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BREAKING: Ted Kennedy Air Lifted to Hospital, Potential Stroke

No drinking jokes here... real deal.

Edward Kennedy suffers 'stroke'

Senator Edward Kennedy has been admitted to hospital in the US after suffering stroke-like symptoms, sources have said.

The Massachusetts senator was taken to hospital in Boston, said an official, who requested anonymity. There was no word on his condition.

Hyannis Fire Lieutenant Bill Rex told The Associated Press an emergency call came in from the Kennedy compound at 8.19am EDT (1219 GMT).

A male was transported to Cape Cod Hospital and then transferred by medical flight at 10.10am (1410 GMT) from Barnstable Municipal Airport to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The 76-year-old senator has been in the Senate since election in 1962, filling out the term won by his brother, John F Kennedy.

In October, Mr Kennedy had surgery to repair a nearly complete blockage in a major neck artery. The discovery was made during a routine examination of a decades-old back injury.

The hour-long procedure on his left carotid artery - a main supplier of blood to the face and brain - was performed at Massachusetts General. This type of operation is performed on more than 180,000 people a year to prevent a stroke.

MSNBC Video Report

Update: Doctors now say that it was a seizure and not a stroke, and that the senator is "not in any immediate danger."


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Comments (43)

I pray that he has a swift ... (Below threshold)

I pray that he has a swift recovery.

It's being reported now it ... (Below threshold)

It's being reported now it was
a seizure instead of a stroke.

Like I have said before, I ... (Below threshold)

Like I have said before, I don't like his politics but I do hope he gets through this.

When is low alchol level in... (Below threshold)

When is low alchol level in a Kennedy medically treatable? Take him to a dry out center or the liquer store. You can be politically correct and kiss his a** but I wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire. Bad thing is I'm a fireman.

He gets an ambulance and a ... (Below threshold)
Mary Jo Kopechne:

He gets an ambulance and a chopper to Mass General, and I get . . . . glub . . . glub . . . glub . . .

It's tough to know what to ... (Below threshold)

It's tough to know what to think or say. It's like when OJ has something bad happen to him or some other murderer, or even someone else who let someone else drown in a car. It's just tough to think of anything positive to say.

Airlifted so he could avoid... (Below threshold)

Airlifted so he could avoid workmanship problems he supported/encouraged on the Big Dig?

The class of the right wing... (Below threshold)

The class of the right wing turns out to look really really really stupid about a man with an illness. Clay excepted.

Do you really want to talk ... (Below threshold)

Do you really want to talk class? Is this the same party that has Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and God Knows who else--sorry, I know you Democrats are uncomfortable with that name...God...trying to tell me what is best for America? After 7 yrs of the hate they have spouted about anyone who disagrees with them, and you want to talk class like you are taking the high road? You don't have the high road. You never will.

Jack,Project much?</... (Below threshold)

Project much?

God speed Ted K.

Good thing he couldn't ask ... (Below threshold)

Good thing he couldn't ask his nephew to fly him.

Sorry. Listening to Dems t... (Below threshold)

Sorry. Listening to Dems try to talk about class is like listening to Jane Fonda talking about patriotism.

Jack,You do know Lau... (Below threshold)

You do know Laura Bush killed her former boy friend in an auto accident as a youth in Texas don't you? So don't be so quick to use the murderer label for auto accidents. Tragic yes...irresponsible yes, a perminant stain on his reputation yes, but murderer?

Just saying, the standard you use to judge others will then be the standard that is used to judge you, so goes universal truth.

Did Laura Bush run n hide, ... (Below threshold)

Did Laura Bush run n hide, or wait hours and hours, or consult with an atty before reporting the 'accident'?

[email protected], you're on the short... (Below threshold)

[email protected], you're on the short end of the lever. -- Trying to say the left isn't a bunch of classless loons is -well- laughable.

And trying to defend Teddy for killing Mary Jo... also laughable. You're welcome to keep trying but don't be real surprise when you get laughed at.

Well, I don't think Laura u... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't think Laura used her family connections to get off, do you? I bet Laura is probably pretty damned sorry for what happened, too. Teddy, probably not so much. I'll bet her ghost haunts him to this very day. Probably has driven him to drink a time or two.

And yeah, you lefties don't own the hatred for politicians you don't like. Michael Moore's not the only person who has a license to shill out hatred. I've got it for you bastards like you won't believe.

I truly hope he has a full ... (Below threshold)

I truly hope he has a full recovery.

I also truly hope that this is the end of his Senate career.

There...humanitarianism and politics in harmony...

Stay classy Wizbang!... (Below threshold)

Stay classy Wizbang!

Paul, are you new here? :)<... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Paul, are you new here? :)

Here's hoping for a full an... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping for a full and complete recovery for the man. I don't agree with his politics, and I don't think much of him as a human being. But there's a lot of people who think the world of him, and my dislike of him doesn't much matter. In the end, he's a man just doing what he thinks is right for our country.

Good luck, and a speedy recovery, Sen. Kennedy.

I really hope this is a clu... (Below threshold)

I really hope this is a clue for him to retire from the senate so that we can get someone in there that won't be harming America's interests, but I do not wish for permanent harm to him.

Recover and be well, sir.

Stroke?.. Breast, back, or ... (Below threshold)

Stroke?.. Breast, back, or freestyle?..(pass the gin!)

It looks as though the Swim... (Below threshold)

It looks as though the Swimmer will be back in congress betraying the American public reeeel soon. Perhaps it's just as well. I couldn't have stomached the media fawning over this clown for the next week. His genuine accomplishments consist of being born with his brothers name and his fathers money. Apart from swimming away and whining for an attorney while a girl drowned, of course. But we can bet that the MSM eulogy would have placed this phony drunk with the greats of American history. At least we'll be spared that assault on our sensibilities for the present.

I was alive and interested ... (Below threshold)

I was alive and interested during the Ted Kennedy disaster where an energetic supporter was tragically killed by the irresponsible acts of a drunken priveleged rich boy. That aside, I do not wish anyone to be ill, sick or disabled. I prefer to pray that he has a full recovery so his family, who loves him I am sure, does not have to go through the pain of watching a family member die.

I do not and never did like his politics and anyone that never had to work a day in his life should not want to get in my wallet and spend my money on things his deems is important just to assuage his guilt of having so much. ww

I hope he gets better soon.... (Below threshold)

I hope he gets better soon.

Do you think this may cause him to adjust his plans for next year's spring break?

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavai... (Below threshold)
John S:

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Interesting that all the pr... (Below threshold)

Interesting that all the press reports I've read fail to describe an important potential cause for seizures: substance abuse or withdrawal [alcohol, tramadol are two examples, alcohol abuse repeatedly a problem for this man including the MJK tragedy, and I'd suspect he's got a chronic pain problem if he's had a "routine follow up MRI of his neck for an old back injury" - given the Kennedy penchant for prescription pain medications, I'm sure the medicine cabinet at Hyannisport is well stocked], though his plane crash 40 years ago could easily have caused a brain injury that later is associated with seizures, or a recent stroke the same. Its not likely that blood pressure medications or cholesterol medications would cause a seizure [the only meds reported that he takes regularly].

Anyway, above all just partially founded medical speculation on a Sunday Morning.

There's no need to wish ill of folks. Karma will work without our prayers. Lets hope for a speedy recovery so he can meet his.

I do not wish ill will on t... (Below threshold)

I do not wish ill will on the Kennedy family and hope he fully recovers - at the very least for the sake of his family who no doubt love him.

But I have to stop and laugh at [email protected] and JFO when they talk about class and judgment.

I never pay JFO on other le... (Below threshold)

I never pay JFO on other lefty loons any mind. Not worth the effort. ww

"Good thing he couldn't ... (Below threshold)

"Good thing he couldn't ask his nephew to fly him."

Ouch. Real classy, wizbangers.

But I have to stop and l... (Below threshold)

But I have to stop and laugh at [email protected] and JFO when they talk about class and judgment.

Uh-huh. The irony is astounding.

BTW, I was very sincere in my prayers for Ted's recovery. He's a human being deserving of my love, even as God loves me in spite of all my failings and flaws. Of course, I was also sending up prayers that this would be a call for his awakening to the possibility of retirement. Is that so wrong?

Ouch. Real classy, wizba... (Below threshold)

Ouch. Real classy, wizbangers.

Give it a rest, you hypocritical ass. The last thing you desire is a discussion regarding the class exhibited by your buddies. You will be shamed.

WillieFor a guy wh... (Below threshold)


For a guy who never pays any mind to "lefty loons" you devote a lot of time, energy and writing to the subject. By the way would a righite like you be a "loon" when you write that you wish that terrorists be unleashed on San Francisco? You know, the terrorists who would not only kill gays whom you obviously hate but innocent women and children too? Isn't that just a little loony Willie? When you wrote that on a post on this blog on May 7?

JFO, I took Willie's commen... (Below threshold)

JFO, I took Willie's comment you are so obsessed with (why do I suspect you not only have it bookmarked and saved, but are looking at getting it tattooed on you -- probably in a very private place?) as saying "if they're all innocent victims of BusHitler and KKKarl Rove, why not simply let them go? And why not in San Francisco, where their diversity and anti-Bush attitudes will fit in most comfortably?"

Get over it, will ya?


Jay Tea -I sometim... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea -

I sometimes get the feeling that the left cannot let go of anything that causes them anger, no matter how long ago it was or what circumstances caused the event, or what may have changed since the event - the offense is as fresh and strong to them as if it has just happened.

(Had a girlfriend long ago who was exceedingly angry about what happened to the Indian tribes in the NE when the white man came. (The West? Not so much. Kind of odd, that...) You'd think that 400+ years passing would ease things a bit, but not for her!)

They look for what makes them angry, and then cling determinedly to it while looking for someone - anyone - to blame.

Of course you would take it... (Below threshold)

Of course you would take it that way Jay Tea. Duh. That's about the dumbest thing you've ever written. Terrorists are really into just being diverse and peaceful aren't they Jay Tea? Reach way way way down and try to find some intellectual honesty would ya?

Willie has proven his hatefulness over and over on this blog. And (gasp I'm shocked) not a one of you right wingers has ever called him on it.

JFO just needed a new dead ... (Below threshold)

JFO just needed a new dead horse to beat since he can't refer to you as an "independent" anymore. Why he picked that one is something only JFO could possibly understand. It's like when my dog (she's quite tall) used to stand between me and the TV. It serves no purpose other than to gain attention.

At least she's trainable.

Oyster, good analogy. What ... (Below threshold)

Oyster, good analogy. What the lefty loons don't understand is we collectively are not motivated by hate. Hate is a terrible waste of energy and does more to hurt the hater then the hatee.

JT, thanks for the defend. Not only you, but every other right thinking person knew what my comment meant. ww

No kidding Willie only "rig... (Below threshold)

No kidding Willie only "right" thinking folks with absolutely zero intellectual honesty would think that your suggestion to release terrorists to San Francisco meant the same thing as bringing light, love and diversity to a city you (Willie) hate.

I certainly agree that collectively the right does not hate. It's only a few sad souls like you.

Oyster you belong to the same club as Jay Tea. Pretty pathetic.

There are no terrorists in ... (Below threshold)

There are no terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. Just innocent people from arab states.

Intellectual and honesty are two words that JFO knows nothing about. The only hate I ever see comes from JFO and his comrades. ww

I've called Willie on the c... (Below threshold)

I've called Willie on the carpet before, and am willing to do it again. But I don't see any great need to do it over this. 99% is for the reason I described above -- his comment simply wasn't anything like you describe. We have extremely high tolerances for comments (unlike most other blogs anywhere near our level of prominence), and he didn't even come close.

The remaining 1% is just because you keep calling for it. Pure spite.

You wanna lump me and Oyster into the same category? I got no problems with that, either. (But her hubby might object...)

Now go away before I sic Oyster's dog on you.


This is the exact po... (Below threshold)

This is the exact post that Willie responded to suggesting that terrorists be released in San Francisco. It's the first comment so he was responding to the post and nothing else. Where is there any suggestion about Rove or Bush? Even someone as ideologically blind as you can read that it refers to suicide attacks. I stick to my assertion about your intellectual honesty and Willie's hatred.


Former Gitmo Prisoner Carried Out Recent Suicide Attack in Iraq
The U.S. military is confirming that a former Guantanamo Bay detainee from Kuwait carried out a recent suicide attack in Northern Iraq.
* * * 
The U.S. in 2005 transferred Abdallah al-Ajmi to Kuwaiti custody from Guantanamo. A Kuwaiti court later acquitted him of terrorism charges. Last week al-Ajmi blew himself up in a suicide attack on Iraqi security forces in Mosul.

Ironic, huh?

I heard that the CH-47 Chin... (Below threshold)

I heard that the CH-47 Chinook that they had to use to airlift jabba will never be the same.....






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