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A Modest Proposal

News of Sen. Edward Kennedy's brain tumor now a few days old and I'm left to wonder, if he really does have only six months to love (and hopefully that is not the case), what would be a proper send off for the last of the Kennedy brothers?

My hope is that Sen. Kennedy is invited to make the keynote speech at the Wednesday session of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Wednesday is usually the day when the roll call of votes is made and, presumably, when Sen. Barack Obama will be officially voted the nominee. Symbolically that would be an excellent day for Kennedy to tell his story and the stories of his brothers Robert, John, and Joe Jr.

As a strong Obama supporter, Kennedy would seem to be a natural for a high profile convention speech. From the Obama perspective the only possible downside to featuring Kennedy would be that he may command too much attention, though given Obama's oratory skills one would think that wouldn't be much of an issue.

A triumphant send off, a symbolic torch passing, and a reminder of Camelot - the networks and viewers would eat that up. As much as anything else that's a persuasively strong argument for Kennedy getting the one of the prime slots at the convention. Perhaps, just this once, the pomp and circumstances of it all wouldn't be a manufactured spectacle, but a real emotional drama. I know I'd tune in, and I suspect lots of others would as well.

Make it so Senator Obama, make it so...


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Comments (8)

Except...What if h... (Below threshold)


What if he hits the stage, moves up to the podium, and decides to tell the truth?

All of it?

Agreed. He could tell all t... (Below threshold)

Agreed. He could tell all the Obamapostles gathered how his brother Jack shared his views on gun control. Oh wait, no he didn't.

JFK was an NRA member who felt it was important to have a nation of minutemen, armed citizens ready to come to their country's defense to protect their families and neighbors.

Maybe, he could tell them about how JFK loved to raise taxes the way Obama does. Oh, wait...never mind. JFK was a fan of those eeeeeevil tax cuts.

Well, at least he could talk about the time JFK went down to Cuba to negotiate with Fidel Castro "without preconditions".

What? He didn't do that either?

Never mind, I got nothin'.

Um...have you heard Ted giv... (Below threshold)

Um...have you heard Ted give a speech? The word 'unintelligible' springs to mind.

Excellent idea. Rovian ide... (Below threshold)

Excellent idea. Rovian idea. Do you think they'd fall for it?

A Japanese militarist shot ... (Below threshold)

A Japanese militarist shot down Joe.
A Communist shot John.
A Palestinian terrorist shot Bobby...

If Ted Kennedy executed his 'right to die' it would continue the trend of America's greatest enemies shooting the current Kennedy.

Rats, Bruce beat me to it.<... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Rats, Bruce beat me to it.

Even on his death-bed, Ted Kennedy has got nothing to say that I want to hear.

Great.People will fe... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

People will feel sympathy for him because he's 'the Dying Guy and wow what a storied family he's from and I feel bad about what happened to them' and they'll vote for the freshman because he's 'the Black Guy and 'they' deserve it and I feel bad about what happened to them'.

Just great.
Anyone think that's a good way to elect a President?

I think some simple respect... (Below threshold)

I think some simple respect for the length of his service is in order. And folks, before you heap on the scorn (largely well deserved), bear in mind that Senator Kennedy is (much sooner than he would like, I'm sure) going to be meeting his ultimate Judge and will need to answer to the REAL authority for all his sins of commission and omission.

Although I am as biting as anyone in my criticism of the Left and of Senator Kennedy, when a man is dying it requires a different kind of tone, I think. Judge not lest ye be judged? Something along those lines. Also bear in mind, from what I have learned through one of my dear friends with a husband dying from the same malady - this is going to be no easy departure for him or his family!






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