!!

Christ Almighty. Do lefties really not see how ridiculous they have become with the Obama-mania? Seriously.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades


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Comments (34)

Yeah, that *sshole would ne... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that *sshole would never give up playing golf because of a knee injury! I mean... because of the troops.

That picture is just asinin... (Below threshold)

That picture is just asinine - and offensive!

Well actually, so is the subject of the picture.

Now it makes sense when he ... (Below threshold)

Now it makes sense when he says they speak arabic in Afghanistan and there are 57 states in the US.

I think this is evidence of... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I think this is evidence of a human need for religious beliefs. The far left has rejected theism and tradition religions so they fill the void by making a messiah out of an elequent but mostly unknown and undefined empty suit.

WILLAMETTE WEEK's covers of... (Below threshold)

WILLAMETTE WEEK's covers often involve a great sense of satire, and is always popular reading in my neighborhood with many well to do politically liberal families where Republicans are very scarce indeed. WILLAMETTE WEEK is sort of like the grown-up version of the old 1960's alternative press paper, the WILLAMETTE BRIDGE. THE MERCURY taps into a younger, more leftist and outrageous market of readers who are not quite as affluent as the older WILLAMETTE WEEK demographics. The music and entertainment industry target both papers with many ads because of the demographics.

If you live in $600,000 home, have a $60,000 or more job, and drive a new Prius, then you're most likely a WILLAMETTE WEEK reader. If you only rent, and drive a used Volvo, then you're probably a MERCURY reader. Either demographic is good for Barack Obama, and is why his main campaign headquarters is in this neighborhood and not in North Portland with a larger African American demographic. White liberals should propel Obama to a healthy 10-14% margin win next Tuesday in the primary, and a good 8-14% win over McCain in November as well. Obama is a candidate tailor made for many of Oregon's voter demographics, unlike West Virginia where 1/6 of the population is on food stamps, many voters are in poverty, and more suited to Clinton's voter demographics.

Obama is likely to claim victory for the Democratic nomination after his expected big win in Oregon next Tuesday.

Missing: One 1970s van, ful... (Below threshold)

Missing: One 1970s van, fully converted.

But where's his American fl... (Below threshold)

But where's his American flag lapel pin? I mean, I thought it was again fashionable for him to symbolically show off his patriotism. Or did the memo change (again)?

The "artist" certainly has ... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

The "artist" certainly has Obamahammed's empty-headed, vacant look down pat.

If you live in $600,000 ... (Below threshold)

If you live in $600,000 home, have a $60,000 or more job...

Make that a lot more. Otherwise somebody's living above their means.

I want OBAMA to win the dem... (Below threshold)

I want OBAMA to win the demo nomination because the media loves to build people up so they can shoot them down. He is on the media's build up list, so they have no where else to go but down. This is going to be an easy year for McCain. ww

We're having another Melani... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

We're having another Melanie Bowers moment.

Looks like a Soviet-style a... (Below threshold)

Looks like a Soviet-style art knockoff, with a dash of unicorns and Hello-Kitty. Or maybe Sino-Soviet, with Mao emerging from the waters...

Either way - is THIS what the Obama campaign thinks is helpful?

Why is it a loyal white ste... (Below threshold)

Why is it a loyal white steed? Why not a noble black stallion? Why the "white" accoutrements for the first ... er, serious .... black Presidential candidate? It's racism!

Making a god of a man who h... (Below threshold)

Making a god of a man who has been in the senate and holds exactly one position. In three years the committee he chairs has had '0' meetings and accomplished '0'. Sounds like a typical democrat to me.

They seem to have changed t... (Below threshold)

They seem to have changed the photo at the original link. Hopefully somebody got a screenshot.

Shirt looks pretty good for... (Below threshold)

Shirt looks pretty good for him having just gone for a swim fully clothed.

Are we sure that isn't just... (Below threshold)

Are we sure that isn't just Urkel without his glasses?

You folks better load up yo... (Below threshold)

You folks better load up your bunkers and underground shelters with your guns, water and food for oh, about 8 years. Lord have mercy the next 8 are going to be a joy!!

Up for caption scrutiny her... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Up for caption scrutiny here:


What are those white "dropl... (Below threshold)

What are those white "droplets"?
Is that... hair gel?

He'd would've just parted t... (Below threshold)

He'd would've just parted the sea, but that'd probably just upset his Gaza phone bank guys.

I hear John Edwards just en... (Below threshold)

I hear John Edwards just endorsed Obama. Maybe that white silky pony in the background of this painting was just foreshadowing ...

Shirt looks pretty good ... (Below threshold)

Shirt looks pretty good for him having just gone for a swim fully clothed.

The Obamessiah walks on water.

What is that supposed to be... (Below threshold)
Cliff McKeithan:

What is that supposed to be in his right hand?

Might Hillary have more che... (Below threshold)

Might Hillary have more chest hair than Obama (PBUH)?

Unfortunately, the artist's... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, the artist's subconscious got the better of him/her here. What I see here is Obama leaving his horse behind in the water, and walking half-dazed into a rose bush. I don't think those roses have had their thorns removed. If they are trying to suggest Obama as some messiah walking on water, this picture reeks of idolatry. Notice how his back is facing the streams of light coming from what appear to be storm clouds? There is nothing about this image that suggests that Obama is bringing the light with him.

Beware of the false prophet.

Paul's analysis would be ac... (Below threshold)

Paul's analysis would be accurate if the Portland metro area were all there is to the State of Oregon. And most metro area folks seem to share that delusion. Before the link I recognized the bridge, skyline and even the unicorn. Only in Portland...

I suspect this art was mean... (Below threshold)

I suspect this art was meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this thesis is a bit difficult to verify, because if you click on the link, the picture is no longer there.

And contrary to the impress... (Below threshold)

And contrary to the impression non-Oregonians might get from Paul Hooson's gushing about Obama's chances here, Oregon is actually a big red state, except for the urban areas of Portland and Eugene, which are solidly blue. Paul's estimate of Obama's margin of victory both in the Oregon primary and in the main election sounds way exaggerated to me, fwiw.

It looks like the jacket of... (Below threshold)

It looks like the jacket of a heavin' cleavage novel to me. LOL Really, some peoples' versions of "manly man" are very disappointing.

#18, JFO, you have exactly ... (Below threshold)

#18, JFO, you have exactly the right idea, and I'm not being facetious. I've started taking steps in that direction myself.

My interpretation of the al... (Below threshold)

My interpretation of the allegory:

The droplets represent the anointing of the chosen. The source of the anointment (the water) is also the source of the roses (flower as representing Youth (vote)). The white horse of victory is within the compositional arc of the flowers and is intently focused on them and heading right there (victory by youth).
The sun shines upon the situation denoting favor by God. So in Obama is found favor by God and men and his election is Good.
The bridge (point 1) denotes a life's journey westward (pilgrim's progress) as opposed to Cain's journey eastward, the city (point 2)represents (the city close to the sun) Obama's early notability, point 3 representing the viewer as Fulfillment (see annointing + sun) is represented in the pure white around the flowers, designed to pictorially "pop" forward optically, to more or less blur the line between viewer and subject. Which makes Obama the Object.

Now, as to why Obama's holding a belt buckle while the most tender buds are orbiting his crotch: I think that might be something subconscious; the rest is fairly obvious.
A pretty good painting but Peter F is right: "1970s van".

This painting is totally "g... (Below threshold)

This painting is totally "gay porn."

Not that I know what gay porn really looks like, but I have gotten spammed and seen things that made me want to scrub my eyeballs with a brush.

Like, say, this picture.

After his numerous comments... (Below threshold)

After his numerous comments and judging by his juvenile bacchanalia of late, I'd say JFO's not so supportive of Obama as he is in the anticipation that conservatives won't be happy if he wins. I can only surmise that it matters not to him what Obama does while in office, just as long as it's against anything conservatives are for. Why? Because his comments have so little substance the only thing one can glean from it is, "Nanny nanny boo boo."






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