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John Edwards -- A Profile in Courage

Yesterday in a show of extreme political courage, John Edwards endorsed the Democrat candidate for President who has almost certainly wrapped up the nomination. Edwards really went out on a limb on this one considering Obama won his state of North Carolina by double digits and only has 5 more primaries left before cinching the nomination. The endorsement was billed as a "surprise" because it was not announced beforehand, but there was never really any question that Edwards would back the candidate most likely to win.


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He must have returned from ... (Below threshold)

He must have returned from the other america to come down to the little people and slum. This does not help Obama at all, which is great. ww

The Edwards endorsement was... (Below threshold)

The Edwards endorsement was timed to steal some news space from the Hillary win in WV. That was its purpose: to act out a situation to the theme of "Hillary, you ignorant slut!"

Other (subterranean) campaign news: the slithery Edward Luttwak is resurfacing via the NYT to ding Obama, but that's not news. The NEWS is that Luttwak was McCain's back-up during the Senate POW/MIA Hearings when McCain was the SOLE senator striving to keep POW files classified. (He succeeded and Luttwak re-submerged for a sinecure at CSIS) Now Luttwak is back in public which means Team McCain COULD be worried about Swiftboaters. As they should be. Heh!

Resolved: W should be waterboarded by the Dixie Chicks for his shrill politicking at the expense of the USA while in Israel. Also, the chubby Dixie Chick should sit on W's face while playing Horsey at full gallop.

notiz=You don't have to be told why.

Edwards = One term congress... (Below threshold)

Edwards = One term congress critter slated to lose re-election by a large margin.
VP candidate who was credited with losing the office of POTUS by Hanoi John, and he's a
Slimey lawyer = Dhimmi hero. Endorses a less than one term congress critter who has one comittee chair assignment and has not held one meeting to benefit the country. He's paid a larger salary and has not earned one penny, too busy trying to obtain a higher office. And dhimmi con's call someone else stupid????? Sounds more like he's using congress to continue riding welfare.

"The Edwards endorsement wa... (Below threshold)

"The Edwards endorsement was timed to steal some news space from the Hillary win in WV. That was its purpose"

Actually, some very good analysis. That's exactly what the wait was for - a good move.

Maybe Edwards is angling to... (Below threshold)

Maybe Edwards is angling to get the Veep Slot again. We all know what happened when he had the Veep Slot the last time. The campaign went down on flames, faster than a B17 bomber. Lets hope that this is also the case this time too.

Hey Lorie, that's VICE PRES... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Hey Lorie, that's VICE PRESIDENT EDWARDS! The Silk Pony doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit John Edwards.

I really don't mind the nam... (Below threshold)

I really don't mind the name calling by the looney lefties, or some of their predictable insults and BDS, but BryanD should be made example of making such a foul, pornographic comment. I don't need to read such blather. ww

Gutsy move by Edwards. He ... (Below threshold)

Gutsy move by Edwards. He could have waited until after November.

Wild Willie wants bryanD ce... (Below threshold)
Pope Ron Paul V:

Wild Willie wants bryanD censored for smutty talking, but Wild Willie feels that it is within the realm of decency to wish violence upon the people of San Francisco for taking a too-liberal stance on detainees' rights.

Unless you're 85 years old there is no excuse for your stupidity and hatred.






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