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Flying the friendly skies

Comic actor Harvey Korman passed away last night at age 81. I best remember Korman from his days on Carol Burnett and Friends. Here's a very funny skit, with fellow funny man Tim Conway.

Hat tip- Steven Taylor at Poliblog who titled his post 'Tim Conway and Harvey Korman predicted the TSA in the 1970s'

Thanks for the laughs Harvey and RIP.


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I told my wife the news fir... (Below threshold)

I told my wife the news first thing this morning and she wanted to cry.
While most remember the Burnett Show I cherish his performances in Blazing Saddles and High Anxiety....Mel Brooks was quoted as finding it hard to look in to Harvey's eyes without falling on the floor laughing.
What a great contribution to the lives of so many people. To make people laugh until you cry is a divine gift.

BillKorman's Hedle... (Below threshold)


Korman's Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles was his magnum opus (and he had a lot of great work to compare). There simply is no greater comic formula than Korman and Mel Brooks.

I think Korman's career and humor was expressed best in minature by Brooks' timeless line in Blazing Saddles about protecting "our phoney baloney jobs". These guys knew they were only as good as their last funny line....and they delivered for them for decades.

"There simply is no greater... (Below threshold)

"There simply is no greater comic formula than Korman and Mel Brooks."

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Well, certainly just as good.

Check out the Dentist Office sketch. Pure brilliance.

And as usual, Harvey just c... (Below threshold)

And as usual, Harvey just could not keep a straight face through a skit. You could always see him fighting to keep his laughter from bursting out. He'll be missed.

Hopefully his headstone wil... (Below threshold)

Hopefully his headstone will read

"mugs, thugs, pugs.......halfwits, nitwits, dimwits....."

Can anyone remember CAROL B... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Can anyone remember CAROL BURRNETS version of GONE WITH THE WIND? where she makes the dress from the curtins and leave the curtin rod in it






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