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Howdy, Neighbors!

There are some new folks in my neighborhood. They're needy little beggars. They come around looking for handouts, they are aloof, they never even say "thank you."

But they're just so darned cute, we all indulge them.

At least they're not overly camera shy. A few more pictures of the little mooches.

I just worry about Mr. Duckie being named in a paternity suit...


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Foie gras is a kick-ass hor... (Below threshold)

Foie gras is a kick-ass hors d'oeuvre. Meat tastes even better when the animals we harvest it from are young and tortured.

Just sayin'.

Cute ducks.

Ms. Duck's Attorney:... (Below threshold)

Ms. Duck's Attorney: "Mr. Duckie, where were you on the afternoon of April 11, 2008?"

Mr. Duckie: "In the company of Jay Tea doing a photo shoot."

Ms. Duck's Attorney: "Is that so? We see from your phone records that you made a call to Ms. Duck and George Bush let us tap your line and record your call. Isn't it true you set up a tryst with Ms. Duck that day?"

Mr. Duckie: "I wasn't me."

Ms. Duck's Attorney: "And where were you November 30, 2007?"

Mr. Duckie: "I was with Chiqi-San."

Ms. Duck's Attorney: "Sure you were. Let's go with something more recent. Where were you on May 1st, 2008?"

Mr. Duckie: "I don't remember."

Ms. Duck's Attorney: "Of course you don't. Isn't it a little coincidental that each of these days coincides perfectly with the incubation period of Ms. Duck's duck eggs and the birth of her baby ducks each time?"

Mr. Duckie: "I did not have sex with that duck!"

PETA meets hyperbolist.... (Below threshold)

PETA meets hyperbolist.

The next WWF title meet should be a screamer.

A lot of my liberal friends... (Below threshold)

A lot of my liberal friends dislike that I enjoy eating any and every kind of non-protected species, but to them I say, carpaccio is yummy, jerks!






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