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Global Warming Causing Fewer Hurricanes?

First they were causing more hurricanes (at least according to Al Gore) but now its causing fewer hurricanes. From the BBC

Hurricanes and tropical storms will become less frequent by the end of the century as a result of climate change, US researchers have suggested.

But the scientists added their data also showed that there would be a "modest increase" in the intensity of these extreme weather events.

The findings are at odds with some other studies, which forecast a greater number of hurricanes in a warmer world.

So if there are more hurricanes that means there is less global warming, right?

It appears, regardless of Al Gore's film assertions, that the science is hardly settled on hurricanes...


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I caught this dichotomy a f... (Below threshold)

I caught this dichotomy a few months back when National Geographic ran an article Warming May Reduce Hurricane Landfalls, Study Says. I also found a previous NG article stating quite the opposite! My post was a lot snarkier though :D

Well it seems the only fact... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well it seems the only fact about global warming "reasonable" people can agree on is that the science is not settled. Anyone who says the science is settled is motivated by politics, greed or religion.

Wheither there's global warming or global cooling and whether or not either is caused by human activity or are just natural cycles, more non-fossil fuel energy sources are a good response. Nuclear, wind, solar, tidal and geothermal should be given the fast track. Bush has moved us much closer to Nuclear power with progress on the long term disposal site under his Presidency. When the left can acknowledge that positive achievement then we'll know they are getting serious about moving the U.S. to energy independence and green energy. Until then it's all BS.

This "heads we win, tails y... (Below threshold)

This "heads we win, tails you lose" bullshit only works because the public is a bunch of 'tards confused by things like the meaning of "average."

In other words, scientists ... (Below threshold)

In other words, scientists have little clue as to what drives the climate but won't admit. Whether they are driven by oil money or government grant money (or anti-capitalist money) matters not.

The Global Warming C... (Below threshold)

The Global Warming Cult is slowly covering all bases.

Essentially, global warming... (Below threshold)

Essentially, global warming must be like God, as it is responsible for all things. But that then makes the Gore-ons into 'deists'.

Quite the conundrum, since they insist it's science....

hmmm reminds of that show ... (Below threshold)

hmmm reminds of that show I saw recently on PBS-Nova that covered "Global Cooling". I guess that means we're now even stevens.

Hi, liberal troll here, ple... (Below threshold)

Hi, liberal troll here, please be nice...

This makes sense, actually. It's a domino effect of global warming, if you will. Here's the process:

Global warming warms up ocean waters ->
This melts ice in regions like Greenland ->
This melted ice places more water in the ocean, but this water doesn't have as much salt ->
Less salt in the water means the water is less dense ->
Water density is important, since the ocean's belt of thermohaline circulation -- which brings necessary warm water to the surface -- depends on dense water to sink ->
If water isn't dense enough to sink, the thermohaline circulation cycle stops ->
This would cool the oceans of the world -- as well as making Europe an arctic tundra, lessen tropical storms, etc.

If this sounds like an ice age, you're almost right -- think Younger Dryas period and you're on the right track.

That, in a nutshell, is the science behind why global warming would eventually cause the oceans to cool. It is a a direct result of the oceans warming and how that effects thermohaline circulation.






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