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Times are tough

The price of beer is going up.

Prices for a six-pack of beer or a pint at the pub are on the rise.

Beer drinkers at The Pub in Pembroke Pines said they've noticed the increase.

"It's still cheaper than gasoline, but (it's) not a good thing overall," one beer drinker said.

Global demand and a bad crop year in Europe and Australia have tightened supplies for hops, barley and wheat, beer experts said. That, combined with a hike in transportation costs, is driving beer producers of all sizes to raise prices.

"Our costs have been up roughly about 12 to 15 percent, and the reality is they're still going up in some cases," said Brooklyn Brewery's Vice President of Sales Robin Ottaway.

By the time it reaches the tap or the shelves, retail analysts estimate that consumers will pay roughly a dollar more for a six-pack or pint.

What food or drink hasn't increased in price of late? In Asia a shortage of rice has caused the price of that food staple to rise. Here it costs about $2 more for the great big sack we buy at Costco.(I'm married to a Filipina. They certainly love their rice.)

Maybe Congressman Robert Wexler will advise(He did the same when the price of Matzoh Balls increased some time back) his constituents to have beer Fedexed to Florida from some place it can be bought cheaper. Either that or Congress needs to investigate. The beer drinking public will soon be demanding answers.

Hat tip- South Florida Daily Blog


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Economy sure was much bette... (Below threshold)

Economy sure was much better before this Congress took over in 2007!

Olympia 12-pack holding ste... (Below threshold)

Olympia 12-pack holding steady at $7.49.

(Yes, Olympia. It's perfectly good American beer. Not too sweet. Sweet is for tea.)

The price of beer is up bec... (Below threshold)

The price of beer is up because the price of hops has skyrocketed due to worldwide scarcity of same.






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