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Burning Love

I wonder if the letters were from Elivs Presley.

Fire officials say a small brush fire Monday evening in Port St. Lucie likely started when a teenage girl went into the woods to burn love letters.

St. Lucie Fire District Deputy Chief Tom Whitley said the quarter-acre fire in the vacant lot at 2266 SW Natema Road did not damage any structures, and firefighters quickly were able to get it under control. The fire investigator later determined it started when the teen wanted to destroy some love letters and set them on fire.

These days I would think these correspondecne would be done by email. I did write love letters to Leonita, but I didn't have a email account in 1988-89. These days all one needs to do to destroy most unwanted mail is hit the delete button. I suppose the teen could have printed any love emails.

On a serious note, Southeast Florida has a brushfire problem at present. A St. Lucie County air medic and his family being just one story of people who have lost their homes. The local media has been giving large amounts of print space and air time to the fires. Why do people then go outside to burn things?

Hat tip- South Florida Daily Blog


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Hayman fire in Colorado a f... (Below threshold)

Hayman fire in Colorado a few years back, the Forest Service ranger who started it used the same excuse, burning the love letters of her ex-husband. Frankly, many people thought she deliberately started it in an attempt to glorify herself with stopping it, and it got out of her control.






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