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The Knucklehead of the Day award

I haven't given one of these out in a while. Today's winner is Pedro J. Gonzalez. He gets the award for the following

A Mount Sinai Medical Center employee surrendered Wednesday after police say he performed oral sex on a male patient who was just waking up from anesthesia following surgery.

Pedro J. Gonzalez, 27, of Hialeah, confessed and was charged with sexual battery, Miami Beach police said.

Gonzalez, whose job is to transport patients within the hospital, was immediately fired after the April 30 incident.

The 31-year-old patient had gone to Mount Sinai, 4300 Alton Rd., on April 30 for surgery. Gonzalez wheeled the patient from a recovery room to a standard room and helped him on the bed.

According to a police report, ''he began to perform oral sex'' on the patient, who pushed him away. The patient later told detectives that ``even though he was coming off the effects of the anesthesia, he can ID [the suspect] and was aware of the act.''

The police report said Gonzalez came back to the room twice to ''check on'' him.

After a nurse ignored his complaint, the patient called Miami Beach police, according to a report.

What a sicko. I worked over 20 years of my life in hospitals, and never thought once of taking advantage of patient in any way. This story angers me, and I hope Pedro J. Gonzalez spends a long time in jail but first I name him today's Knucklehead of the Day.

Hat tip- South Florida Daily Blog

Note- Before some commenter writes hoping Mr. Gonzalez gets his in prison, I want to say I wish rape on no one. It is a horrible act.


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SICK people today are hilar... (Below threshold)
jd's girl:

SICK people today are hilarious...To think that all the wrong things happen in this world and this happens?!!!!
To think, there are sicker people out there.






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