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Welcome to Tennessee, Michelle, a state where we're proud of our country.


I'm proud of my country every time I see the flag or hear the National Anthem. I'm proud of my country every time I read about how much we've fought and sacrificed in the last century alone to defend freedom. I'm proud of my country every time I remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can come to America and build a better life for yourself, as long as you're willing to work hard enough. I'm proud of my country every time I visit the Duval County Veteran's Memorial Wall, where I cannot keep the grief and love I feel for her from running down my cheeks, thanks to the unbelievable sacrifice millions of American soldiers, sailors, and airmen have made for her and for freedom.

Simply put, there is not a single day that goes by when I'm not proud of my country. I love her, and I would fight for her until my dying breath. America has given so much. To say I feel pride for her is an unbelievable understatement, but it's as true today as ever.

Michelle Obama may not be able to understand why it is that so many Americans are proud of their country, and are willing to fight for her, and sacrifice for her. But it's one that's crystal clear to me, and to these Tennessee citizens, and millions of Americans everywhere.

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Comments (15)

Cassey what university did ... (Below threshold)

Cassey what university did you attend?

Dunno about Cassy, but I'm ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Dunno about Cassy, but I'm a University of Memphis graduate.

I would like to extend my h... (Below threshold)

I would like to extend my heartfelt invitation to those who find themselves unable to feel pride in this country to find the quickest possible departure method.

irongrampa You don't... (Below threshold)

You don't seem to understand, when Barrack gets elected there will be no wars, no poverty, free health care, gas will be 10 cents a gallon, and everyone will be happy again.

I bet you guys cry r... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

I bet you guys cry real tears each day another one of our soldiers dies for nothing in Iraq.

I bet the tears really roll down when you ponder are the great deeds of your beloved leader, Bush, my gosh the country is doing just dandy.

I bet you guys cry real... (Below threshold)

I bet you guys cry real tears each day another one of our soldiers dies for nothing in Iraq.

Considering you guys spit on them, someone has to .

Yeah, Republicans <a href="... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Republicans love the soldiers.

Keep smoking, Hemp Flower, ... (Below threshold)

Keep smoking, Hemp Flower, and pass the bong. Pipe dreams for Obama '08! Gut check on November 4th; reality delivered by midnight. Pray we don't wake up on the 5th to a nightmare.

Yeah, dr lava, I do cry for the fallen and for their families. In the last few days, I've cried with my son for the men who died in his presence over the last fifteen months in Iraq. Don't pretend to know the hearts and minds of others,though your's seems to be pathologically fixated on the American President in a hateful way. You trivialize the lives sacrificed by your betters when you write of them in this manner.

And to our cousin SGT Pippin, from the great state of Tennessee, who just returned safely with my son from Iraq: Good on you, cousin! You did us all proud. Tennessee Volunteers! Indeed they do.

dr.lavaIt gets ver... (Below threshold)


It gets very tiresome that you cannot
post in a civil manner. And I do mean
very tiresome.
And broad brushing is sin number one
at Wizbang, capiche?

Let me guess, it's the tort... (Below threshold)
Robert in BA:

Let me guess, it's the torturing their enemies and spying on their citizens you love about the USA.
Just like you did with the old Soviet Union.

One thing that makes me pro... (Below threshold)

One thing that makes me proud and happy to be in this country is that Brian, Dr Lava and others can say what they want and there's not a chance they'll be rounded up, taken away and silenced for it.

Not true, Oyster; they can ... (Below threshold)

Not true, Oyster; they can always be silenced by their own shame when they finally realize just what they're saying and doing.

...yeah, right.

I couldn't keep a straight face saying that, either.


Never ceases to amaze me th... (Below threshold)

Never ceases to amaze me that the democrats have been in leadership for two years and in total control of the money which means they are keeping the troops in Iraq. Is the truth too much for lefties? Nevermind. ww

Even though I am transplant... (Below threshold)

Even though I am transplanted in Arkansas, I am a born Tennessean from Buford Pusser country.

It was a famous Tennessee congressman, Davy Crocket, that said "It is not my mine to spend" refering to the taxpayers money. (Google it-an interesting story.) Wish we had congressman with that attitude today.

Doesn't say much for the state of Illinois if Michelle can't be proud of her country.

I'm in TN Vol country too! ... (Below threshold)

I'm in TN Vol country too! You dems who don't stand behind our troops, may feel free to stand in front of them =)

WW, I've wondered why it is that the Democrats, who control both Congress and the Senate, point fingers at the Republicans blaming them for holding things up, can't get anything done? Isn't it still majority rules?






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