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Robert Byrd reacts to Kennedy's diagnosis

Lorie touched on this earlier, but here's a heartbreaking video of Robert Byrd speaking on the Senate floor about Kennedy's diagnosis; he's moved to tears. I don't wish this on anyone, and while I disagree with many of Kennedy's politics, I hold nothing against the man personally. Also worth mentioning is how incredibly difficult this must be for his family and friends; Byrd's emotional speech shows that. Everyone, let's please treat this subject with grace and dignity. Keep Senator Kennedy and his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

I've disemvoweled two comments. I considered disemvoweling two more, but decided to let them stand. These weren't comments usually worthy of disemvowelment, but this is a different situation. I'm not going to tolerate anyone being rude or insensitive; this isn't the time or the place. This isn't the HuffPo or the DailyKos, people. Please feel free to comment, but leave your baggage at the door. The man is suffering from brain cancer. Try to show some compassion. And if you can't do that, then keep your thoughts to yourself.


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Comments (13)

Mry J Kpchn ws nvlbl fr cmm... (Below threshold)

Mry J Kpchn ws nvlbl fr cmmnt...

Flame on. Wow!... (Below threshold)

Flame on. Wow!

Did you know that he has a ... (Below threshold)
Bubba Jenkins:

Did you know that he has a dog named SPLASH?

I wish I were joking.

I hold no brief for Ted Ken... (Below threshold)

I hold no brief for Ted Kennedy's political leanings, but I can only wish him well at this time, and offer a prayer for him and his family.

Hv t sy i lst rspct fr Knnd... (Below threshold)

Hv t sy i lst rspct fr Knndy lng lng tm g nd hs ndrsmnt f th grtst crrnt thrt t mrc - th nt-mrcn bttr blck pltcn bm - hs snt m vr th tp. Knndy wll nt b mssd mrc.

geez Robert? Its not like H... (Below threshold)

geez Robert? Its not like He missed a cross burning or something?

It's appropriate to offer p... (Below threshold)

It's appropriate to offer prayers for Teddy. But how secure does it make many feel to see the sobbing senile old man with so much power in the Senate?
Yeah, Savage said it, but after I saw this I couldn't disagree.Let's not carried away because an anachronism devoid of his faculties weeps over a dubious Senator of distinction.

I understand what you're sa... (Below threshold)

I understand what you're saying Cassy.
Maybe at this time I was out of line. Posterity will offer it's own conclusion so I understand your point here. I should have respected your post and I apologize.
Prayers and more prayers to Ted and the family.

Get the champagne on ice. T... (Below threshold)
Dean Gelman:

Get the champagne on ice. This fat slob should be in a prison hospital. Glad to hear he has terminal cancer and wish him a speedy death.

notiz=You are way out of line with this post.

My mother died of cancer a ... (Below threshold)

My mother died of cancer a number of years ago. During that cancer she had tumors in her brain as well as her lungs and other parts of her body. Ted Kennedy is not someone whom I have much affection for, but I could not wish that upon anyone. It is my prayer that God holds him in his hand, comforts his family and friends, and if it is his will that he recover that it is swift and complete, and if not then that his grace and mercy shall be upon him and he shall be taken home to be with him for eternity.

While I am personally repul... (Below threshold)

While I am personally repulsed by Kennedy, both the man and his politics, I do not wish the man harm..

Robert Byrd, on the other hand, is a complete embarrassment to the establishment that is the Senate and is a testament to the stunning gullibility of the people who vote for him..

I found his speech neither touching nor heartbreaking..

He is a blubbering fool, whether the subject is Ted Kennedy's illness or whether he's trying to scare people into not voting Republican..

The former Exalted Cyclops elicits nothing but nausea from me, no matter what the subject..

I do not like Robert Byrd e... (Below threshold)

I do not like Robert Byrd either, and I do not think he belongs in the Senate, but I do not hold his speech against him. It reminds me that Senators are human like me. I have lost friends and have prayed for friends health and safty. He is praying for a dear friend while he speaks to the senate. Many of my prayers are close to the same emotionally. He is showing his love for a friend in prayer. There are many other reasons to dislike Robert Bryd... this should not be it.

"Ben Got It Right."... (Below threshold)

"Ben Got It Right."






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