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An empty can is noisy

That's a favorite saying of my wife. It applies to people who have very little to say. Listen to Kevin James a radio show host get taken on by MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

I stopped counting at eleven how many times Matthews asked James what did Neville Chamberlain do. James never did answer the question, just kept on repeating the talking points.

Dr. Taylor writes- While I am hardly surprised that a talk show host has anemic grasp on history, it is rather remarkable that he would be willing to go on national television (well, cable) and not at least consult Wikipedia or something.

Kudos to Chris Matthew for calling him on his BS, and I wish more hosts would do the same to their guests (maybe if guests thought they might actually have to know what they are talking about, they would actually be prepared).

John Amato at Crooks and Liars writes- "I guess just repeating RW talking points doesn't work sometimes." It certainly doesn't.

James works at KRLA that proclaims itself "Intelligent Conservative Talk Radio'. Conservative yes, intelligent I don't know. I don't think much of Dennis Prager(whose shows are also broadcast by KRLA) either. He lost me after his getting all apoplectic over Cong. Keith Ellison getting sworn in a Koran.(I loved one blogger's retort at the time. "If I become a congressman, I'll be sworn in on a copy of Playboy magazine.")

Don't think I just love to pick on Republicans. I have Knuckleheaded Florida Cong. Robert Wexler three times.(Where as I've only given Mark Steyn one, and Wizbang readers know I often kvetch about that columnist) Wexler would probaby have gotten more, if I didn't automaticlly tune him out. Hard right and hard left both turn me off. Both tend to be noisy but say little worth listening to.

One last note- Matthews is an empty can himself far too often. As Mark Finkelstein points out and I have written at TFM. Maybe James and Matthews should marry each other. It's will soon be legal for two men to marry in California. James and Matthews would make a good match.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)


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Comments (17)

Funny how its OK for Jimm... (Below threshold)

Funny how its OK for Jimmah Carter, Jon Cary etc to go overseas and give aid and comfort to our enemies, but when a Republican goes over and states THE FACT that you cant negotiate with terrorists, its all of a sudden banner headline news?

Dems are as limp wristed as the dancers in the photo of the 'weak'!

Holy cow if that's true Gia... (Below threshold)

Holy cow if that's true Gianai one of your stalwart righties wants us all to die. See May 7 comment from WildWillie for you doubters.
notiz=Past shelf life.

I call BS ... on Matthews. ... (Below threshold)

I call BS ... on Matthews.

I don't think people really understand how these talking head shows work. The way these shows work, is that the producers decide what they want to discuss, and then call around looking for someone to show up on the show and say what the producers want them to say.

So the producers probably called this guy up and asked him to show up and present those talking points.

So Matthews showed up some unprepared slug that his producers scrounged up for him. BS.

JFO, that stupid routine of... (Below threshold)

JFO, that stupid routine of yours got old a long time ago.

"....an unprepared slug..."... (Below threshold)

"....an unprepared slug..." A noise maker, err expert, err talking head from the land of the right wing. In other words, a man in the SPQR mode.

JFO, please try and stick t... (Below threshold)

JFO, please try and stick to the topic. Your incessant personal attacks do get tiresome.

Just because someone in def... (Below threshold)

Just because someone in defense of a 'point' fails to do it properly, doesn't mean the point isn't valid.

The point about Chamberlain and Hitler is valid. See Wiki or whatever if you want details.

Matthews went on a fishing expedition and got lucky or, like SPQR says, was shooting at fish in a barrel.

If you don't like the message, attach the messenger.

Reagan negotiated with Iran... (Below threshold)
Robert in BA:

Reagan negotiated with Iran.
Rumsfeld with Saddam.
And W with Kim Jong-il.

The point again?

I've never heard of Mr. Jam... (Below threshold)

I've never heard of Mr. James, but if this is his normal style - what a loudmouth. Matthews is a putz too though so, hey.

Reagan negotiated ... (Below threshold)
Reagan negotiated with Iran. Rumsfeld with Saddam. And W with Kim Jong-il.

The point again?

Context matters and our education system is obviously deficient if you have to ask.
So Bill what did Chamberlai... (Below threshold)

So Bill what did Chamberlain do ? And please don't give the Matthews answer ... give your own :)

from one empty can to anoth... (Below threshold)

from one empty can to another :)

Bill, that was a good post.... (Below threshold)

Bill, that was a good post. Still laughing.
And may it be a cautionary tale of what happens to bandwagoneers and homers when the the clown car breaks down in the desert.

Wut? Mechanicals? Wut's a rrr-wrench?

Anybuddee got enny wutter? Ahz thirstee.

Robert:Chamberlain m... (Below threshold)

Chamberlain met with Hitler in person if my history is correct. I don't recall Reagan or Bush meeting Rasfanjani or Kim. Notes and messengers suggesting incentives (food, money, troop reductions...) for changes to behavior. Chamberlain gave up a country for a piece of paper.

This is why so many talk ra... (Below threshold)

This is why so many talk radio hosts who raise the conservative banner turn me off.
I'm a listener since 1979 and you used to have to be informed, talented and entertaining.Now you have strictly screened programs and staffs doing research for the dumb ass host.

My hero is Bob Grant and there were a handfull of others who HAD to be smart to succeed. Hey, Savage,Levin, Bortz, Tammy Bruce and others are exceptionally smart but is no longer a requirement.
Not that the moonbat failed comedians at Airhead America could hold a candle to the dumbest con host out there.

If the president of the US ... (Below threshold)

If the president of the US sits down in Face to face meeting with the list given he as Head of the US government and as head of state gives him legitimacy. The Sen that President referred was convinced that Hitler could be reasoned with and that his words could have prevented it. THe part Matthew's did not understand that treaty after treaty was broken by Hitler and the Chamberlain government kept allowing it to continue all in the name of peace.

The US also had it fair share. in 1938 a US warship was attacked by Japan and we did not respond because of the anti-war mode in the country. Their was an Ludow Amendment to the Constitution with the aim of making it impossible for the US to declare war. We turned away the ship of the damed all in the name of peace and what did it do? It embolden Hitler and lead the Japanese to attack the US fleet thinking if they hit us hard we would not declare war since our response to the sinking of one our Warships was nothing it was well publicized that Americans did not want to fight.

Though Chamberlain is an easy target I wish people would talk about the US before Pearl Harbor and how ignoring an enemy lead to the US be attacked. 37-40 were not are finest hours as progressive on both sides tired to appease both Japan and Germany.

Matthews on the same segmen... (Below threshold)

Matthews on the same segment said the Cole ordeal was under Bush.






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