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No, Rachael, No!

I just want to start this piece by saying that I really, really like Rachael Ray. I really do. I love her shows. I love her cookbooks. I buy her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, whenever it's on the newsstands. I love her cute little spunky personality. I think she is just so adorable... I may even have a little girl-crush on her.

See, I love cooking, and I try to cook for my boyfriend a few times a week, minimum. I really enjoy it. After a long day, I find it relaxing, and especially when I'm trying new things. Thanks to Rachael Ray, I get to experiment with all kinds of different tastes and recipes, much to Mike's enjoyment.

Because I like Rachael Ray so much, I really wish I hadn't seen this. I'm just totally dismayed and saddened.

Rachael is the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts (LOVE their donuts too, by the way). Dunkin has been one of the only companies out there that has been openly strong on illegal immigration enforcement. They've been able to restrain themselves from embracing moonbat chic, unlike some businesses out there... like, ahem, Starbucks, maybe?

So when I saw Rachael Ray wearing this, I think my heart broke a little.

That, my friends, is a keffiyeh around Rachael's neck, a fashion staple for Middle-Eastern terrorists, especially Hamas and Hezbollah. It's the best in moonbat chic right now, especially in Hollywood. Supporters like to call it a "symbol of Palestinian solidarity" and of the Palestinian struggle for justice against occupation and oppression. It sounds nice, but we all know what that actually means. The keffiyeh is really anti-semitism that you can wear!

And of course, idiotic superficial celebrities and moonbats can't gobble them up fast enough. And I'm just so disappointed that Rachael Ray has become caught up in the fad.

Michelle Malkin suggests we just give them all the benefit of the doubt:

I'm hoping her hate couture choice was spurred more by ignorance than ideology.

Is Ray's blunder worth boycotting DD over? I'll be interested to hear the company's take. At this point, I'm going to give the management the benefit of the doubt. They have braved boycott threats and attacks over their lonely, principled stance against illegal immigration. Given their pro-rule of law, America first position, I highly doubt the executive offices are filled with moonbats who endorse Ray's keffiyeh chic.

I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait and see what the reaction from Dunkin Donuts is.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (47)

Cassy, I too have ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


I too have a crush on Rachael (don't tell my wife). I really can't imagine that it's anything other than ignorance couched in fashion. Has she ever even made any controversial statements outside of what kind of wine you should serve with which meat? Hopefully someone will let her know about this and she will lay the towel aside and keep looking cute.

BTW, have you ever heard of magazine subscriptions? You can usually pay quite a bit less by having them mail the magazines to you than you are charged at the newsstand. Just sayin'.

"I'm just totally dismayed ... (Below threshold)

"I'm just totally dismayed and saddened."

And I'm having a good gut laugh reading this.

What do you suggest she wear? Perhaps you and your reactionaries could work on instituting some mandatory dress code for citizens of the homeland.

Broke my heart when she got... (Below threshold)

Broke my heart when she got married...
I'd guess it was worn as a kind of cutesy-artsy, scarf thing, because she needed to dress up a plain shirt for this commercial. Probably handed to her at the last moment by a production assistant. RR has never struck me as politically aware, or a snappy dresser for that matter.

angryflower, it is now "rea... (Below threshold)

angryflower, it is now "reactionary" to oppose fashion statements in favor of terrorism?

Great, I love being "reactionary". I'll wear that pathetic attempt at an insult by you with pride. Better than being thought a terrorist supporter.

Here's a little inside info... (Below threshold)

Here's a little inside info from someone in the marketing/advertising biz. She probably had little to do with wardrobe selection. The choice was made by an art director and a wardrobe stylist and sold to the client as just a touch of decoration.

Unless she's seen in it out in public don't read too much into what she was handed to wear at a commercial shoot.

You are correct, Stephen. T... (Below threshold)

You are correct, Stephen. That's why I wrote Dunkin' Donuts and told them that they need to fire the art director as being too stupid for the job.

I have to give Rachael a pa... (Below threshold)

I have to give Rachael a pass here......we watch her programs and she is naive at times about stuff beyond the realm of her cooking knowledge. For heaven's sake, when she had Ringo on she couldn't have been more uninformed about his Beatle days for the interview.

The wife and I both know she wears many unusual styles of clothing....flamboyant at times. And she is very sweet and I don't think capable of intentionally hurting someone.

"Angryflower" has a point though. I'd bet on him/her traveling in moonbat circles where "reactionary" kooks abound before I'd bet RR had some perfidious motive.
If you don't have one of those 1/20/09 countdown calenders Flower, than my apologies to you.

Let's not get as deranged as the Obama sect, OK?

Ooh, fashion police! You gu... (Below threshold)

Ooh, fashion police! You guys are nuts. Get some hobbies.

If you really like food, Gi... (Below threshold)

If you really like food, Giada De Laurentis receipes are better. Cuter too.

""reactionary" to oppose fa... (Below threshold)

""reactionary" to oppose fashion statements in favor of terrorism?"

That's if you truly believe this is a fashion statement in *favor of terrorism*.

Good grief. Do you really believe that's what this is?

"idiotic superficial celebrities"

I don't know how "intelligent" this particular person is, really - all I know is that Rachel Ray has far more money than I will likely ever see in my lifetime and looks to really enjoy what she does.

Calling her "idiotic" only makes you look jealous.

So your argument, angryflow... (Below threshold)

So your argument, angryflower, is based on your own ignorance of the political significance of the kaffiyah.

Brilliant. Go with that.

Posted by angryflower | ... (Below threshold)

Posted by angryflower | May 23, 2008 7:41 PM

I'm totally with AF in this last post.
Do you people sloshing around in this pig pile not see how foolish this is becoming?
Again, from AF....
I don't know how "intelligent" this particular person is, really - all I know is that Rachel Ray has far more money than I will likely ever see in my lifetime and looks to really enjoy what she does.
That is the point....she loves entertaining and making money.
This is a tempest in teapot if there ever was one. If my fellow conservatives want to take a bigger humiliating drubbing this year than is already expected then keep majoring in the minors of dubious polemics.

Thing looks pretty ragged t... (Below threshold)

Thing looks pretty ragged to me. Just like the Palestinian 'cause'.

BTW,I think Rachael ... (Below threshold)

I think Rachael looks quite luscious in that photo.
Hope you don't mind I said that honey!

Okay, this is so laughable ... (Below threshold)

Okay, this is so laughable that I can barely contain myself ..... have any of you ever heard of an Indian Pashmina scarf?? Extremely well-known in the fashion world ... extremely easy to identify. This is quite obviously a traditional Indian pattern on the scarf ... look at it ... not the Palestinian checkered or wave pattern at all, but rather the swirled, nearly paisley pattern of a traditional Indian fabric. Indian scarves, dresses, purses, saris ... everything has this type of pattern! Palestinian scarves have repeating patterns with no open spaces ... Indian patterns are more of a free-style grouping of patterns along with blank space around the pattern to draw the eye to the pattern itself ... generally patterns within patterns as in the scarf Rachael is wearing.

By the way folks .... I'm ultra-conservative in politics, but not in dress and I happen to own several dresses, scarves and purses that look remarkably like what Rachael is wearing!

I think perhaps what is throwing all of you off is that the scarf is black and white.

Thank you for taking the ti... (Below threshold)
DD Customer Service:

Thank you for taking the time voice your concerns about the Dunkin' Donuts Rachael Ray advertisement. In the ad that is referenced, Rachael is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design purchased at a U.S. retail store and selected by her stylist for the advertising shoot. This is not a 'kaffiyeh', which is typically a checkered and cotton/wool fabric.

DD Customer Relations

Politics aside, she could h... (Below threshold)

Politics aside, she could have done with out the scarf. It looks ridiculous, especially this time of year. Perhaps her wardrobe stylist is seasonally challenged? Look! Trees blooming in the background. Quick wear a scarf!

If you really like food,... (Below threshold)

If you really like food, Giada De Laurentis receipes are better. Cuter too.

She is cute....and sweet. I can't help but think there's a bucket under the counter though.

At least I'm sure Rachael keeps it down.

4081Anyon... (Below threshold)
dr lava:


Anyone called your representatives to support Webbs GI bill that "your" president is going to veto?

Didn't think so.

Wizbang solution to the Iraq "problem," out of sight out of mind.

Wave some flags on Memorial Day.

dr lava,The civil ... (Below threshold)

dr lava,

The civil thing would have been for you to
wait for a response, instead of being
presumptive in posting

Didn't think so.

But your agenda, presumptive on my part,
isn't about digressing, it's about being

Wave some flags on Memor... (Below threshold)

Wave some flags on Memorial Day.
Posted by dr lava | May 23, 2008 9:11 PM

And you have fun burning them you American hating *****.
I'm really mad that you are trying to throw in the red herring of America bashing when the issue is food and babes.
I want to party with you Dr. Iceberg.

Aww.. it's ok Cassy Ray Ray... (Below threshold)

Aww.. it's ok Cassy Ray Ray was in a hurry..

When she checked the oil in her car, her scarf got caught in the fan blade. The scarf then shredded and morphed to the shitty raggy keffiyeh look.
All is well...even I myself have on occasion fallen into a sewer and came out looking like a Hamas or Hezbollah rat! But leave it to a libtard to make a fashion statement out of a dirtbag look.

The people on the food netw... (Below threshold)

The people on the food network need to flip over to TLC & watch WHAT NOT TO WEAR! Any fan knows a woman with a short neck & body should never wear ANY scarf tied around the neck---that style makes one look shorter & heavier.

...and Rachel Ray gets on my nerves by the time the third sentence is out of her mouth.

Folks, I always detected a ... (Below threshold)

Folks, I always detected a slight bit of Turk about the brow of Rachael Ray. Now that her dhimmitude has been exposed, can I change the channel?

Sharia law, I fear, is not ... (Below threshold)

Sharia law, I fear, is not far distant.

I never imagined that one of its signs would be neckwear worn by a celebrity spokesperson for a previously conservatively correct corp.

Now can I get back to my donuts?

Seriously. Do you know how ... (Below threshold)

Seriously. Do you know how nutty this is? I'm sorry for the derision, but I can't stop laughing.

When it comes to Ms. Fried ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

When it comes to Ms. Fried Egg Tits (my wife's moniker, not mine), I find this to be much ado about nothing. I doubt RR holds any sort of political opinion on the matter, and was likely propped for the camera with the keffiyeh. Blame the $25 an hour assistant to the assistant costume designer....

If you really like food,... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

If you really like food, Giada De Laurentis receipes are better. Cuter too.

True, but she's annoying in the way she over-pronounces the word "pancetta".



(Even Bobby Flay made fun of her doing a show once.)

But you're right, she's wayyyyyy cuter than any other FoodTV "star".

Personally I have found tha... (Below threshold)

Personally I have found that best recipes (or at least the ones I have had the most success with)are from Tyler Florence. My gf thinks he is very cute. She bought me two of his books from which I have made some great dishes.

Perhaps you are seeing the ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps you are seeing the face of Arafat in her last quiche?
Of Osama in the last Strip Steaks with Salsa?

Or maybe you should change your name to Emily Litella.

Now can I get back to my... (Below threshold)

Now can I get back to my donuts?

Sure. 'Cept someone oughta tell you that they make your head look fat.

can I change the channel... (Below threshold)

can I change the channel?

Yep. The Logo channel is wondering where you've been.

Super-fun comment thread, p... (Below threshold)

Super-fun comment thread, people! Where did you go, SPQR? I enjoy your berserk stupidity.

I enjoy your berserk stu... (Below threshold)

I enjoy your berserk stupidity.

Why long for him when we got you? Do you have anything more in the way of entertainment for us, or did you just blow your wad?

That, my friends, is a k... (Below threshold)

That, my friends, is a keffiyeh around Rachael's neck, a fashion staple for Middle-Eastern terrorists, especially Hamas and Hezbollah. It's the best in moonbat chic right now, especially in Hollywood.

This is one of the most ignorant things I've ever read here. The kafiyah is just the cloth for the traditional Arab headdress, and lots of soldiers bring them back from the Middle East and wear them as scarves.

True, but she's annoying... (Below threshold)

True, but she's annoying in the way she over-pronounces the word "pancetta".

You are so right. I mean, what the hell is spa-gee-tee?
If you're talking about food network babes I'll put Nigella Lawson up against any. Ever watch her savor the foods she makes? What a woman!
I only watch her because my wife gives me permission. Come to think of it, she's the one who started watching FN in the first place.

and lots of soldiers bri... (Below threshold)

and lots of soldiers bring them back from the Middle East and wear them as scarves.

Lots of soldiers? Hmmmmmm. I'm intrigued. Just where did you dig up this tidbit? Really. Where?

Super-fun comment... (Below threshold)
Super-fun comment thread, people! Where did you go, SPQR? I enjoy your berserk stupidity.

Nothing like having a sock puppet hanging

This is too stupid for word... (Below threshold)

This is too stupid for words. Just unbelievable.

Holy crap.No wonde... (Below threshold)
Terror Donut with sprinkles:

Holy crap.

No wonder Republicans can't win wars anymore. It's a freakin' donut commercial people. There's no global jihadist conspiracy. She's wearing a #%[email protected] paisley scarf that the wardrobe dept. probably bought at Target.

Wow. Just like, wow.

I came here from Malkin's little cave, where she's huddled in a defensive crouch, ever vigilant against the fatwah with chocolate sprinkles and a medium coffee.

How sad that Republicans have become so paralyzed with fear that they believe even the simple purchase of a donut is fraught with peril and far-reaching national security implications.

"Mainstreaming terror!"

"Jihadi chic!"

"Hate couture!"

Just look around the internet and watch the chickenhawks run. Good Lord.

And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore...

"That, my friends, is a kef... (Below threshold)
John Wyatt:

"That, my friends, is a keffiyeh around Rachael's neck"

Um, no, it's not. The pattern is wrong.

Who cares anyway? What is the subversive power of a scarf?

Okay, the scarf IS in bad t... (Below threshold)

Okay, the scarf IS in bad taste, and probably as some of you have said, due to her naievete'. However, I love to watch Rachael Ray cook. My husband on the other hand, just loves Rachael Ray. He didn't quite get over the FHM (For Him) magazine spread of her a few years ago he saw at the bookstore. LOL

It's just a scarf. You peop... (Below threshold)

It's just a scarf. You people are too paranoid. Guess what - I wear scarves all the time. Even ON my HEAD like the Muslims do! Better send the FBI a-knocking, who knew my choice of clothing could be a political statement.

Michelle Malkin is nuts and so is anyone that blindly follows her.

While I agree this is ridic... (Below threshold)

While I agree this is ridiculous because her scarf looks simply like a scarf, I'd like to play the devel's advocate. We must remember symbols have always represented an important part of all cultures throughout time. Had Rachel Ray worn a swastika arm band or white hood the world would have been appalled. I am amazed that certain forms of dress have become en vogue. As an expatriate from the U.S. it disturbs me that we can be so insensitive especially after 911 and I can only attribute this to ignorance. For many of us living elsewhere in the world, we see up close what these symbols represent. These organizations and governments actively support the suppression of women, the banning of freedom of religion and speech, and the tacit acceptance of violence against innocent human beings all in the name of a cause or belief. Have we become so P.C. that we refuse to tell the truth or are we somehow hoping that our own human/democratic values are also shared by all? Read, listen and observe. Actions always speak louder than words. Remember, symbols are powerful messages!

That is NOT a Keffiyeh, it ... (Below threshold)
You Are Wrong:

That is NOT a Keffiyeh, it is just a raggedy looking black and white scarf.

I live in Dearborn,Michigan which has the biggest Muslim population in the US. Alot of them wear Keffiyeh and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. To say that the Keffiyeh is a terrorist symbol makes you and Malkin nothing but bigots!

Did you know that the US troops also wear the Keffiyeh? To protect them from the wind and sand. I'm sure you didn't. Look on getty images and see American and British troops wearing it.

I'm ashamed that Dunkin' Donuts caved into this bigotry.

You and Malkin got it wrong as this article points out.


Are you crazy? A keffiyeh? ... (Below threshold)

Are you crazy? A keffiyeh? It's a scarf, a plain 'ol everyday scarf; you know, the kind they sell in every accessory store in every Mall in the U.S.


Our troops wear the Kiffiye... (Below threshold)
Angry American:

Our troops wear the Kiffiyeh so Milkin is calling our troops terrorists! TRADER! DEPORT THE STUPID BITCH!






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