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Will Obama Doom His Potential Presidency?

According to Bloomberg, CNN is reporting that Clinton is in formal vice presidency talks with the Obama campaign. If Obama actually chooses Hillary to be his VP, which I know some people say he has to truly consider since so many of Clinton's supporters will not vote for Obama, he will be asking for big trouble with a capital T. Bill Clinton will cast a huge shadow and will act like he's running for president. Rush mentioned this on his radio show the other day and he's right.

Just imagine the scene: it's the last night of the Democratic National Convention. Barack and Michelle Obama are on stage with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The music is playing, the crowd is cheering, the balloons are dropping, the confetti is swirling.

And there's Bill with that smug smile plastered on his face, acting like it's all about him.

If Obama does this, he will soon regret it, but we, Republicans, will enjoy every precious minute of it

Update: Ed Morrissey is also following this story, and links to this YouTube video from CNN in which Suzanne Malveaux says that one possible scenario the Clintons have floated to end this whole debacle is to publicly offer Clinton the VP slot with the understanding that she would publicly decline it. However, the Obama campaign obviously doesn't like this idea because the Clintons are such liars that what if she renegs on the deal and publicly accepts the offer? He couldn't very well take it back.


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Comments (20)

I totally agree. If Obama t... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I totally agree. If Obama thinks he is going to rid himself of the Bill Clinton influence by shoving him in the closet with a female intern barely past puberty, he had better think again.

If Obama picked Clinton as ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

If Obama picked Clinton as his running mate, I'd bet his life insurance carriers would cancel his policy.

The commercials the Republicans can run all fall- clips of Hillary telling us why Barrack is unfit to be President- would be priceless, though.

No way. Obama is stupid, b... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

No way. Obama is stupid, but not that stupid. To "heal" the party he may make the offer, but only on the "pre-condition" (hee hee) that Hillary! publicly thank him but refuse the offer. Not only that, but I'm sure Hillary! will want Obama (the cash cow) bail her campaign out of debt. She could then position herself for 2012 as I'm sure she believes the Obamassiah will fall flat on his face in a race against McAmnesty.

Any candidate for POTUS who... (Below threshold)

Any candidate for POTUS who thinks we have 57 states is a barely functional moron! Every time he opens his mouth lately, he inserts his elegantly shod foot into it! So what the heck - let him get stuck with Madame as his running mate. Actuaries will be moistening their BVDs with excitement!

And President McCain will at least not abrogate the defense of our nation to "conversations" with that nutbar Ahmadinejad!

I just don't see Michelle O... (Below threshold)

I just don't see Michelle Obama allowing this to happen, regardless of unity of the party crap. I don't think she would want to play second fiddle to a female VP, regardless of who it was. Choosing Clinton as VP doesn't bring Obama anything except trouble. It would drive hoards of swing voters away from him. Everyone in the free world would question his judgement and will to live.

If an Obama/Clinton ticket actually won, Obama's days as president would be numbered. The Clinton's would do everything in their power to see him disgraced and removed from office. I truly beleive they would consider ascending to the presidency after his dying in office as a viable option.

My only thought is whether ... (Below threshold)

My only thought is whether I am so heartless as to wish HRC (and spouse/louse) on the man who might be the next Leader of the Free World. Yeah, I guess I am.

How would that work? Will t... (Below threshold)

How would that work? Will the Secret Service actually protect a Presisdent from his own VP?

Two things:1. Do w... (Below threshold)

Two things:

1. Do we really want Slick Willy back in the Whitehouse?
2. Would Obama die a "mysterious" death thrusting Hillary into the number 1 spot?

Hillary, the Queen of Spin and a Legend in Her Own Mind!


How would that wor... (Below threshold)
How would that work? Will the Secret Service actually protect a Presisdent from his own VP?

And since both Hillary and Bill get Secret Service protection would it actually turn into a three way proxy fight between the Secret Service details.

Let's ask Vince Foster what... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Let's ask Vince Foster what his opinion is.

I'm a dem-leaning independe... (Below threshold)

I'm a dem-leaning independent, and I agree that HRC in the VP slot would be very, very bad for Obama's political and physical well-being. Maybe not on the podium Jan. 20, but sometime within the first 2 years, I can see a serious "accident" happening--maybe even as late as 2011-12 (getting ready for re-election.) But it will happen.

I'm not sure putting her on... (Below threshold)
John S:

I'm not sure putting her on the team is such a good idea when Hillary is openly talking about assassination. Ron Brown could not be reached for comment.

If he does select her as VP... (Below threshold)

If he does select her as VP - I hope he's got a heck of an insurance policy!

This poker only works if Hi... (Below threshold)

This poker only works if Hill has the ability to sink Obama in the general. Which she does. And will.

At the end of the day I think she may settle for around $50mm and a Supremes nomination.

I suspect Obama will doom h... (Below threshold)

I suspect Obama will doom his candidacy by self-inflicted wounds,and being hammered by McCain on said wounds, if present instances play out through the general.

I truly believe she wants B... (Below threshold)

I truly believe she wants BO to be assinated and if she thought she could get away with it, actually have it done.

Hillary has shown time and ... (Below threshold)
Lexi Levy:

Hillary has shown time and time again that her judgment is poor, i.e., her mismanaged campaign, her mismanaged husband, her mismanaged staff, her miscalculations, her misspeaks CONTINUALLY!!!! .............

Let go and let the party come together as a united front. The forces that have driven this country apart for the past eight years must be stopped & swept from the White House ... it's time to step down and encourage your supporters to support the Democratic party. We NEED to win the Whitehouse back. Our country can't take another 4 years of Bush which is what we'll get with McSame.

When will this end. Enough already, Hillary. ENOUGH!!!!

Without Hillary Clinton, Ba... (Below threshold)

Without Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein will not beat McCain, and will lose the election. Obama truly needs Hillary if he wants to be President.

He would stand a better chance if Hillary was in the top position and Barack was her running mate. I would hope that his advisers would advise him of this.

During this campaign HRC pr... (Below threshold)
robin good:

During this campaign HRC proves to be a very untrustworthy and unreliable person. Time and time again and in many occasions she reveales her true self and that is not a nice picture.

Offering her a VP will be a big mistake because she (and Bill) will sabotage the change efforts Obama has invisioned. And she is a dangerous person because she will take what she want - one way or the other way.

How can a VP be a president? By 'getting rid' of the president... and that is something the Clintons are capable of.

If Hillary will be on the t... (Below threshold)
robin good:

If Hillary will be on the ticket, she will be the weak link because she and Bill has caused enough scandals in their entire carreer together. McCain will have enough ammo and cases.






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