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Rumors Of A Michelle Obama "Whitey" Video Abound


Via NoQuarter, a pro-Hillary blog run by former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, comes this bit of information from GOP strategist Roger Stone about a potentially explosive Michelle Obama video where she is ranting against "whitey" at Trinity Church - the same church the abruptly resigned from last week.

Doug Ross has a transcript if you don't feel like watching. Johnson claims he will release the tape Monday morning...


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My 2 cents it that if there... (Below threshold)

My 2 cents it that if there even is a tape, its been exaggerated.

I believe alluding to such a damaging tape works in Hillary's favor. The implication is that the VRWC has it locked away for the general election, so Obama is unelectable.

I'll believe it when I see it.

I believe it exists. There ... (Below threshold)

I believe it exists. There is no way you can sit under the tutolage of Trinity Church and not speak racial charges against "whitey". The church thrives on it. I think a republican support group has it and is just waiting to expose the Obama's for what they are, whitey haters. Plain and simple. ww

If it exists, it will come ... (Below threshold)

If it exists, it will come out. There's no reason for Obama critics to jeopardize their credibility because it has the ring of Michelle Obama Truthiness.

Because a few people started questioning Jamil Hussein's existence, AP was able to make the Jamil Hussein Story about Jamil and not the credibility of the stories he reported.

Let the video come out on its own, then do the 'Obama is finished' dance. Otherwise, stick with what is vetted.

I agree with jpm100. My gue... (Below threshold)

I agree with jpm100. My guess is no tape or a tape the contents of which had been exaggerated. This is gonna be like that Geraldo exclusive special on Al Capone's vault where he opens it up with all the hype and in the end......nothing.

So if a white candidate's w... (Below threshold)

So if a white candidate's wife used the 'N*****' word, that could easily explained away as an 'exaggeration'?

Larry Johnson has turned in... (Below threshold)

Larry Johnson has turned into somewhat of a whackjob. The tape, as with many things he believes, is a fantasy.

Sad that the black guy get... (Below threshold)

Sad that the black guy gets away so easily with 'this is a Republican tactic' comment. No surprise Geraldo doesnt call him on it.

Dems are the ones with the ACORN connection, Dems are the ones with people voting in 2 states, Dems are the ones who have dead people show as voting for them, Dems are the ones who deem FL and MI votes less worthy than other states, etc etc etc.

And YES, if anyone dropped the N bomb, or even called them moolies or God forbid, chimps, the PC awareness crowd would launch into instant uproar status. Dem primaries have proven blacks the most racist in the US. When will media admit to it?

There's enough we know for ... (Below threshold)

There's enough we know for a fact about the Obamas that we don't need to prematurely embrace something that turn out to be in the 'fake but true' category. Who does that benefit?

The guy who has been pushin... (Below threshold)

The guy who has been pushing this story for months is Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent. This whole story smells like a classic CIA disinformation operation to spread fear uncertainty and doubt about Obama with a little sleight of hand redirection to blame it on somebody else, the Republicans.

It is the talk of the Internet that this tape is going to come out today. Who was going to release it today? Not the Republicans, it seems.

The only person who seems to know about this tape is Larry Johnson and he is the guy claiming to release it today. Larry Johnson is a hard core Clinton supporter. Yet he claims he is getting it from Republican sources. Exactly, why would Republicans be sharing that with him if they have it?

The person who benefits from this tape or even the rumor of this tape is Hillary. And I repeat it's a Hillary supporter who has been whispering about this tape for months.

My guess is, there is no tape. And Larry Johnson will back off saying that he has been contacted by the Hillary campaign who has told him that they want no part of a smear campaign and to leave it for the Republicans to do it. This will allow Hillary to look above the fray. It still leaves the rumor alive. So that the Superdelegates will have it in the back of their minds that the Republicans will release this tape and sink Obama unless they give the nomination to Hillary.

That didn't take long.... (Below threshold)

That didn't take long.

Larry is now backing off from the story. Still blaming it all on the Republicans and still spreading FUD about Obama to the Superdelegates.

Here is what he is saying today.

And the gig will be up when the Michelle tape hits the airwaves. One source described how this tape was acquired. Let's just say that one of the republican candidates who is no longer in the race, but had a dandy oppo research capability, uncovered this gem. If Republican poohbahs have their way the tape will remain on ice until October. But when it comes out, Barack will be permanently branded with the Nation of Islam. That's not a winning platform in November. And Barack's bundlers understand this threat. I also have learned some major financial backers are asking the Barack team about the tape and are being stonewalled. It is a wild card in the political campaign that has not yet played out.
Good Lord. It's only becau... (Below threshold)

Good Lord. It's only because Michelle is a bit of a loose cannon that this is even getting any credibility. If no tape is released, it will be because there isn't one and this will be exposed as nothing but a lowlife, nasty political conspiracy that desperate people will cling to. If there is a tape, just release the damn thing. Otherwise, I'm not giving it any attention.

This is classic Larry Johns... (Below threshold)

This is classic Larry Johnson.

No one ought to pay attention to him any longer.

The only real impact if the... (Below threshold)

The only real impact if the alleged tape exists is to add more credibility to the story that Obama and Rev. Wright are indeed on the same page, so to speak.

Personally, I don't buy Obama's alibi re: Rev. Wright, so unless it shows Obama was unconscious for the previous 20 years - the alleged tape doesn't add anything to the facts, as far as I'm concerned.

Update from Larry Johnson's... (Below threshold)

Update from Larry Johnson's site:

FYI, for those expecting to SEE the tape, GET REAL. Read Larry Johnson's description of what is ON the tape. That is the story.

Real Jedi mind tricks at work here.

Blame the Jedi for this, yo... (Below threshold)

Blame the Jedi for this, you may not!

hmmm...there is an AMAZING ... (Below threshold)

hmmm...there is an AMAZING amount of "smoke" about this. Is there a "FIRE"?? Could be.

If she DID offer a rant in which she referred to caucasions as "Whitey", then Barack is doomed, just a matter of when he is doomed.

Millions upon millions of Americans will NOT vote for someone for President if they have evidence that their husband or wife (in this case) is a RACIST!

Bad enough that declared "America in 2008 is a country capable of great evil"...or "This is the first time in my adult life that I am proud of America".


but let's see the actual tape, whenever it surfaces

This isn't any different fr... (Below threshold)

This isn't any different from the rumour that McCain called his wife a c*nt.

"This isn't any different f... (Below threshold)

"This isn't any different from the rumour that McCain called his wife a c*nt."
Unless the tape exists...and if it does and it comes out...say goodbye to Obama.

I saw the tape some time ag... (Below threshold)

I saw the tape some time ago. It's a lie. She said "why'd he" not "whitey".

It is almost unbelievable h... (Below threshold)

It is almost unbelievable how I finding that so many people think about Black people in this country. I've listen to Michelle Obama and I seriously doubt that she would ever use the term "whitey"...

She was in Princeton about the time I was in Rider University (then Rider College) which is about 5 miles from Princeton. From my experience as the only Black Biochemistry major
(and no AA didn't get me in...) I understand her feeling of frustration from the way we were treated.

Yet, whether or not the tape exists, there will be a large number of people who will believe just as they believe that Obama is a Muslim.

You have to accept the fact... (Below threshold)

You have to accept the fact and understand that Michelle Obama is a bigot and hates white people, period, end of story. Michelle Obama pales Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger in bigotry. She just outright hates and blames Jews Caucasians for everything.

Don't be fooled, The Obama's were members of Trinity United Church of Christ because they deep down in their core believe everything the Church stands for. It also was a place that Obama could prove h was BLACK enough.

He is still a closet Muslim and I will stay home in November, because as a Jew I can not in good conscience vote for him.

I reckon it is real. But i ... (Below threshold)

I reckon it is real. But i think it has been hyped up. I'm hearing from sources that apparently it is actually a speach against Bush. The Republicans may have dubbed it or cut sections out. I reckon it ill seriously backfire on the Republicans if they release it. What looks more desperate in an election year when Republicans are being hammered in the polls than using smears for race-baiting. I think it could either favour clinton very much in the next week, or it will favour Obama in the long-run.
It will probably cause a dent of say 5 to 10 point in the polls for Obama, BUT after it is over people will start to realise that the Republicans have very serious problems not only with their own base but with the majority of Americans. At the moment Republicans are firing blanks on the war, the economy and oil prices. It will then appear to be one of the most desperate smears in electoral history. If I were McCain I would stay as far from it as physically possible. If he is caught involved even slightly with it he will be completely tainted.

Chris Matthews at MSNBC has... (Below threshold)

Chris Matthews at MSNBC has the tape, but he will not release it because he hates Hillary and Obam makes his leg tangle.

I think the one they're ref... (Below threshold)

I think the one they're reffering to is one from a speach she gave at Trinity about Bush. This such a Lie!!! I want it to come out cause this is gonna hurt both McCain and the Republicans so much they won't be able to recover by November.

Notice how the narrative ab... (Below threshold)

Notice how the narrative about this tape is shaping up to be a Republican smear. Not a single Republican has talked about having this tape or having seen this tape. The only people who talk about this tape, who say they have seen the tape or even talk about the existence of the tape are Democrats.

In a month or two, even if the tape never shows up, the metanarrative will be how the horrible Republicans resorted to using this tape to smear Obama. So far anything about this tape is a smear job by the Democrats not the Republicans.

That picture above of miche... (Below threshold)

That picture above of michele osama must be from that scene where she scolds Taylor for saying bad things about Dr. Zaius.

Moseby-Such a tast... (Below threshold)


Such a tasteless and ignorant joke. But I expect things like this from people like you...

I FOUND IT!!<a hre... (Below threshold)






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