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American Idol - Top 2 Week


The last competition on American Idol was held tonight between David Cook and David Archuleta, and in case you didn't get the memo the judges were quick to remind you that you're supposed to be voting for teen heartthrob, and singing robot David Archuleta. The merits of their performances aside, it looks like AI producers will get the champ they want.

As in previous seasons winning the show is not a guaranteed path to stardom, you've got to turn the opportunity winning provides into a real music career. David Archuleta stands a good chance of appearing on a "Idol Winners" bill with past winners like Taylor Hicks or Reuben Studdard at your county fair summer concert series in a few years; or he may end up taking over for whoever took over for Celine Dion in Las Vegas. It's hard to look into the future and see him having any staying power after a mildly successful debut album.

Regardless of the crowned winner, David Cook is the breakout star of the season. With good management he'll be the one racking up Grammy's and selling out arenas in a few years.

Now its your chance make your case for the David of your choice, or to do any prognosticating about their futures.


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When it comes to a singing ... (Below threshold)

When it comes to a singing competition, Archeletta wins hands down. I know there are Cook fans out there, but his rocking songs are average at best. I do not care who wins, this has been a boring season and I will not come back to it. ww

Cook has a better chance at... (Below threshold)

Cook has a better chance at a long-term career.

Archeletta looks like he is about to break into tears each time he goes before the judges. How long could he possibly last when he no longer has pre-teen girls texting and phoning 'votes' in? He's going to have to survive in a rough business, and frankly I don't think he can hack it.

When I watch David Cook I f... (Below threshold)

When I watch David Cook I feel like someone needs to give him a bath. What is with these "dirty" looking stars? I can't stand Johnny Depp either.

I admit I like Archuleta and I am no teenager. I think he's secretly an elf. Aren't those pointed ears under his hair? He is a cutie.

This link has the best anal... (Below threshold)

This link has the best analysis I've seen of the careers of past winners and contestants. (at least from music sales)


Winning isn't everything.

I thought both did quite we... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I thought both did quite well last night. Archuletta takes it, and he'll have a Clay Aiken-ish career (somewhat successful, but perhaps not super-stardom). I liked most of his performances.
David Cook will go the way of Chris Daughtry... a string of successes, and, I think, more longevity than Archuletta.

Except for a few clunker nights, I didn't find the season boring, but I do long for the "horrible auditions" at the beginning - Those things crack me up (bring back that "Simon, you are my brother... best friends forever" guy).

Obviously the judges were s... (Below threshold)

Obviously the judges were shilling for David Wet-thebedda. I'm not crazy about the lyrics to Imagine, but it is a somber and beautiful melody and he raped it with a boy band mawkishness. If they had another week maybe he could try the same appraoch to In A Gadda Da Vida or Stairway To Heaven. Yuch.
For former fans of AI who were so turned off, try watching "next great american band" when it comes on.....real bands with original music and Sheila E with plunging neck lines. Yum.






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