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Lying about Iraq

Earlier I referred to Nancy Pelosi's brilliant idea to explain away the success of the surge by giving credit to the goodwill of Iran. Unfortunately I had already written my Townhall column when I saw the Pelosi statement. Her comment would have been a perfect addition as the latest example of ways those on the left are misleading the American public about Iraq.

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book brings the question of who lied about Iraq to the front pages once again. Those on the left have claimed for years that the Bush administration lied about the threat from Iraq in the lead up to the war - often defining "lying" as omitting information that did not support the decision to invade from the case they made to the American people. If those on the left describe emphasizing the threat posed by Iraq before the war as a lie, then what do they call their current depiction of the situation in Iraq, as well as their characterization of how the war began?

...The "lie" is said to be that Bush and his administration emphasized only evidence that supported the decision to invade. But those on the left have consistently ignored or downplayed the seriousness of the threat most intelligence told us Iraq posed before the war. Even worse, they are now ignoring the progress, and in many cases downright successes, being seen in Iraq since the "surge."

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A hearty and warm Thank You... (Below threshold)

A hearty and warm Thank You to Iran

Regardless of how one feels... (Below threshold)

Regardless of how one feels about the Iraq War, the problems remain as to how to conclude the war, how to cut costs so it is not a huge drag on the American economy, and how to prevent the instability created in the region from creating more uncertainty in the world oil market, boosting prices, and how to keep Iran's intentions in Iraq merely commerce and business oriented, and not military oriented that alters the balance of power in the region.

The problem with wars is that they create a wide array of expensive and uncertain aftermath problems. This is why using other means such as the UN, the World Court, diplomacy, etc. are usually better means to resolve conflicts. After the first Gulf War, the world community should have moved for the surrender of Saddam Hussein to justice for his crimes, and a peaceful transistion to a new government. War is just too messy of a way to achieve a change of a bad government. Even China is putting heavy pressure on Hamas to accept peace with Israel this week. This is probably more constructive than any Israeli military activity has been able to achieve as far as moving in the direction of change of heart.

Yes, I'm sure Hamas has wai... (Below threshold)

Yes, I'm sure Hamas has waited with baited breath for the opinion of the Chinese. I'm sure the Chinese government, in its infinite wisdom and wonderful sense of humanitarianism, will be the linchpin in resolving the Israeli/Palestinian issue. I mean, it's not like they've used aggression with their own neighboring countries.

Paul,How's relying o... (Below threshold)

How's relying on the UN working out for Darfur?
Also, name one bad government that the UN has changed via diplomacy, without threat of force.

I can only think of one example, and I don't know how much I would credit the UN.

Nancy Pelosi could form a c... (Below threshold)

Nancy Pelosi could form a coherent thought without a teleprompter if her life depended upon it. She is ignorant, vicious, stupid and completely self-serving. And her face scares the living hell out of me!

God forbid any of these dunderheads give credit where credit is due: to our greatly maligned CiC and General Petraeus!

I was raised to believe that all transgressions, both mortal and venial, would be dealt with by God in the afterlife! Do we really have to wait THAT LONG for this offensive bitch to suffer the consequences of her anti-American frothing at the mouth?

Bob Dole has dealt quite ef... (Below threshold)

Bob Dole has dealt quite effectively with Scott "The Weasal" McClellan. I wish old Scott a long and very lonely life!

Ryan, You're obvio... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


You're obviously too ideologically blinded to see all the successes in Iraq or to comprehend what victory would be, but if Obama were some how to con his way into the Whitehouse (God forbid) the signs of the Islamofascist's victory over the US Military would be so overwhelmingly obvious even you'd not be able to ignore them. Of course you'd never acknowledge it, nor would the press. In fact I'd bet you'd still blame Bush after Obama led the Islamofascist terrorist to victory.

Hey pal, I never said anyth... (Below threshold)

Hey pal, I never said anything about your boy Bush. You want to talk about being "ideallogically blinded" you just said that Obama would somehow have to "con his way into the White House" and "lead the terrorists to victory" What's the view like with your entire head up your ass?

Every time a wild eyed 29 p... (Below threshold)

Every time a wild eyed 29 percenter yelps something about Islamofascism, thoughtful people everywhere are overcome with mirth.

So please, don't stop being afraid of the big bad brown bogeymen just because you look stupid, because you also look hilarious, and laughter is good for the soul.

So hyperbullsh**, is Islamo... (Below threshold)
David B:

So hyperbullsh**, is Islamofacism a myth?

Have you bothered to read any of the literature, if you can call it that, printed and distributed at some of the "moderate" mosques? Or is it you can't read and comprehend?

Have you bothered to listen to any of the translated "sermons" given by one of their "holy leaders?" Or is it you refuse to listen to something that does not fit your model of the truth?

If you had bothered to educate yourself about these facts, you would be afraid of the "big bad brown bogeyman."

Your kind sort of remind me of a former English Prime Minister, long since passed and moving to obscurity, come on you know him, that Great Statesman Neville Chamberlain. Who, oh, helped the world into WWII by his policy of appeasement towards a former German Corporal. That's always a winner, negotiating with someone who has no intention of living up to any agreement reached and only has your destruction as his goal.


DavidDo you actual... (Below threshold)


Do you actually have a brain or are you a bot? Do you get up in the morning and hurry to turn or Limbaugh and Fox at the same time to learn what the day's marching orders are? What tripe you're going to thoughtlessly spout for the week?

Seriously man that stupid appeasement argument is about a week old. It was as stupid when Bush made it as it is stupid. now.

Hooson, how did you write t... (Below threshold)

Hooson, how did you write that paragraph without busting in laughter from your own silliness?

JFO, the irony of you complaining about tripe and thoughtless spouting seems to escape you. Fear not, it escapes no one else.

David, if some retard in a ... (Below threshold)

David, if some retard in a mosque yells "Death to America!" and signs himself up to destroy the Great Satan, you get worried. I, on the other hand, do a crossword puzzle and think about what I'm going to have for dinner.

You have been terrorized. Ergo, insofar as you're concerned, the terrorists have won. Stop giving into the enemies of our civilization, pansy. By paying attention to them and, worse, being afraid of them, you give them exactly what they want. Grow a pair and get on with your life. It's embarrassing.

hyperbullsh**Think... (Below threshold)
David B:


Think about dinner, cute, because you can't think beyond.

Grow a pair, hey asshole, I have served my country in the Persian Gulf, I have seen the crazy uneducated masses that listen to the "retards" in the mosques. Terrorized, hardly, just have seen the reality you chose to ignore. My pair beats yours any day of the week.

JFO, those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, sounds like it fits you. You know what they call moronic, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Looks like your kind are doomed.

back a few years ago some l... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

back a few years ago some liberal collage proffesor MICHEAL BELLSILES wrote a book ARMING AMERICA which he claimed that guns were never a factor in early america during the cononial times and as usial the liberals were gushing their praises for his book he even won a BANCROFT PRIZE and some money for it it was later discovered that he had faked the whole thing and even claimed he had studied some records that no longer exist(the dog ate his homework)he was forced to return the prize and the money and was forced to resign as well kind of like DATELINE NBCs faked truck fire they staged






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