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Senator Ted Kennedy has a Malignant Brain Tumor (Wizbang)

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Senator Ted Kennedy has a Malignant Brain Tumor

Fox News is reporting:

BOSTON -- Sen. Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, FOX News confirms.

Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday that "preliminary results" from tests conducted on Kennedy after a seizure sent him to the hospital over the weekend confirmed the diagnosis.

"Preliminary results from a biopsy of the brain identified the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma in the left parietal lobe," the doctors said in a statement, adding that treatment would likely include "combinations of various forms of radiation and chemotherapy."

The doctors said that he was in "good condition" and had not suffered any more seizures since Saturday.

"Decisions regarding the best course of treatment for Senator Kennedy will be determined after further testing and analysis," they said. "Senator Kennedy will remain at Massachusetts General Hospital for the next couple of days according to routine protocol. He remains in good spirits and full of energy."

The 76-year-old senator has been hospitalized in Boston since Saturday, when he was airlifted from Cape Cod after a seizure at his home.

Kim: I just saw this of Fox news a few minutes ago. As much as I can't stand the man's politics, this is very sad. I don't wish anything like that on anyone. Senate leadership will speak about Kennedy's diagnosis shortly. You can watch the live stream on Fox News here.

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Comments (22)

While I don't particularly ... (Below threshold)

While I don't particularly care for Ted Kennedy's liberal leanings and crackpot ideas, I do care about someone's health. This is the worst form of cancer and I suppose very inoperable. With chemo and other things, that might prolong his life, but I think that he is toast.

I would not wish this on an... (Below threshold)

I would not wish this on anyone.
May he be blessed with successful

I'm praying for strength, c... (Below threshold)

I'm praying for strength, comfort, and wisdom for him and his family. May he have a full recovery.

This is a sad, sad thing fo... (Below threshold)

This is a sad, sad thing for such a figure.

Even with the best treatment available (and considering that he's rich and a US Senator, there's not any better in the world), malignant brain tumors are very, very bad. The fact that he started having obvious symptoms before they caught it means it's fairly far along, and "far along" is not the best prognosis indicator for malignant cancers inside your skull.

It's a shame. He's the last of the Big Kennedys. It should be something more, well, colorful...

As stated above, he's quite... (Below threshold)

As stated above, he's quite rich and powerful. Therefore I'm sure he'll be rushed to Cuba or France as soon as practicable for best-in-the-world treatment.

Many, many prayers go out t... (Below threshold)

Many, many prayers go out to Sen. Kennedy and family!

Unfortunately I just called my father-in-law who is semi-retired NYC-area neurosurgeon and he said that with this type of cancer and its sensitive location on the parietal lobe where speech and motor functions are controlled, that there's "no real good treatment even with chemo and radiation", and that "there's not much a surgeon can do."

He believes Kennedy has "3 months to a year, tops."

Not good.

I really hope things go as ... (Below threshold)

I really hope things go as well as possible for him. My wish was always for him to leave politics, not to leave this world. This has to be hard for his family. They no doubt love him and it's always painful when a loved one is in such danger no matter who they are.

This doesn't look good, but... (Below threshold)

This doesn't look good, but he and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Why wish him well? This is ... (Below threshold)

Why wish him well? This is a man who not only wishes bad things to happen to me and my family, but who actively attempts to make sure such things do happen. Not just policy disagreements, not just little things like taking all your money for personal pocket lining, not just trying to take away your healthcare choices (and not his own!). But big things like exposing us all to our enemies and defaming our armed forces. Big things like dismantling our sovereignty and undermining American values. Big things like putting this nation at risk for cheap political points.

Why should I be upset about the chance of him finallyl, finally circling the drain? It's the only way he would ever leave office, so why should I be even a little sad?

I don't believe in the power of magical thinking, so wishing he would go away, and take Jimmah Carter with him, is not actually hurting anybody. But he has been a cancer on this planet for too many decades for me to lament his demise.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not ... (Below threshold)

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached a comment.

Its a sad and horrible way ... (Below threshold)

Its a sad and horrible way to go. So much for him getting well to meet his karma. This is not to be wished on anyone, including this man. I had one young patient survive this long term in 30 years of seeing multiple folks die from this - and he received an experimental interleukin 2 activated macrophage treatment that was abandoned at NIH because he was one of only two who benefitted from the treatment.

That being said, its not appropriate for Teddy to be deified or trashed either at this point. I expect both to ooze from all sides, sadly.

Well, he is 73 years old, n... (Below threshold)

Well, he is 73 years old, not like he is being cut off in the prime of life. If not this, it will be a heart attack, brain anureysm, liver failuer, etc. I wish no ill for the man, but neither can I proffer sympathy I don't feel.

He's actually 76. ... (Below threshold)

He's actually 76.

76, not 73, my bad...... (Below threshold)

76, not 73, my bad...

Considering the lifestyle he has lived, if debauchery counts as a lifestyle, he has lived a remarkably long time.

Personally speaking, even a... (Below threshold)

Personally speaking, even a benign operable brain tumor is nothing to spoken of lightly. I disagree with almost everything Ted Kennedy has proposed and backed.

I also think he's committed some crimes in his life. That said, I do not feel qualified to stand in judgment of him. Whether from this tumor or simply old age, he will meet his maker soon and will be judged.

When I'm judged by said maker, I don't want wishing Ted Kennedy to "circle the drain" to be one of the considerations.

I don't like Sen. Ted Kenne... (Below threshold)

I don't like Sen. Ted Kennedy. At all.

I think he's a vile human, guilty of killing a young woman and never owning up to or taking responsibility for it.

But I wouldn't wish what he has on anybody.

I think this advice from Senator Thomas Hart Benton is the right tact to take:

"When God Almighty lays his hand upon a man, sir, I take mine off, sir."

I wish Senator Kennedy and ... (Below threshold)

I wish Senator Kennedy and his family all the blessings our Lord dispenses. My creator judges people on their entire lives, not allowing souls to avoid responsibility but to judge them on their good works as well. Like most human Senator Kennedy probably will be judged on both.
It certainly is how I hope to be judged.

Jesus did love sinners you know.

Posted by Robbie | May 2... (Below threshold)
infidel[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Posted by Robbie | May 20, 2008 5:21 PM

Amen. Nice to have the time, however fleeting, to make amends with God & your conscience.
Horrible way to go but a gift to know you have time left to make peace.

This is the latest sad chap... (Below threshold)

This is the latest sad chapter in the Kennedy saga, even Shakespeare couldn't have written a better tragic novel.

Can we call it karma?... (Below threshold)

Can we call it karma?

Wonder how the Kopechnie family is feeling these days? Wonder if Robert Bork wants to remember his 'integrity'?

It's impossible for me to feel sorrow or sympathy for a man who left a friend alone in a car, while he looked to save his own ass. Impossible to look for the positive side of a man who knowlingly slandered a man, Bork, because of differing ideologies.

I'm quite certain there is a stool and a hooker at a well stocked bar in hell waiting for him. Alas, only the good die young, so it'll be awhile.

Having had a friend die of ... (Below threshold)

Having had a friend die of cancer - no way would I wish something like this on the man.

Ms. Kopechne was an only ch... (Below threshold)

Ms. Kopechne was an only child and her parents have been dead for some time. $140,000 and no lawsuit.

Not only do I disagree with Kennedy's political stance; I find him a poor excuse for a human being.

However, several members of my family have experienced brain tumours and I hope the Senator has a painless and uneventful recovery.

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