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Here's a link to the results from Kentucky.

Click the "Continue reading" bar if you're interested in the demographic breakdown of that vote. There's lots of interesting info there, which for obvious reasons won't be reported by the media/Democrats.

* * *

Kentucky Democrat Primary

-- Those who consider themselves to be "very liberal" voted for Clinton: 63-36.

-- Those who "never" attend church voted for Clinton: 60-37. Go figure.

-- Nearly half the primary electorate (48%) said they'd only be satisfied if Clinton is the nominee.

-- Voters were asked which candidate is "honest and trustworthy." Nearly one in five (16%) replied: "Neither of them."


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Kentucky has always been no... (Below threshold)

Kentucky has always been noted for its blue grass, basketball, horse races, add to the list: perceptive voters.

Just another one of those s... (Below threshold)

Just another one of those states in the middle. The ones that are a pain to fly over between the coasts.






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