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Kiddies are told that they should die to save the environment

No, this is not a joke.

Australia's Australia Broadcasting Corporation (which is taxpayer funded) released the Greenhouse Calculator for kids. The very first thing you see upon entering the site is a sign saying:

Prof. Schpinkee's Greenhouse Calculator

Tacked to the sign is a note that says:
Find out when you should die!

Kids are then asked:
How big a greenhouse pig are you?

Click the question numbers across the top and select your answer for each one (the Australian average answer is indicated).

With each answer, see how your CO2 production compares to the Average Aussie greenhouse pig, and to an environmentally sustainable "green" pig.

When you're done, click on [skull and crossbones] to find out what age you should die at so you don't use more than your fair share of Earth's resources!

The test asks you questions about how often you drive a car, how fuel efficient your car is, how much energy you use in your home, how big your home is, how often you eat meat, etc. If you spent over $100,000 your pig grows to be gigantic and grotesquely disgusting, unsurprisingly.

I did the test. Right before it calculates your you-should-have-died-for-Gaia age, your pig explodes. Blood and pig guts fly all over the place, and then it gives you your you-should-have-died-for-Gaia age. Apparently, I was supposed to die at 7.5 years old.

As Van Helsing points out:

The site accomplishes two tasks at once: instilling antihuman environmentalist propaganda, while at the same time establishing that authorities are in a position to determine how long you should live.

Which means it's the perfect liberal tool! I love the "fair share" meme too. We all have a pre-determined amount of resources we're allowed to use, and government authorities are the perfect people to let us know what that amount is.

Pretty sickening stuff, huh? I wonder how long it'll be before the Goracle, the UN, PETA, and all the other enviro-weenies are demanding that we have similar death calculators for kids here in the U.S., and for the kiddies in Europe.

Anyone still want to deny that global warming is an evil cult?

... Anyone?

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Comments (74)

My life span was projected ... (Below threshold)

My life span was projected at 2.3 years...and loving it!!!

I guess the elephant-in-the... (Below threshold)

I guess the elephant-in-the-room has to stick its trunk further up your neverparts. Iceberg Scott McClellan must be cold distress.

The fall of Bush republicanism has a certain grandeur remaniscent of the fall of the Soviet Union or the sinking of the Titanic.

btw, Whatever happened to f... (Below threshold)

btw, Whatever happened to funny fave commenters like Jo or Kim...

And, yes, I meant netherparts above.

Well, I for one would like ... (Below threshold)
Why is his comment left here?:

Well, I for one would like to hear more off-topic BDS rants. Tell us more, Donnie!

First I did the test with m... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

First I did the test with my actual answers and it said I should have died at 5.2 years old.

Then I started playing with it to see how they weighted things. It appears that it's more about the typical Marxist ideals than "environmental" concerns. Then again, Marxism and leftist "environmentalism" are one in the same so that wasn't really surprising.

Well actually they are not exactly one in the same, but rather the leftists use pseudo-environmentalism as a means to achieve their ultimate goal of Marxist socialism. I guess if you believe in leftist ideals it's o.k. to lie to people and play on their fears.

OK, w.i.t.c.l.h.Sc... (Below threshold)

OK, w.i.t.c.l.h.

Scott McClellan's admissions contain nuggets that are...Criminal. Crimes committed against the Constitution and the People it purports to represent.

The fall of Bush republi... (Below threshold)

The fall of Bush republicanism has a certain grandeur remaniscent(sic) of the fall of the Soviet Union or the sinking of the Titanic.

Scott McClellan's admissions contain nuggets that are...Criminal.

Just more datapoints in my theory that lefties have a predilection for Attention Deficit. Or Tourette Syndrome.

Now, back to the topic: The basic premise behind all altruistic doctrines is that my injury is required in order to ensure the welfare of the collective. Not only is my suffering acceptable, it is necessary. And the level of my suffering for the good of the collective is found on a sliding scale that leads me to my ultimate sacrifice.

Yep. Sounds like a cult to me.

Clay-Some more "da... (Below threshold)


Some more "datapoints for your eledictionz" Filled my tank today...Nearly seventy bucks...asshole.

That is truly f**ked up. Bu... (Below threshold)

That is truly f**ked up. But, by all means, use this obscure piece of crap from the other side of the world to "broad-brush" all "liberals" everywhere. A liberal being defined as anyone having differing political views from you.

The 'kill all the green pig... (Below threshold)

The 'kill all the green pigs' idea won't work in the U.S. First to die would be Algorabge and all of the Holy-wood wonks along with their offspring. Actually everyone in Holy-wood and the surrounding area would have to die within 12 hours. The members of the U.S. congress would be next in line.
Funny what ideas about life come out of the mental facilities around the world. This idea is a prime example and millions of democrats will jump on the bandwagon, none will jump off the cliff to do their part.

Filled my tank today...N... (Below threshold)

Filled my tank today...Nearly seventy bucks.

Hey putz. Back on topic. Good job.

You can blame environmentalists like Prof. Schpinkee for the price of gas.

Are you twelve?

Hey Donnie the dense. I put... (Below threshold)

Hey Donnie the dense. I put $80.50 worth of gas in my F-150 4 x 4 yesterday and will do it again next week. Funny thing is that gas has went up 67% since the democrats took control of congress a short 16 months ago. Before the democrats 'leadership' the cost would have been around $35. I just look at it as the cost of electing the appeasers in 06 and it will get worse in 09. The liberals leadership want it all and don't want the average worker (that's you Donnie) to have anything. We used to call it Nazism or Communism, now we call it leadership by democrats. Is that democratism?

First to die would be Al... (Below threshold)

First to die would be Algorabge and all of the Holy-wood wonks along with their offspring.

The concept doesn't apply to them. They're exempt. That's the whole beauty of collectivism. The elite need not change their lifestyles. Cool, huh?

The face of seventy dollar ... (Below threshold)

The face of seventy dollar fill-ups is poltroonish George WTF Bush. Care to elaborate?

Donnie,Bowing to e... (Below threshold)


Bowing to environmentalist demands since the 1970s, Congress has blocked oil and gas drilling from areas like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (10.4 billion barrels of oil, according to the U.S. Geological Service) and the Outer Continental Shelf (86 billion barrels of oil, according to the Minerals Management Service).

As Cuba works out deals with Canadian, Spanish and Chinese companies to explore for oil as close as 50 miles to Key West, Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., - apparently trying to appease the League of Conservation Voters which has given him a 10 percent rating - dubbed a proposal by Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., to allow drilling 20 miles off the Florida coast as "crazy."

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Rep. Connie Mack, R-Fla., also oppose OCS drilling thanks to oil spill hysteria whipped up by the Sierra Club.

You're up.

Clay-The eggs you ... (Below threshold)


The eggs you place in ANWR and Florida are shells. Nearly empty shells. Peak oil ist Peak Oil.

Your turn to elaborate. And... (Below threshold)

Your turn to elaborate. And cite sources, please, as did I.

Clay -How DARE you... (Below threshold)

Clay -

How DARE you actually bring stats to something like this! Don't you realize that you're supposed to look at Donnie's handwaving statements, nod sagely and go "You're right! How could I have been so blind!" instead of arguing on a fact-based level?


Just call me wacky that way... (Below threshold)

Just call me wacky that way.

I needed a car for a weeken... (Below threshold)

I needed a car for a weekend so I rented a Prius. Gas isn't expensive if you don't need it. You know what I would've done, Clay, if I were as concerned as you about the lack of exploration/drilling? Adjusted my behaviour. You maybe could have started with asking a European how they have coped with gas prices historically far higher than ours. Personally, I got rid of my car and moved within walking distance of my office. That's not possible for everyone, but people seem far more likely to start demanding solutions to expensive commodities, rather than coping with the price of said commodities.

Blaming an impotent Democratic congress and/or an incompetent Republican administration for the cost of gas and oil is a bit ridiculous.

Okay. I'm patient. Go get y... (Below threshold)

Okay. I'm patient. Go get your Ritalin and then read my comment...r-e-a-l slow.

You said that ANWR and the OCS were 'empty shells'. Please elaborate and cite sources. Unless, of course, you're purposefully being evasive.

You know what I would've... (Below threshold)

You know what I would've done, Clay, if I were as concerned as you about the lack of exploration/drilling?

Can none of you follow conversations? I'm not complaining about the price of gas, Donnie is. I only offered explanations that perhaps he hadn't considered. The price of gas has given me an excuse to make my 4-cyl Scout a daily driver. I'm having a blast. But, you're not projecting, are you? I mean, you don't think that you're the only one smart enough to make adjustments, do you?

Clay- real slow-Ho... (Below threshold)

Clay- real slow-

How much do you pay for a gallon of gas?

Get it?

As the Instapundit said, "I... (Below threshold)

As the Instapundit said, "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who keep telling me it's a crisis act like it's a crisis."

In that context, if this was truly a cult, then Vice President Al Gore would drink the cool-aid and kill himself immediately. No amount of preaching can ever atone for his wasteful life as a greenhouse pig. Al, please, save the planet!

Donnie,You said th... (Below threshold)


You said that ANWR and the OCS were 'empty shells'. Please elaborate and cite sources. Let's start there. If not, then I get your game.

if this was truly a cult... (Below threshold)

if this was truly a cult, then Vice President Al Gore would drink the cool-aid

I respectfully disagree. The leaders of cults always place themselves above the masses.

I still say it's a cult.

Feh -For 30 years ... (Below threshold)

Feh -

For 30 years Congress has proven its impotence - we WOULD be energy-independent through expansion of drilling locations, refineries, and nuke plants. Problem is, our favorite Congresswhores have sold us all out.

I noticed that the socialist Tool slams all the ills of financial success - no surprise. For the Gaia-worshipping yahoos, let it stand that my death age *should* have been negative - they never gave me the option of selecting my 7.4 liter gas-burner as a mode of transport.

Chevy 3500 - the anti-Prius.

Clay- Do you really think A... (Below threshold)

Clay- Do you really think ANWR is an endless reserve? Do you really think Florida is the answer?

They are the epitome of empty souless shells.

Remember the go-to guestion... (Below threshold)

Remember the go-to guestion--How much are you paying for a galllon of gas?

Donnie says-"Some ... (Below threshold)

Donnie says-

"Some more "datapoints for your eledictionz" Filled my tank today...Nearly seventy bucks...asshole."

What kind of car do you drive? Can't be one of those "eco-friendly" hybrids.

"They are the epitome of empty souless shells."

Talk to your friend min about "broad brushing".

Dummie,No, no, no.... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


No, no, no.

HOW MUCH is only relevant if you are prepared to ask WHY you are paying that much...and prepared to deal with the answer.

You don't seem to have the, ahhhh, faculties necessary for the WHY.

Donnie,You should ... (Below threshold)


You should really supply some stats instead of one liners. Yes, we get gas is expensive, Clay explained why with good stats. He's asked for yours. You've supplied nothing. You are unlikely to win any favor. Not being mean, just trying to be helpful. Also a spel chekker is helpful good grammer use to good.

Do you really think ANWR... (Below threshold)

Do you really think ANWR is an endless reserve? Do you really think Florida is the answer?

You don't have stats, do you? Typical leftie. Turns evasive when the talk turns to reality.

Remember the go-to guest... (Below threshold)

Remember the go-to guestion--How much are you paying for a galllon of gas?

That wasn't the question, and you know it. You are being evasive. You keep saying that ANWR & OCS are 'empty shells', but you refuse to back it up. Produce the stats or shut up.

Awwww, poor Donnie's just m... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Awwww, poor Donnie's just mad that Cassie referred to this calculator as "the perfect liberal tool" when Donnie knows that he is the perfect liberal tool!

Stats are here: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Stats are here: http://www.eia.doe.gov/neic/infosheets/petroleumproductsconsumption.html

US oil consumption in 2005 was 20.8MM barrels per day, 60% imported. That means we need 12.5MM barrels of additional domestic production to wean us off foreign oil.

Let's see: 96.4 billion barrrels from ANWR and OCS (Clay - 15 above) divided by 12.5MM barrels per day = 21.13 years. Finite shells yes, but hardly empty.

Worth hundreds of billions ... (Below threshold)

Worth hundreds of billions in new refineries, Joel? Um, no. Howzabout huge tax breaks for people who buy hybrids? Howzabout massive investment in public transportation? Seriously, subways and streetcars are fun to ride to work (read the paper, play with the 'Pod), but if you need to commute, the Prius was totally sweet, give it a try. It's like driving... in the future.

The problem is that liberal... (Below threshold)

The problem is that liberals simply don't think. They make proclamations that are not founded in fact. Donnie says that George Bush is the villain behind the price of gas, yet it can be so easily demonstrated that this problem is 30 years in the making. The source of the problem can be traced back to the environmentalists (who are collectivists) making the claim that we must go back to the stone age or risk extinction. All the while the leaders of this collective make no concessions in their own lives and are perfectly willing for this problem to rest on the shoulders of the masses. I tell you that the collectivists are absolutely gleeful that the price of gas is rising. It forces us to make the concessions they desire. This is the culmination of 30+ years of work. Donnie is just an unwitting instrument. Emphasize the unwitting.

BTW, keep in mind that as the gas prices rise, so does their tax windfall. In the meantime, they march the oil execs into session and portray solidarity with the masses they victimize. Now ask yourselves who the real culprits are.

How're ya doing on those stats, Donnie?

ANWR and the Gulf Coast are... (Below threshold)

ANWR and the Gulf Coast are definitively not empty shells, because the Pols and Enviro Loonies won't let us empty the damn things!

hyperbolist - "Worth hu... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist - "Worth hundreds of billions in new refineries, Joel? Um, no."

Are you intentionally being disingenuous or, are you just plain ignorant?

Here let me help you out. Any imported oil that is replaced by domestically drilled oil wouldn't lead to it any new refineries being built, the domestic oil would just fill the gap created in capacity by less oil imported.

Your non-sense aside puzzle me this smart guy.

Why would "hundreds of billions" spent to build-up refinery capacity be a bad thing

All logic and common sense dictates that cash comes out of the pockets of that "evil" empire known as Big Oil.

How is that a bad thing hyperbolist

Donnie is a "typical libera... (Below threshold)

Donnie is a "typical liberal person"--vapid waste.

hb--Sorry, the quest... (Below threshold)

Sorry, the question was "empty shells or not?" I responded with data and a conclusion based on that data.

However, if you want to play "what's best for me is best for everyone", fine. I want a firm with expertise in drilling for oil given the opportunity to make a profit by investing in refineries, so some of the taxes from that profit can go to fix the streets we both drive, American workers can work and the increased production can help reduce gas prices. Win, win for everyone, even you.

I live in the DFW metroplex, an area about the size of Connecticut, where public transportation is focused on downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. I live in the suburbs and work out by DFW airport--subways or streetcars don't come within 30 miles of where I live or work and light rail won't for another five years. Your solution, which makes you tingle with righteousness and snobbish pride, forces me into either a car payment I can't make right now or a two-hour one-way daily commute by bus that limits me to seeing my kids (aged 4 and 6) only on weekends, since they'd be asleep both when I left in the morning and when I got home at night. You see, sacrifice is easy when it's the other person making the sacrifice!

Tingles for you but no benefit for me at all, which is why I didn't ask for your input and will disregard it in total. Furthermore, I'd appreciate you limiting your opinions about me to things you might actually have a clue about.

Why hasn't "Donnie" been se... (Below threshold)

Why hasn't "Donnie" been sent to "IP banned hell" yet?

Two separate issues, sure, ... (Below threshold)

Two separate issues, sure, marc, but to meet skyrocketing demand for gas, the government could either a) pay for, or subsidize, the construction of new refineries (I don't believe gas/oil companies would pick up the tab); or b) seek to end this boring fucking conversation by the year 2020 or so by making renewable energy widely available and affordable through massive short-term investment.

I don't think gas prices should drop. I think that, since oil is a finite resource, market pressures should be levied against businesses and consumers to mitigate the shock when gasoline is no longer commercially available. Drilling ANWR or the Gulf Coast would prolong that by 20-some years, but who cares? The future isn't fossil fuels. Start making adjustments today! Feel good about conservation! You don't have to like Al Gore to think that maybe it's a good idea to minimize the amount of natural resources we consume.

Joel: car pool. Or pay a lot for gas. Or live elsewhere. Whatever, just sort it out. You're a ruggedly individualistic American conservative, right? You'll land on your feet! Or at least, your demographic will. You're right, though. I do feel pretty righteous and snobbish not having to use a car. I feel pity for those who do not have the option of living in decent cities with sensible transportation. It's pretty sweet.

"or George W Shit?" Your B... (Below threshold)

"or George W Shit?" Your BDS sh*t has nothing to do with this post. You're not much good on lefty sites either, are you?

I'm quite encouraged by thi... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I'm quite encouraged by this whole carbon-lifespan connection concept. If anyone ever finds all the hobos in my crawlspace I'll just tell the authorities I was preemptively limiting their CO2 emissions.

All I need is a single juror like Donnie and I'm half way home. Once I throw out a few off-topic rants about Bush my acquittal will be a done deal.

Why is Donnie still here?</... (Below threshold)

Why is Donnie still here?

Oh, never mind.Tha... (Below threshold)

Oh, never mind.

Thank you.

Baron, that there is some f... (Below threshold)

Baron, that there is some funny shit.

Ahh, guess it got a little ... (Below threshold)

Ahh, guess it got a little un-comfy. Pigs

On a serious note, there's ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

On a serious note, there's enough recoverable petroleum to last as long as we need it. A trillion barrels in the Canadian tar sands, as mentioned above we have ~100 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves in Alaska and our coastal waters. Unknown amounts (estimated at 25% of all untapped reserves) in the arctic. Could we supply all our needs? Not likely, but we could certainly apply downward pressure on oil prices by announcing we're going to develop those sources.

The oil bubble will burst. Oil demand hasn't increased five-fold, but prices have. It will be interesting to see who loses their shirt going long on oil. Perhaps it's a deliberate attempt to manipulate the US election by driving up oil prices?

We could have done plenty to insulate ourselves from reliance on foreign oil following the oil crunch of the late '70's. Congress has done nothing but impede development of domestic resources. Then they have the gall to harangue oil company executives about the problems Congress itself created.

Christ, how about hauling Oprah in and demanding to know why she makes 20x as much as the CEO of Exxon?

hyper -Your assess... (Below threshold)

hyper -

Your assessment is dead wrong, and your ignorance of econ 101 is stifling - "I don't believe gas/oil companies would pick up the tab". It's called 'investment' - wherever there's opportunity to expand a market and make profit, investment will be there.

US oil lags far behind subsidized oil due to government constraint; if US oil had the chance to make the market here, and sell outside the US they would absolutely do it. Right now prices are high because the dim-bulbs on Capitol hill have hamstrung free enterprise by constraining the market.

The dastardly cabal of oil companies are making huge profit - seemingly. Funny how the media morons have no interest in pointing out "big oil" paid the US gummint almost 3x their profits in taxes. Tack on the additional gas taxes paid at the pump and you have some real coin.

I'm glad you enjoy your city life,and I'm glad you're a greenie - you help average out society's fuel economy. Unlike some other chuckleheads, I have no complaint about gas prices because I understand the driving issues.

Now, to get a set of headers on the truck - maybe build a new 8.1 liter motor for the beast, a little porting, and SHAZAM! - 3.25 tons of 14-second quarter-mile performance.

Ahh, guess it got a litt... (Below threshold)

Ahh, guess it got a little un-comfy. Pigs


Reminds me of the joke about the mouse attempting relations with an elephant. The elephant stubs her toe and says, "Ouch!"
The mouse, in his extreme arrogance, replies, "Suffer, wench."


hyperbolist... I noted the ... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist... I noted the use of "all logic and common sense," you used none of either, in addition to avoiding the question posed.

Jo is Clay. Good luck with ... (Below threshold)

Jo is Clay. Good luck with that. Ouch...

in addition to avoiding ... (Below threshold)

in addition to avoiding the question posed.

Seeing a trend here.

So..... If I am ... (Below threshold)


If I am understanding this correctly, then the average "life span" should be right about 5 years. Okay then. The Goracle keeps suggesting that we purchase carbon credits to offset our usage. I propose that we could accomplish the same thing by offing liberals. If I were to off, oh, I don't know, say 15 liberals, that would give me 75 years of carbon credits, and allow me to live a comfortable life.

Does this make sense? I mean, heaven forbid we ignore the Great Goracle and His words of great wisdom.. I just want to do my part and follow his example of copious and high-end consumption through the use of carbon offsets.

Am I reading this wrong here? :)

Am I reading this wrong ... (Below threshold)

Am I reading this wrong here?

I don't see a problem.

With the understanding that... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

With the understanding that we're being purely satiricle here ('cause some leftists might not get that) Gwedd, many leftists would end up with very negative totals on that calculator (enter the numbers for your average trial lawyer or celeb for instance) so you'd prolly only need to off 1 or 2.

I still laugh at Al Gore's ... (Below threshold)

I still laugh at Al Gore's only recent attempts to make his home more "earth friendly". After all these years of his championing the whole environmentalist gig, it's only been the last year and a half or so that he decided to try and walk the walk. GWB's house was already very environmentally friendly, but because he wasn't the big glad-handing, talking out both sides of his mouth boaster that Gore was he gets all the flak.

What kills me is all the money it costs to convert. And if you can't afford all the expense, you're a "pig" - by fuck-f*ce's standards.

Well, y... (Below threshold)


yes indeed it is satire. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see such an idea put forth by some over to HiddPo, for example. I mean, seriously... there are some of the Eco-Terrorists that are demanding that Glow-Bull warming deniers be treated as war criminals and holocaust deniers.

Al Gore slays me. His waistline is growing faster than the price of oil. I figure that he's the Sally Struthers of the Eco-Terrosrist groups.

Pricewise, well yeah. If I has around $30,000 I could take my house off the grid and save me some $18,000 in electric bills over the rest of my life. That's the sort of "savings" that are being touted by the Dimms. Must be using all that ne math they're teaching the kids.

Me, I am looking forward to this weekend. I intend to burn mass quantities of carbon in my barbecue and eat lots of critters and slaw and wash it down with cold beer and smooth bourbon, Afterwards, maybe we;'ll take the kids for a spin in the SUV... :)

It's good to be one of the old, bitter, country folk.

"Jo is Clay. Good luck with... (Below threshold)

"Jo is Clay. Good luck with that. Ouch..."

Look, if that is why you came here, because you miss Jo, you can be Jo if you want. It might be an improvement since you're not too good at being yourself, or offering a decent debate.

You can be Kim, too, in hop... (Below threshold)

You can be Kim, too, in hopes you'll get banned for using both their screen names. You wouldn't have much to go on if you tried to impersonate them.

hyperbullshittest @ 5:07:<b... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

hyperbullshittest @ 5:07:
"I don't think gas prices should drop."

Whoops! The mask slipped there, didn't it? The environazis and many of the Dems want gas to remain expensive and go even higher. Wonder how well that will play with the electorate?
Ol' Hyper screwed up and told the truth.

What's the right pri... (Below threshold)

What's the right price of gasoline, Les? Why not the price where people are forced to consume less of the stuff? How many people do you see alone in a car on the freeway on their way to work? Waaaay too many. Needs to stop, and it won't unless it's painful not to.

As for the "trillion" barrels of oil in Alberta, it requires a disgusting amount of water and energy to extract oil from tar sand, and the amount of toxic pollution the operation generates is destroying a large part of the province not that far from populated areas, and is therefore unsustainable in the eyes of many Canadians. Clearly we need the revenue, but if we can't find a better way of extracting it, the operation will not continue indefinitely.

Spend trillions of dollars on nuclear energy and electric vehicle research. Encourage oil and car companies to contribute, so that they can make the inevitable transformation to economic and ecological sustainability as smoothly as possible. I don't hate private industry! It's great, it drives innovation. Well, time to innovate! Fossil fuels are a bandage, and for civilization to continue as we know it, it's time for more creative solutions to energy demand than finding more toxic crap to set on fire in and around our homes. Is it really all that crazy to worry about what's going to happen if there isn't any more oil and society isn't prepared for it? I've seen that documentary Mad Max III. Post-apocalyptic life is only fun until somebody kills your dog and blows up your sports car.

Comrade hyperbolistm... (Below threshold)

Comrade hyperbolistm

Markets rise yp to meet the demand of the buyers. If and when we need a new energy source or a new means of doing something, then the market will provide it. Until then, Inventors and developers are always trying to look ahead and see what lies down the road. Government, however, needs to dtay far far away from the market place. Government is already too intrusive into our lives, and it's thanks to social busy bodies like yourself who are to blame.

I have an idea for you: Take your ideas and put them into play by yourself, for you and your family. Live your life the way you feel you ought to, and leave your sermonising about markist social nanny-state rehulations in history's distbin where it belongs.

Yikes. Hyper doesn't even t... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Yikes. Hyper doesn't even try to deny that he and his fellow Lefties are tyrants-in-waiting.

What's the right price of gasoline, Les?
Whatever the free market says it is, determined by free people making a free choice.

Why not the price where people are forced to consume less of the stuff?
Who died and made you tyrant to dictate these decisions?

How many people do you see alone in a car on the freeway on their way to work? Waaaay too many.
Too many according to who, the extremist environazis? Fuck off, tyrant. You have no right to make those decisions for us.

Needs to stop, and it won't unless it's painful not to.
Well, there you have it, sportsfans. Elect the Dems, get more pain. Where are the usual Dem supporters who whine about 'rich Repubs' and 'the poor getting poorer'? How do you feel about fuel prices going even higher?

Maybe we should see some campaign ads spelling out how 'painful' high gas prices are a Good Thing. Keep preachin' the word, Hyper. I hope America hears you loud and clear.

Gasoline is dirt cheap, and... (Below threshold)

Gasoline is dirt cheap, and has been for a long time. It's cheaper than branded bottled water, actually.

Seriously, use less fuel. It causes air pollution. If you won't stop using more than you need until you absolutely can't afford to, then I have no problem with the government not making adjustments to accommodate your frivolous consumption. The market has spoken: gasoline is expensive. Buy a hybrid, or a bicycle, or a comfortable pair of shoes. Trade in the McMansion for a nice condo downtown.

I'm not telling you what to do, I'm making suggestions. If you feel like putting your car up on blocks, quitting your job, and collecting welfare for the rest of your life, go ahead! Or: cope with the price of gasoline, just as nearly every other person on the planet has to cope with fluctuating commodity prices. Awww, is it tough on the ol' wallet? That's the free market: it doesn't care about you. And, insofar as there are incentives for buying or not buying certain things or living or not living in certain ways, "free" market is really a misnomer. It never has been free, and you only dislike the sort of regulation that pushes you to adjust your lifestyle.

hyper:If you won'... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

If you won't stop using more than you need until you absolutely can't afford to, then I have no problem with the government not making adjustments to accommodate your frivolous consumption.

Bwahahaha! Alright, you got me. I thought you were serious, but you are a humorous parody of a moonbat Lefty....correct? Because if not, you are regurgitating some of the most trite and hackneyed talking points from the Authoritarian Left.
I mean, c'mon...'more than you need'? Oooooh, scary. Well obviously, if it's more than I 'need' then why shouldn't the Authorities have the ability to bully me into compliance.

'government not making adjustments to accommodate your frivolous consumption.' Heh. Just who is deciding what's 'frivolous' and what's not? You?

Scratch a environazi/global warming cultist and you'll find a Authoritarian tyrant underneath.

Sorry: gasoline is *more* e... (Below threshold)

Sorry: gasoline is *more* expensive. I still don't think it's unreasonably priced, unless you think there's some transcendental reason why the price of a commodity ought to be dictated by 20th century American urban planning and consumer habits.

Les, if you use a lot of ga... (Below threshold)

Les, if you use a lot of gas because you are a contractor or whatever and need to use a large truck, then you do *need* to use as much as you do. Write a letter to OPEC or something, whatever makes you feel good. But if you're a suburbanite who likes to commute to work in a Chevy Tahoe, but then moans about the price of gasoline, then no, you don't *need* to use as much gas as you do. You could adjust your behaviour. Why does the free market have to accommodate gluttony? It usually happens to do so, but does it have to?

And again, I don't care if you do or do not use a lot of fuel, but neither do I care if you can afford to continue doing so as the price of fuel continues to increase well above the rate of inflation.

hyperbolist, either you hav... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist, either you have a really good bead on playing the ranting environmental loon while not believing one word of it, or you truly have no grasp on what you are talking about. Since the former is a little too much to hope for, I have to go with the latter.

"government not making adjustments to accommodate your frivolous consumption" Whoa. Who determines "frivolous consumption?" You? 'The Government'? Sorry, as the saying goes - that dog don't hunt. There is consumption, yes, but whether it is necessary (i.e. "needed") or not (i.e. "frivolous" - to use your terminology) is not for anyone other than the consumer to classify. Were it any other way, how easy would it be to determine that you, hyperbolist, "need" only one pint of water per day, and any further consumption is "frivolous." As for your other "need" comparisons, sorry, they don't cut it either.

Rather than worry about what someone else is doing, keep your eyes on what you're doing. Generally, people are happier for doing so.

Fossil fuels are a finite r... (Below threshold)

Fossil fuels are a finite resource. Driving a big car to feel good about yourself is a frivolity. But a person can live a life of luxury while conserving energy. I NEVER SAID tax the gluttonous fuckers; I said ignore them when they moan about the price of fuel. Let them adjust. Let the market handle it. We now have hybrid SUVs, and we wouldn't if there weren't a market for them. A lot of people are changing consumption habits because of the price of commodities. I like it. What's not to like?

"Fossil fuels are a finite ... (Below threshold)

"Fossil fuels are a finite resource."
Theory. We keep finding new sources. Even if true, not entirely relevant: just because something is finite, does not automatically mean it will be entirely used within the length of time it takes to write this comment (example A: the sun's "fuel" is finite. Panic about that much?)

"Driving a big car to feel good about yourself is a frivolity."

"Let the market handle it."
Here's something we agree. However, "let[ting] the market handle it," presupposes that no consumption is therefore "unnecessary' (that is, "frivolous,") and that each will consume in their own "best interest." What is in "their own 'best interest'?" - that is for the consumer - and not other - to determine.






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