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The Next Right

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy explains why The Next Right, the latest effort by Patrick Ruffini, Jon Henke and Soren Dayton, is so desperately needed. Patrick Ruffini explains what the project hopes to accomplish.

If you're looking for pure-play opinion and link bait on sundry topics from Ann Coulter to Jimmy Carter/Hamas, you won't find it here. What you will find is in-depth (often unabashedly technical) writing about the election, the polls, the strategy, and the issues. Our analysis will track truth and stay true to the numbers. But it will self-consciously serve a greater purpose -- educating YOU to be your own political strategist and start doing something -- whether that's blogging about your local Congressional race or Democratic corruption in your state, organizing fundraising drives, and maybe even managing races or running for office yourself. Only a revival of civic engagement at the grassroots level will create a conservative future we want: one that is pork-free and robust in the defense of our country and its values. We can't call a switchboard and wait for Washington to fix the mess. We have to do it ourselves, from the ground up, in every state.
We don't think this alone will solve the activism gap. Anyone who tells you that they alone have the answer is fooling you. This is not "the Daily Kos of the right." What we're hoping to do is create momentum and an intellectual framework for action -- because action ultimately starts with narratives and ideas. We want grassroots conservatives and libertarians to start believing that they can make a difference again -- a sense all too many have lost.
Only you - and not some well-funded 527 -- can bring the movement into the future. Only when grassroots conservative have a direct stake in the future of the party are we effective. The Next Right is about creating a vision for a 21st century Republican Party and conservative movement.
Check it out and join the movement.


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Comments (6)

I'm sure it will be ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I'm sure it will be as successful as two other of LorieByrd's recommendations that I recall: Media Myth Busters and that idea she had to read only newspapers that never criticized The Bush Administration.

Ah yes, Media Mythbusters, ... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, Media Mythbusters, how's that project going? Hmmm, not too much activity lately. Guess there's been no media myths to bust lately. They were way out front on that CBS Illinois Power story from 1979, though! I don't see a "Dewey didn't really defeat Truman" entry, but I'm sure they'll get around to it.

Hoo-boy!A cutting ed... (Below threshold)

A cutting edge politico-tactical life coach site run by the folks who poop their pantaloons at the mere mention of..."RON PAUL!" or..."A HUNDRED YEARS!".

I can only assume that these masterminds, as they scheme out in the middle of the highway, are not really the hapless morons they appear to be, but have adapted Sun T'su's technique of deceptive demonstration in the face of the enemy.

Which means the purpose is either 1) leverage email addys for stipend from foundation sources, or 2) collect e-mail addys from the gullible and sell them multiple times across the www a'la Newsmax "updates".

OK. Or 3) to resurrect the Baby Hughie Of Our Time, George "Bubble Butt" Allen.

AB and mantis don't have a ... (Below threshold)

AB and mantis don't have a clue what MMB has been doing, but could at least have learned a small bit of it if they had bothered to check. That might have taken all of 30 seconds though.

Posting at the wiki has never been opened to the public, which is why there is little activity there, along with the fact that between work and the two surgeries my daughter has had in the past 6 months I have had little time to put it. There are some things in the works that will hopefully change that though.

I don't know what "that idea she had to read only newspapers that never criticized The Bush Administration" is. An attempt at humor? Or just another attempt to change the subject from The Next Right.

I saw the MMB blog, Lorie. ... (Below threshold)

I saw the MMB blog, Lorie. Enthralling. Between lists of links to other blogs by Terresa, and occasional outrage by Bob (which is, of course, just cross-posted from his blog) about media outlets calling guns or planes by the wrong name, you guys sure have brought the ol em-ess-em to its knees.

Posting at the wiki has never been opened to the public, which is why there is little activity there

If you restrict wiki access to a handful of editors who do not add content, it loses all purpose. Methinks you do not understand the point of a wiki.

WOW reading this y... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

WOW reading this you would think conservatives have some problems.






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