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Democrat Quicksand -- A Retrospective

Regarding the 2008 presidential election, here's a synopsis of how the media/Democrats got to where they're at:

1. Delegate Dance

Clinton won most of the large-population states: California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana. She also won the popular vote in Texas. The Democrats, however, allocate their pledged delegates proportionally. With the sole exception of Nevada, Obama won all the small-state caucuses, often by 2-1 margins. Those victories combined with high-margin wins in the deep South and among most of the more affluent states created a scenario that would have been impossible if the Democrats used a delegate-allocation system that tracks the general election.

2. Florida and Michigan

No analysis of the Democrats' delegate denouement would be complete without mention of Florida and Michigan.

Instead of accepting those early primaries and then penalizing those states half their delegates -- as the GOP did -- the Democrats threw out the political babies with the bath water. The result is a fiasco that still largely is unresolved to this day.

3. Race -- and Gender, Age, Income, and Social Status

Conservative political junkies for decades have known that Democrats bitterly are divided by race. What was not quite as obvious, however, at least not until this year, was that they're also bitterly divided by gender, age, income and social status.

Women voted for Clinton. Men voted for Obama. Kids between 18 and 24 voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Men and women age 50 and over overwhelmingly supported Clinton. At the very highest levels of earnings and income they voted for Obama. The middle and working classes voted for Clinton.

4. The Media

In perhaps the greatest political irony since raTHergate, Hillary Clinton for all practical purposes morphed into a Republican in the eyes of the MSM media.

The national media so relentlessly and aggressively campaigned for Obama, and against Clinton, there were times at which you simply had to laugh out loud at their duplicity. Not that anyone should feel sorry for Clinton, however. Quite the contrary. There is that old adage involving proverbial swords and living and dying. Stated another way: poetic justice can be quite poetic.

5. Unions

Labor unions this election season were as confused as liberal newspaper editors and conservative talk radio hosts.

Union leadership could not decide between the two candidates. Generally speaking the rank-and-file of the female-dominated unions (nurses, public-sector education) supported Clinton, whereas members of the male-dominated unions (Teamsters, police and firefighters) supported Obama. In some cases, however, most notably concerning Nevada's service workers, not only was there a schism between union bosses and dues payers but even the rank-and-file within the same union split among itself. Largely along lines -- you guessed it -- of race and income and social status.

6. The Flip Side of the Bradley Effect

In perhaps the greatest political irony since the media began campaigning against a Clinton, the seeds of the Democrats' long-standing double standard on race have bloomed.

Simply put, there are a lot of guilty liberal whites out there who have decided to back Obama. Many of them have an interesting and quite relevant title: superdelegates. Blacks, on the other hand, have no qualms supporting Obama, even if they represent Districts in which Clinton prevailed by landslide margins.

The political party which decided that blacks and whites should be treated differently -- as a systemic matter of government -- now are reaping what they've sown. Geraldine Ferraro (of all people) will be proven spot-on correct: If Obama gets the nomination it largely will be because of his race, certainly not because of credentials or popular mandate.

7. Money

Obama raised mind-numbing sums of money, much of it in $50-$100 increments from young students and recent graduates. In essence the Obama money machine was akin to Howard Dean's, circa late-2003 to early-2004, but multiplied and magnified three-fold.

Clinton, however, not only could not keep up in the fundraising game she actually ran out of money. That's an astonishing outcome for those who remember the Clinton machine in the 1990's. The Clintons invented the concept of perma-fundraising. Bill Clinton's entire presidency was in large part a gigantic fundraising infomercial. Yet the well ran dry for Hillary months before the end of the primary season.

Money is not be the only thing in politics; McCain's easy victory is Exhibit A. It sure doesn't hurt, however, to possess lots of it.


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Comments (16)

I think the biggest irony i... (Below threshold)

I think the biggest irony is that during the earlier months, when McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani were all still in the race, I kept hearing the snickering and snide comments from the left about the Republican Party "tearing itself apart" over the Republican candidates and watching how they were absolutely giddy with glee over it.

So, I'm wondering if they're enjoying themselves now. When it comes to division within a party, it's never been so acutely demonstrated than with the Democrats.

And while they chortle about Republicans who have decided on Obama, they completely ignore all the Hillary supporters who will be voting McCain if Obama gets the nomination.

I don't particularly care for any of the remaining candidates to differing degrees, but this show has me running out of popcorn.

Don't forget the Rush Limba... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Rush Limbaugh factor. He rallied his listeners to switch sides, however repugnant that was to the anti-Hillary people, and voted for Hillary in the primaries since Texas. These people have been the ones that have kept the Democrats in turmoil, not the hardcore Democrat voters. If it had not been for these people, Obama would be the nominee right now. I figure that this factor has contributed to 55% of the votes for Hillary, since Texas. As we all know, the Dems have gone ballistic over this and have threatened legal action. That was just a scare tactic that backfired in their faces, because they knew no judge would take this case, even a liberal activist judge appointed by a Dem President.

Not sure of the Limbaugh im... (Below threshold)

Not sure of the Limbaugh impact. I think he's done this for kicks and to generate audience for his show. I think for most people, it would be difficult to switch sides.

I was at a party yesterday with many people that I would consider solid democrats. I can tell you that Obama scares the shit out of them. While I think he will get the nomination, I believe that most Americans will see through him by November. He will be a formidable opponent for McCain because of his speaking skills and I pray that McCain will be nimble enough to deal with that.

I think that if people really listen to what Obama says, they will realize there is no substance to the man at all. If anyone was in need of a good "swift-boating", it's Obama!

"If it had not been for ... (Below threshold)

"If it had not been for these people, Obama would be the nominee right now. I figure that this factor has contributed to 55% of the votes for Hillary, since Texas."

Now that's funny. Might I ask what empirical evidence you have to support this claim? Care to apply this "guess" of yours to how Hillary carried MA, FL, MI, NY, etc. before Limbaugh's grand scheme?

That would be like me blaming registered Democrats switching their party to vote for McCain and if it hadn't been for them, Romney would be the nominee. Which is patently ridiculous.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to consider that the only thing that has kept Obama afloat is that 90% + blacks voted for Obama. Rather than what may have helped Hillary. Are you going to tell me that the few Republicans that followed through with Limbaugh's grand scheme are greater than that?

Oyster," Are you g... (Below threshold)


" Are you going to tell me that the few Republicans that followed through with Limbaugh's grand scheme are greater than that?"

Yup! damn straight no doubt about it! Pssstt! Those record voter registrations after Rush entered the game weren't Democrats my friend.

god bless our troops,

Limbaugh succeeded by sowin... (Below threshold)

Limbaugh succeeded by sowing chaos, which was his intent. He wants the campaign to go on until the DNC, and it looks like it will. His main drive always is to sell commercials and make money, and he got tons of free press to help him. He's a Psy-Ops master.

Question: Is there any read... (Below threshold)

Question: Is there any reader of this site that will come out and honestly say that he/she crossed over and voted for Clinton because Rush asked them to do it?

OysterThat would ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

That would be like me blaming registered Democrats switching their party to vote for McCain and if it hadn't been for them, Romney would be the nominee. Which is patently ridiculous.

I'm not so sure. How did McCain and the others do in Michigan and Florida; and how important were these outcomes to the overall primary?

A lot of Dems did not vote in the Dem primary in those states since they 'weren't going to count anyway'.

"Yup! damn straight no ... (Below threshold)

"Yup! damn straight no doubt about it! Pssstt! Those record voter registrations after Rush entered the game weren't Democrats my friend."

And what of the record registrations and turnout prior to Rush entering the "game?"

Been visiting Area 51 lately olhadhead or does your foil hat need its 10,000 thought adjustment under warranty?

It's not all the difficult ... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

It's not all the difficult to switch sides after the Dems selected the republican candiate for us. Turn about is fair play, but it sucks doesn't it. The end result is 3 shitty liberal pro illegal alien anti liberty candidates

McCain is not going to beat... (Below threshold)

McCain is not going to beat the Democratic nominee this fall. He will not be able to distance himself from Bush; the GOP is going to pay a high price for letting W run rampant.

Conservatives have let the GOP be hijacked, no choice but to wait it out until the Democrats implode, maybe 2016?

Tina - get your head out of... (Below threshold)

Tina - get your head out of your butt. If the Dims had nominated a moderate you might be right...but they are going to nominate a inexperienced arrogant liberal and that is where your theory falls apart.
Get over it McCain is not Bush....but Obama is a inexperienced, arrogant liberal.

Hussein O has no problem ra... (Below threshold)

Hussein O has no problem raising money. His web sites in the terrorist states were ready and informed long ago (before he removed the link from his own web site) on how and how much to give at a time. Remember, Hussein himself said 'I don't have to identify the donors as long as they are below the limit'.

After the liberal republicans (job scared) joined the liberal democrats on the tax payer ripoff farm bill I don't think even the liberal republicans should/can be reelected.
I think we do the same as we did in 07, put every republican traitor on the unemployment line in 09. Maybe the few that remain will get back to conservative values. I don't see one republican in my area that I would vote for so I'll save the gas money and stay home on election day. The RNC gimme $ letter from today is already in the garbage, unopened.

The democrats controlling congress have doubled the price of oil and gas, raised groceries and everything else sky high in 16 months. How much more destruction can they do to the country in four years? Enough ($12 a gallon gas quoted today) that even the most dense democrats will have to see the cause and effect of democrat 'clowns' in the congress.

"Democrat Quicksand -- A Re... (Below threshold)

"Democrat Quicksand -- A Retrospective"-jj

Good, non-lazy post. However, you seem to think that an eventful process of choosing the Democratic nominee is driving party members into the arms of the Republicans. Which itself implies that John McCain is a semi-Democrat on the issues. Which is itself an ominous thing within the Republican party, where nominal "independents" are more likely to reside...or take leave.

McCain will be lucky to keep 85% of Republican voters (75% by Jayson's standard of primary voters' percentage short of acclamation). Thus, despite the soap opera, McCain will lose the election, though it might be deceptively close due to the electoral college system of regional representation.

Hillary seems to be implyin... (Below threshold)

Hillary seems to be implying that McCain will be getting plenty of Democratic votes if she does not get the nomination:

"If we fail to [seat the delegations], I worry that we will pay not only a moral cost, but a political cost as well," she said. "We know the road to a Democratic White House runs right through Florida and Michigan. If we care about winning those states in November, we need to count your votes now. If Democrats send a message that we don't fully value your votes, we know Sen. McCain and the Republicans will be more than happy to have them. The Republicans will make a simple and compelling argument: why should Florida and Michigan voters trust the Democratic Party to look out for you when they won't even listen to you."

But then, we know Hillary will say anything for political advantage, don't we?

Or is she preparing to delegitimize Obama in preparation for seeing him lose in November to clear the deck for her in 2012?


Yeah, let's give more power... (Below threshold)

Yeah, let's give more power to the Democrats. After all, since they took over the House and Senate we've had sky-high gas prices, food prices, the economy has stalled...

The Republicans are ninnies, but they can keep the lights on. The Democrats can't even deliver a complete farm bill to the President without screwing it up.






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