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Here's a link to the results from Oregon.

Unfortunately there's not any legitimate exit data for that primary. Oregon conducts its elections exclusively by mail-in ballot.

It's obvious, however, Oregon and California (for example) share little in common. Besides mountains, seafood and fine wine, that is.

Excellent showing for Obama. I suspect this gives sufficient cover to nervous white superdelegates such that they can go ahead and cast their lots in Denver in his favor. Clinton, for her part, has a choice: (1) dirty tricks in Denver, (2) fall into line.


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Obamessiah rises out of the... (Below threshold)

Obamessiah rises out of the Willamette.
All sing Kum-Bah-Yah!

Kentucky rain keeps on fall... (Below threshold)

Kentucky rain keeps on falling!

Being Clinton, there will b... (Below threshold)

Being Clinton, there will be dirty tricks.

When were ballots first sta... (Below threshold)

When were ballots first starting to be cast?

If you look at the county b... (Below threshold)

If you look at the county by county results, not surprisingly, it was in Hillary's favor or neck in neck in most of the rural counties. Obama wiped up in the cities.






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