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David Cook Wins American Idol

Wow! David Cook won American Idol. I saw several shows this season and each time David Cook sang I was impressed with how well he was able to make the songs he chose his own. He seems to be the real deal.

I didn't see last night's show, but Kevin did and he thought that it was pretty clear the judges wanted David Archuleta to take the title, which explains why, right before the winner was announced, Simon gave David Cook a public apology for being disrespectful to him last night. Simon knew who had won and he had to make nice and save face very quickly.


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"Simon gave David Cook a... (Below threshold)

"Simon gave David Cook a public apology for being disrespectful to him last night. Simon knew who had won and he had to make nice and safe face very quickly."

Yeah, that seemed strange to me, too.

Wow! Ever think that maybe ... (Below threshold)

Wow! Ever think that maybe some of us on the left coast don't want to read this before it's broadcast? Thanks a lot... :-|

Seconding #2 Brent.... (Below threshold)
Cadrys Author Profile Page:

Seconding #2 Brent.

Here's an idea to #2 and #3... (Below threshold)

Here's an idea to #2 and #3. Get a clue and don't read anything prior to the show you want to watch. You'd think people on the left coast would've learned that by now.

Yeah, people are going to be COMPLETELY silent about things like this. Duh.

Tom B nailed it. Consideri... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Tom B nailed it. Considering it was on the front page of every site that had AP headlines, singling us out is a little disingenuous.

Buwawahaha, a left coaster ... (Below threshold)

Buwawahaha, a left coaster has their Wheaties pee'd on and they start whining to Wizbang about it.

And over a stupid realty show no less. Hate to admit it but America may be only a couple flushes from hitting the circular drain if these two are any indication.

I believe Simon said what h... (Below threshold)

I believe Simon said what he did because the rumor mill was saying he intentionally slammed Cook to favor Archeletta. No conspiricy deeper then that. Overall, a very disappointing season. Cook tries to look humbled but he doesn't pull it off. I think he is arogant and calulating. The younger David acts like he is surprised he's good but know he is. All acting. No honest emotion anymore on that show. ww

Wow, I thought Archuletta h... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Wow, I thought Archuletta had it in the bag... Let's hope my prediction about an Obama presidency is just as faulty!

American Idol really needs ... (Below threshold)

American Idol really needs a makeover. I'm glad David Cook won, but when you look at the how shamelessly the judges promoted Archuletta the night before, how horrible the genres were all season and the musical talent on the finale I've got to say that the staff of American Idol has really lost touch with its audience.

The judges were way over the top the other night with their praise of Archuletta, and yet in the end he lost by 12 million votes. To me that indicates they aren't as smart as they think they are.

The genres all season stunk. Neil Diamond? ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER? What demographic are they trying to appeal? Gay men and women in their 60's? Then on the finale, they bring out such cutting edge talent as ZZ Top, Donna Summer, Bryan Adams and Graham Nash. All talented performers but well past their prime. What makes them think that people today really care about Donna Summer?

I read the other day that the largest audience demographic for American Idol this season has been the 39-46 year olds. The age group that tends to buy the most music are the 18-29 year olds. They are off by 2 decades. Consider, this was the 7th season. Is the show stuck in the last decade and hasn't grown?

The producers said this sea... (Below threshold)

The producers said this season would have the most talented performers back when it started. Yeah, right... At least they'll still be pulling in the "Gunsmoke" demographic next year.

I don't watch Idol. Don't ... (Below threshold)

I don't watch Idol. Don't want to, even though I have enjoyed some of the talent that has actually made it. The whole process is too painful to watch for me though. I figure the judges wanted the cute Archuletta kid to win because teen girls buy truckloads of tunes...and posters...and tickets to concerts. Frankly, I didn't hear either one of them sing, but I'm glad to know the underdog took it.

I thought last night's fina... (Below threshold)

I thought last night's finale was a pretty good show, but who decided George Michael would be a good act?!?!?!

What a snore-fest his performce was! There he was on the biggest "stage" in America... singing to himself. Besides, most of the Idol "losers" are going to sell more records in this country than George Michael and AI producers had them warming up for him? That seems backwards to me.

And I agree with Eric (#9), Andrew Lloyd Weber? I love American Idol and my fiance and I haven't missed an episode since it started, but they need to tighten up a little.

Funny, the only segment my ... (Below threshold)

Funny, the only segment my family watched this season was the Andrew Lloyd Webber!

I was disappointed that Cook won. I will buy Archuleta's CD but wouldn't even pay for an itune of Cook's. He is mundane.

I was pumped to see Cook wi... (Below threshold)

I was pumped to see Cook win. I tried my best to put this into words, and I could not help doing so from my own perspective as a Christian in a blog post called "Going the Distance: Having Eyes to See Amazing Grace in American Idol". If you are interested, you can read it here:

As Simon owns a piece of th... (Below threshold)

As Simon owns a piece of the show, it doesn't matter what he says, HE wins. As does verizon. 97.5 Million votes? and most of those via cell calls or text message?

this isn't anything to do with singers; it's a huge scam to get people to make useless calls/messages while thinking they are 'voting' for something...


TJ, I believe its AT&T text... (Below threshold)

TJ, I believe its AT&T texting, not Verizon, but who cares?

Very contrived, but a good prep for the coming DNC and RNC to be followed by another round of voting...






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