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Hillary Speaks

Hillary is speaking right now. From listening to her first few minutes, I can't yet tell where her speech is headed. She's discussing how much she appreciates all the support from her female supporters. Part of me thinks she's going to drop out, but she may surprise us all.

Like just now. Just when her tone sounded like she was going to concede, she then asked who would be the stronger candidate. She's referencing all the people who came out to vote for her. As Mort Kondracke on Fox News noted, she repeated the number 18 million over and over again, referencing how many primary votes she got, which is more than Obama has gotten. It sounds like she's going to stay in.

She said she's "so proud we stayed the course together" and that she's committed to uniting the Democratic party to win in November. Goodness, this speech is all over the place. It's not progressing in one direction.

However, tone-wise, this is probably one of the best speeches I've seen her give. I haven't heard any screeching.

Now down to the nitty gritty. She says, "the question is where do we go from here." The answer: she's not saying. Argh! Instead, she's asking her supporters to decide for her by going to her website and tell them what they want her to do. Well, this tells us everything. She's not a leader. She can't make a decision about her own campaign. How is she supposed to handle a serious issue, like national security?

Additional thoughts: Clinton is going to the convention. She's telling her supporters to go to her website to give her their thoughts and, more importantly, their money, knowing that they will overwhelmingly insist that she stay in. This is how she will justify staying in the race and challenging Obama for the nomination all the way to the convention.

And she says she's committed to uniting the Democratic party. Yeah, right.

Update: How could I have forgotten? This is why Hillary isn't going anywhere: the Michelle speech is supposed to be coming soon, possibly tomorrow. Hat tip: Hot Air

Update II: After Hillary says she's not going anywhere, Obama says he is the Democratic nominee.

Did Obama just say Hillary was from Texas? Or did I not hear that correctly. With Obama's gaffe history, I don't want to immediately say I heard him incorrectly.


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Comments (10)

Wow. Just contrast McCain a... (Below threshold)

Wow. Just contrast McCain and Obama's speeches. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum - it's startling.

You spelled "gaffe" incorre... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

You spelled "gaffe" incorrectly.

You spelled "gaffe" incorre... (Below threshold)

You spelled "gaffe" incorrectly.

Unfit to blog.

You spelled "gaffe" inco... (Below threshold)

You spelled "gaffe" incorrectly.
You spelled "gaffe" incorrectly.

You gotta be kidding me. Friggin' idiot bookends.

Two points for the lefty vi... (Below threshold)

Two points for the lefty village idiots.. they can split them..LOL

The biggest reason Hillary ... (Below threshold)

The biggest reason Hillary has stayed in this long is precisely that she is loving EVERY MINUTE of being the center of ALL ATTENTION, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. For the first time in her life, IT'S ALL ABOUT HER. Running for the Senate was small potatoes...nothing to compare to running for President. I believe if it would have cost her twice what she's spent, three times, four times, she would have done it, because, dammit, IT'S HER TIME. She is gold. She loves to hear the sound of her own voice; it is truly music to her ears. She honestly believes that her caca does not stink; as a matter of fact, she probably believes if she could bottle it, it would sell. I've never in my life seen someone who thinks as much of herself except, it goes without saying, Bill. I have never wished for someone to go away as long or as hard as I have this irritating, entitled bitch.

A bottle of Hillary poo? W... (Below threshold)

A bottle of Hillary poo? Where do I sign up?

This is sad what a world of... (Below threshold)

This is sad what a world of total BS We now live in, total madness.

Go, Hillary! Go!... (Below threshold)

Go, Hillary! Go!

I hope Hillary hangs in the... (Below threshold)

I hope Hillary hangs in there until the convention. The heck with Obama. We all know he is not fit to be president and will NEVER win agains McCain, who at least is a true American!






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