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Iran wants Obama to be President

Shouldn't that disqualify him right away? It's pretty telling that Iran wants Obama to be our President -- and they probably want him because they know that with President Barack Obama, they'll be free to plan the best way to take out western civilization, starting with US.

They just can't sing enough of his praises:

"I should say, he is a phenomenon, based on what he has said so far," Sadegh Kharazzi, a former Iranian diplomat squarely in the reformist camp now out of power, said. "Unless he is drawn into traditional Democratic Party ways, his election as a president will be welcomed in Iran."

Wrote the conservative daily Hamshahri on May 7:

Obama has adopted the friendliest strategies regarding Iran, because he believes that America should change its policy in dealing with Tehran, while other candidates have more hostile policies.

Not everyone in Iran wants Obama to be President -- they hate us no matter what.
Now the U.S. has to deal with people like Mohammad Ali Ramin, a politician close to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a self-described "founder of Holocaust review" studies.

"All presidents in the U.S. are the stooges of the Zionist gangs," he said. "Whether the next president is Democrat or Republican, it does not matter to Iran as both type of presidents have been against Iranian nation in the contemporary history of Iran."

Indeed Iranian officials seem highly sensitive to even the slightest hint they're backing one candidate or the other. Recently, Ahmadinejad stridently denied a Spanish newspaper report suggestion he was backing Obama:

I did not support Obama. I just gave the message that the American ruling system will not let Obama be elected. Even if all Americans vote for him, the U.S. ruling system will not allow Obama to be president.

So, Ahmadinejad isn't specifically supporting Obama, but he sure sounds like he'd be disappointed if our "ruling system" keeps him from getting the Presidency.

Just imagine: Barack Obama wins the Presidency. Our enemies cheer. Isn't that just exactly what we need in a leader?

Hat Tip: Moonbattery and Free Republic


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As a conservative this is s... (Below threshold)

As a conservative this is such a nonstory for me. I can't think of any reason why any of Obama's supporters or detractors would have his/her mind changed by this fact. I wouldn't vote for Obama if the Iranians hated him and loved John McCain. I am always surprised, however, that the United States government can remain so consistently closed mouthed on its preferences in executive elections in other countries even when there are candidates running who so clearly benefit our interests economically, militarily, whatever. The restraint always stuns me.

This is great logic:<... (Below threshold)

This is great logic:

Shouldn't that disqualify him right away?

Logic like this hasn't stopped people on this blog from supporting immigration policies that white supremacists favor.

Obama cannot win the gen... (Below threshold)

Obama cannot win the general election. You will be shocked when you listen to Obama in his own words and What he really thinks of white people. Listen to the video and you be the judge.







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