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Breaking: Obama resigns Trinity membership

A cheap political move at its best. The only question is, what took him so long?

Sen. Barack Obama is leaving Trinity United Church of Christ, his longtime religious home in Chicago and a place that has triggered repeated controversies during his presidential bid.

"This is not a decision that I come to lightly, and frankly it's one that I made with some sadness," Obama told reporters in Aberdeen, S.D. "Trinity was where I found Jesus Christ, where we were married, where our children were baptized. We have many friends among the 8,000 congregants."

Obama said he felt he had no choice but to leave the church.

"It's clear that now that I am a candidate for president, every time something is said in the church by anyone associated with Trinity, including guest pastors, the remarks will be imputed to me, even if they totally conflict with my long-held views, statements and principles," he said.

In a statement released this evening, the church said: "Trinity United Church of Christ was informed today that Senator Barack Obama and his family will no longer be members of our church. Though we are saddened by the news, we understand that it is a personal decision. We will continue to lift them in prayer and wish them the best as former members of our Trinity community."

Here's video of his press conference:

The line about how things said at Trinity are in conflict with his long-held views and principles is such B.S. He sat in that church for twenty years -- twenty years! -- and only now sees the conflict, conveniently enough when he's running for President? Of course, the most telling part of that statement is "now that I'm a candidate for President".

He also says it wasn't a decision he came to lightly. Why not? If the crap being spouted at that church is so against what he believes in, then why did he stay for twenty years? Why was it a tough decision? If the race-baiting, hate-filled, anti-Semitic shit being spewed from that church on a regular basis really did repulse him, then shouldn't it have been an easy decision?

Drew at Ace of Spades says:

Remember, "I could no more distance myself from Pastor Wright than I could from my white grandmother"?

I guess grandma is on notice.

Ed explains how this could actually end up hurting Obama's campaign:

I don't see how this helps, and it could hurt in two different ways. First, it confirms that the church is not in the mainstream, which once again calls his judgment into question. Wright and Pfleger gave these kinds of sermons there the entire time, not just over the last few weeks. The big problem is that the Obamas sat in that church for 20 years listening to these sermons and finding nothing objectionably about them until they got disseminated to the nation.

Second, and potentially more damaging, it shows Obama's willingness to throw anyone over the side when the boat starts sinking. That won't go over very well with his core supporters who have admired his loyalty to TUCC, who excused Wright by pointing out that he had retired, and who bought Obama's explanation of the "wonderful community" and great works of TUCC. Is that now nothing more than a convenient lie?

He's not quitting Trinity because he disagrees with the radical views that are mainstream there. He's quitting because he's finally realized how much his association with Rev. Wright & Co. is hurting his bid for the Presidency. Had this association never come to light, Obama never would have left. He's leaving the church all right, but he's going out of his way to let it be known that he isn't denouncing the church.

Political posturing at its best worst.

Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU


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Comments (22)

Any word on Michelle O.'s '... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Any word on Michelle O.'s 'I hate Whitey' tape?

Larry Johnson, admittedly n... (Below threshold)

Larry Johnson, admittedly not the most sane or reliable person (and a Hillarybot too), says on his site that he is making something serious available by 9 am Monday.

The resignation from his ch... (Below threshold)

The resignation from his church is as phony as the rest of the man. Obama knew Michael Pfleger, the "minstrel in white face" who embarrassed him this last week, for thirteen years!
For Obama, it was easier to throw the church under the bus, than to describe how he was in agreement with, or at least had no objections to, what the leaderhip of the church and its pulpit and publications were spewing for the last twenty years!

This is cheap political the... (Below threshold)

This is cheap political theater.

I agree with Ed that this only hurts Obarnum but I think this move also re-opens it as a topic of criticism.

20 years of hate speech?

How many times can he plausibly deny he doesn't know?

This speaks poorly of his so-called "judgment."
And as noted, it also shows that he'll dump anything and anyone in a heartbeat.

I have said repeatedly that Obarnum thinks everyone in the country is as stupid and gullible as those in his congregation.

He considers Pfleger a frie... (Below threshold)

He considers Pfleger a friend. He's known the dear Father for some time. Etc ..

Hell, I've known about Pfleger for years and I could have told you what he was about.

I'm stating the obvious - Obama's full of shit.

And, you can always tell when Obama's full of shit when he becomes the Wizard of Uh's.

His stammering is a tell.

I'd love to play poker with this guy. Just once.

That is, of course, if Michelle will let him come out and play.

Any state that embarasses h... (Below threshold)

Any state that embarasses him by voting for someone else had better look out, he'll kick them out of the union. I guess you can expect that from a party that sees Castro, Chavez, North Korea and the 'Lil Hitler' in Iran as hero's and uses their election tactics. After actively supporting the terrorist and terrorism for seven years the dhimmi's now want the Vet's votes and will offer anything to get them. I look at a dhimmi promise as 'give me $20' and i'll buy you a candy bar. 'They ain't no gift to anyone'.

A tin god worshipped by ath... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

A tin god worshipped by atheists and fools. A very shallow man with no moral backbone and is the perfect candidate to represent the Democratic party. Now I understand what they mean about change. (Daily)

Rev. Wright and Rev. Moss a... (Below threshold)

Rev. Wright and Rev. Moss are great leaders of our Black Liberation Theology. Their mistake was that they informed the white man. Hell, in slave days, the white plantation master wouldn't even allow his black uncle tom slaves to learn to read and write. Do you, my brothers, think that the whitey establishment is going to allow ANY organized teaching thats going to lead our people away from the white economic slavery of today? Dude, wake up, and stop telling the white man our plans. Obama aint goings to get elected now that the black cat is out of the bag. Bolika!!!

Nobody in the MSM is talkin... (Below threshold)

Nobody in the MSM is talking about the fact that he said he is not "denouncing the church, and [he's] not interested in people who want [him]to denounce the church, it's not a church worthy of denouncing."

"..it's not a church wor... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..it's not a church worthy of denouncing."

Ah, the ol' Obambi Doublespeak.

Does he mean 'the church is really a good church, so it's not worthy of denouncing' ?

or 'this is such a small issue, so the church is not worthy of denouncing' ?

or 'this church is so beneath contempt, that it doesn't even deserve the honor of me denouncing it' ?

As usual, his words are designed to mean whatever the listener wants them to mean.

Rev. Wright left the church... (Below threshold)

Rev. Wright left the church. Obama leaves the church. So, technically, Obama didn't distance himself from Wright - he followed him. :)

Tremain, dude, grow up.... (Below threshold)

Tremain, dude, grow up.

Obama got what he wanted fr... (Below threshold)

Obama got what he wanted from Trinity: a place to start his political career, and where he could rub elbows with the rich and powerful in the black community.

Thanks to his embrace of Trinity, he got the State Senate seat, then the US Senate seat and now that he is on his way to the Dem nomination, he doesn't need them anymore. He now has his legions of Obamamaniacs, George Soros and the MSM to draw on for backing. Even if he is defeated by McCain, he has his Senate seat and the millions of dollars of campaign contributions to draw upon for decades.

Wright didn't leave TUCoC; ... (Below threshold)

Wright didn't leave TUCoC; he was promoted to Emeritus status, e.g., he took his retirement pension and can't be fired, ever. The pulpit is his whenever he wants it.

I can see Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin as O'brother's VP choice. Big O' is running short of buses with all this "baggage tossing" going on, and Nagin has had a surplus of unused buses for years. Actually, I think the two were separated at birth.

This Democratic Party process is more fun than my last Barnum & Bailey Circus! Wait till the March of the Elephants! Then we'll see a show!

What a transparent Dolt!</p... (Below threshold)

What a transparent Dolt!

Rev. Wright and Rev. Moss a... (Below threshold)

Rev. Wright and Rev. Moss are great leaders of our Black Liberation Theology.8. Posted by Tremain |

You do know that by stripping our Jewish brothers and sisters of the covenent of Abraham,Issaic,and Jacob you are clearly going against Gods word. Show me in the Bible where it says that the Black man is Gods choosen people. BLT replaces our Jewish brothers and sisters with the black man. God will not be pleased. You see since the beginning, Satan has been doing that exact thing in many different ways. If Satan was speaking at the pulpit of Trinity, his words would not differ.

You nailed it!...he got cau... (Below threshold)

You nailed it!...he got caught and now he is running,there is plenty more of this to come and he needs to be repeatedly hammered on this and other points.

Trinity now knows what his ... (Below threshold)

Trinity now knows what his grandmother must've felt like. Or anyone else this dolt thinks is a liability.

This doesn't matter. Every ... (Below threshold)

This doesn't matter. Every time someone catches a video of the extremism in Trinity, his association won't be that easily dismissed just because he finally quit the church.

It will always be known as the church Obama attended for twenty years, got married in, baptized his children in and was a inspiration for his book .

That will NEVER go away simply by quitting now.

When an Obama supporter tries to explain that you can no longer associate the two now simply because he already quit the church, then you'll be painted as ignorant for not clearly seeing the folly of your way of thinking. You know, all that "change and hope" and all that enlightened jazz just makes you smarter. Why can't you see that?

If there is a Michelle Obam... (Below threshold)

If there is a Michelle Obama tape, Barack's campaign will need a bigger bus.

The only question I have is... (Below threshold)

The only question I have is if Roger Stone is a step up from Scary Larry:


And then there's the problem of Geraldo being in the conversation.

However, Hillary is sounding more and more as if she's taking it all to Denver. After the 68/32 thumping she gave BHO today in PR you have to wonder if Obama is truly sweating this one out.

B Hussein isn't sweating. A... (Below threshold)

B Hussein isn't sweating. Arabs are born in the desert and used to the heat and Obama is less Black than millions of Americans but more Arab than most Arabs. I can understand the democrat party defending him since they got suckered by him and they never admit that they are idiots. I can't understand the blacks defending him since it has been proven he is not black but Arab/white, but he used 'black' racial preferences to further his Arab goals. Stealing from blacks makes him a hero to blacks ????? What they say, 'when you put the clowns in charge don't be surprised if a circus breaks out' is true.






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