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AP Calls The Nomination For Obama

The AP is reporting that Senator Barack Obama now has the required 2,118 delegates necessary to secure the Democratic nomination.

Sen. Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, becoming the first black candidate to lead a major party into a campaign for the White House, The Associated Press reported based on its tally of delegates.

...The AP said Obama sealed his victory based on public declarations from delegates as well as from an additional 22 who had confirmed their intentions to the news service. The count also included five delegates Obama was guaranteed as long as he gained 15 percent of the vote in South Dakota and Montana later in the day.

NBC News has been maintaining its own tally of delegates, which showed Obama's being 11 delegates short of the 2,118 needed. NBC News said it would not confirm Obama as the presumptive nominee until all private commitments by delegates were made public.

Clinton stood ready to concede that her rival had amassed the delegates needed to triumph, according to officials in her campaign.

"If he happens to get the numbers, then Hillary will congratulate him as the nominee," Clinton's campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, said on NBC's TODAY. But campaign officials stressed that Clinton did not intend to suspend or end her candidacy in a speech Tuesday night in New York.

ABC News is giving Obama the tally as well. Clinton may be hoping she can undo Obama's superdelagate commitments, but that appears increasing unlikely.


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Comments (5)

So they now have a candidat... (Below threshold)
scrapiron Author Profile Page:

So they now have a candidate that was an Islamist before he wasn't an Islamist, and was a racist hate monger (30 days ago) before he wasn't a racist hate monger. Wasn't it the democrats that outlawed assisted suicide? Now they all volunteer for suicide but want to take you with them.

"If he happens to get th... (Below threshold)

"If he happens to get the numbers, then Hillary will congratulate him as the nominee,"

I haven't had this much fun since the cat had puppies.

Isn't there something ironi... (Below threshold)

Isn't there something ironic about the AP calling it for Obama? I thought they did that months ago!

Obama is our enemy but so i... (Below threshold)

Obama is our enemy but so is McCAIN SO LET US ALL HAVE FUN WHEN THE s hites the fan of life buy guns be happy In the last days of the USA.

START Calling the USA The Former is USA.

and run-away when the cops show up the camps under Obama will be as evil as hitlers camps, Obama is a muslim and hates you for your freedoms and laws.

The AP for osama? Of cours... (Below threshold)

The AP for osama? Of course!! A black America-hater running for POTUS sells papers baby!!!






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