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Obama sees DEAD PEOPLE

Is this why he's the Obamamessiah?

Here's the money quote:

On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.

He sees our fallen heroes in the audience watching him speak? Wow, maybe he really is the Obamamessiah!!

I have to wonder -- did he get Memorial Day confused with Veteran's Day?? Considering his many, many gaffes concerning American history, geography, foreign policy -- hell, any topic -- it wouldn't surprise me. Did he just forget? Did he not care? Maybe the holiday means nothing to him except another opportunity to exploit it to further his own political hopes. All of this leads me to wonder how many screw-ups Obama gets before people start realizing that although "hope" and "change" sound pretty, there's not a lot behind those empty words.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (13)

Of course he can see dead p... (Below threshold)

Of course he can see dead people. In Chicago the dead are an important voting constituency.

He's going to win The Potat... (Below threshold)

He's going to win The Potatoe Award every week until the election at this rate.

Perhaps your inability to s... (Below threshold)

Perhaps your inability to see them also is the same reason you didn't campaign in the primary for 57 states.

And his uncle was in Russia... (Below threshold)

And his uncle was in Russia's Red Army liberating Poland.

Now he places his 'typical'... (Below threshold)

Now he places his 'typical' white grandfather/uncle ?? (the one who lived in the attic) in the commie army during WWII. Does that mean he's an Islamic Communist running for POTUS? So many stories that don't match. This nut job puts LIAR in all cap letters.

You sure it isn't you</b... (Below threshold)

You sure it isn't you putting the word in all capital letters? Maybe you're the liar! Hmm? Hmmmmm?

Too many viewings of "The S... (Below threshold)

Too many viewings of "The Sixth Sense."

So his madrassah in Indones... (Below threshold)

So his madrassah in Indonesia didn't cover American History. And neither did Columbia or Harvard Law, presumably. I'd like to see an interviewer ask him the questions on the US citizenship exam.

If McCain made such a mista... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If McCain made such a mistake the press would be all over it as proof that he's senile. Obama gets a pass because he's the lefty's lefty.

What's the difference between Obama and Osama? Just the bs.

Wow, I thought George Bush ... (Below threshold)

Wow, I thought George Bush was the one who was terrible at public speaking. In addition to the above gaffe Obama can't even get his family history right.
Apparently, in another speech, he meant to say his great uncle helped liberate Buchenwald, instead he said his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz. No wonder Hillary is staying in the race.

Obama makes Bush look like ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Obama makes Bush look like an eloquent speaker. Obama is quite simply an idiot.

maybe to osama, part of bei... (Below threshold)

maybe to osama, part of being "green" is recycling old speeches...

Misspelling Obama's name li... (Below threshold)

Misspelling Obama's name like that doesn't cause anyone to draw any subliminal correlations between the candidate and the leader of Al Qaeda (who is still alive, as befits the legacy of GWB Jr.). All it does, Mac Lorry & moseby, is make you look really stupid. Like, no better than the "Bushitler" retards everybody here complains about (for good reason). Add some substance to your slander, fer chrissakes.






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