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Gun Rights Update

What's going on: Georgia's Republican governor on Wednesday signed legislation enacted by the GOP-controlled state legislature that expands gun rights in that state by allowing qualified gun owners to carry concealed firearms: (1) in restaurants that serve alcohol, (2) aboard public transportation, and (3) in public parks. The NRA says the new GOP state law "represents the most comprehensive pro-gun reform measure to be enacted in nearly 20 years."

Winners: Public safety in Georgia. Gun owners. Gun manufacturers. Gun rights activists. Republicans.

Losers: Criminals in and around Georgia. Left-wing Democrats. The liberal media. Left-wing academics.


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There was a unshaven, scruf... (Below threshold)

There was a unshaven, scruffy-looking man with a gun in the Burger King play area where my daughters were playing earlier this evening.

Yesterday, there was a guy with a gun in the bank near my house.

And, a few days ago a man with a gun was walking around my local Wal-mart. He picked up a 12-pack of PBR and a pack of Skittles.

Yet, somehow I managed to avoid shooting anyone.

As a member of <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

As a member of GeorgiaCarry.org, I'd like to point out that this great victory for the citizens of Georgia simply wouldn't have been possible without the tireless efforts of Rep. Tim Bearden, who was the primary sponsor of the actual legislation in question.

For the history buffs out there: the origin of Georgia's gun laws is a sad, sorrowful and shameful study in racism.

Now if we could ge... (Below threshold)
kenjr1954 Author Profile Page:

Now if we could get the rest of the country to see this, crime rate would drop, murders would drop ( except for those that needed killin ( thats what they say here in Tn ) lol. ) the rapes would drop , the prison population would drop, the states would save money on housing prisoners, and on executions.... everyone would WIN... AND the best part

It would be a safer world.

I mean think like a criminal... would you try to rob , rape or assault some one, knowing they might be carrying a firearm?? NOOOOOOOOO you'd think twice before getting shot, like they oughta do to your sorry ass.

ok, off my soapbox this is too early in the morning, and my BP is already up....

Kenjr, my fellow Tennessean... (Below threshold)

Kenjr, my fellow Tennessean, now all we need is for the legislature to pass a "he/she needed killin' clause." I've always joked about this, but actually I'm quite serious. The police chief in my little hometown said, "Missy, if someone's coming into your house uninvited, shoot first and ask questions later." Nice to know they're on the homeowners' side. They know we tote.

Thats damn near enough of a... (Below threshold)

Thats damn near enough of a reason to move back to GA ... maybe the Savanah area this time.

God Bless Georgia and the r... (Below threshold)

God Bless Georgia and the rest of NORMAL America....
Here in the peoples republik of Assachusetts, an axe murderer can kick in your door, you SHOOT the guy.........
and some D.A. will ask ...."well....did the axe guy actually SAY he was going to KILL you"????
After that some hack Mayor will propose a ban on axes......

When guns are outlawed, onl... (Below threshold)
Robert in BA:

When guns are outlawed, only the authorities (who have proven time and again they can't be trusted) will have them.

I am not very good with Eng... (Below threshold)

I am not very good with English but I line up this really easy to understand .






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