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Is John McCain going for Clinton's supporters?

As Kevin noted in the post below, the AP is essentially calling the Democratic primary race for Obama, which many would agree isn't a surprise since the media as a generality, seem to be in the tank for Obama.

John McCain just finished a speech in which he said it appears Obama will be his opponent and then proceeded to hit Obama hard. At the start of the speech, however, McCain spoke very respectfully about Hillary and her campaign. His tone indicated that he, too, thought the Democratic race was over. He said that Hillary didn't get the credit she deserved for the compassion she showed in her campaign. Interestingly, he also praised her for being a great inspiration for his daughters as well as for other young American women.

Bloggers at AmSpec Blog noticed this as well and are speculating that he's definitely going for her supporters, if not for Clinton's endorsement outright. The Politico confirms this.

John McCain portrayed her as a trailblazing model for aspring female politicians yesterday and now one of his top surrogates and vice-presidential prospects is taking the next natural step and promising that they'll compete for Hillary Clinton's supporters.

"I think many of those voters are going to consider and support Senator McCain," said Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in an afternoon conference call designed to prebut Obama's speech tonight in St. Paul.

It makes sense since so many of Clinton's supporters are disenchanted with Obama and his lack of experience. Many have already told pollsters that they will support McCain should Obama be the nominee. However, when push comes to shove, Clinton's supporters may very well hold their noses and support Obama in November simply because he has a "D" behind his name.


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Sen. Clinton wants to save ... (Below threshold)

Sen. Clinton wants to save the Democratic Party but it's a lost cause.

Obama clinched a stolen nomination with the MI delegates he hijacked. His endorsements from superdelegates have no integrity and are irresponsible.

No doubt Obama will be defeated in November when he will crash and burn and the Democratic Party will be a train wreck.

Hillary Clinton supporters should work for his resounding defeat and vote for McCain. I will vote for McCain in a swing state. Obama, his supporters, and the DNC must be "punished" for not playing fair and square.

Superdelegates have failed in their responsibility to endorse Sen. Clinton as the best qualified and the strongest presidential candidate to defeat McCain and win the general election in a landslide victory hands down.

Listen carefully and... (Below threshold)

Listen carefully and she's conceding the race is over. Now it's just about how best she can position herself to gain the maximum benefit for herself; help with debt retirement, possible VP spot on the ticket, etc. That's why she's holding off on publically conceding.

I moved my comments about H... (Below threshold)

I moved my comments about Hillary's speech to its own post. Sorry for the confusion, but I thought it needed to be on its own.

It looks like McCain wants ... (Below threshold)

It looks like McCain wants Hillary to be his Vice President.

I am so glad this is over.<... (Below threshold)

I am so glad this is over.
Now for Obama putting Hillary on his ticket. If I was obama that would not be my choice Hillary ran a very nasty and negative campayn and if you let the devil ride she will wont to DRIVE.

I am a Clinton supporter an... (Below threshold)

I am a Clinton supporter and will indeed vote for McCain as my siblings are going to.

obama does not have the tool box of experience to be able to get done what he boasts in his speeches. His speeches with no substance are proof of it. It would be insanity putting someone so green in charge. Take a look at his associations as Ayers, Riezko, and Wright. Can you imagine making such huge mistakes with the nations around the world? It would be nuts. The college kids supported obama because they are green and really don't understand what it takes in politics in the real world, too bad there idealism has blinded them. McCain will be a safer bet.

Sure he would go after them... (Below threshold)

Sure he would go after them and he will get some of their votes no matter if Hillary is on the ticket or not. Those mainly would be the ones who just can't vote for a black candidate, the women who felt cheated, the older ones who believe in Hillary's non proven experience, and the hispanics who thinks white is right

I supported Hillary, I was ... (Below threshold)
Roland Kudozia Y:

I supported Hillary, I was so enthused about campaign. Do you know? I was thinking Barack was a joke. However, I am open minded, I listened and I watched the course of event. The subject of experienced being used over and over again. Instead of Hillary to push what she can do for the people of America, across, she concentrated her energy on banging Barack on issues of experience, patriotism, religion. She made Barack so popular so much such that the media bought Him and sold him at higher price.Now, hear me out, people, what experience was hillary talking about? Experience as a presidence of the greatest country, USA? Then she doesn't need to run. She has never been there before, she was trying, but was unsuccessful, she did her best, I applaud her, and I will always do. All experience she claimed to have have are unproven. Being the former first lady does not automatically give you the experience as apresident; unless of course you are telling former President Clinton was just a "tony-dog".
Why are people so scared? Let us be straight: they don't want to see a black man being a president of USA." Don't shy off, that is the truth, there has been racism through it all. Those who saw this primary as a moment of change and that color has no impact on the performance of a person rather than dedication, commitment, loyalty and knowhow, voted for change, and change we have. Hail, Barack, Hail Dems, Hail USA. Applaud Hillary. Many people would look at where you made the mistake and correct. No matter what she is still model to look up to. But now Barack is the man we need to support.

If Obama chose anyone other... (Below threshold)

If Obama chose anyone other than Clinton as his running mate, that might be his biggest mistake. He would be running the battle all over again; with 45% of Democrats not supporting him, his chance of winning is almost nil.

Sheesh, now we have Hillary... (Below threshold)

Sheesh, now we have Hillary Moby's.

Will America vote for an in... (Below threshold)

Will America vote for an inexperienced black neophyte with a dubious resume, or an old familiar white guy with tons of experience? Don't fool yourself....

Barack Obama/Caroline Kenne... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama/Caroline Kennedy ticket - winning ticket!

vince foster?... (Below threshold)
ronald leewright:

vince foster?

McCain doesn't have to "go ... (Below threshold)

McCain doesn't have to "go after" Hillary supporters. We are already going to vote for McCain.

No Obama. He should never have even been allowed to run as he is a liar and a cheat and a racist and an anti-American.

John McCain for president.

Obama CHANGE? I wonder what... (Below threshold)
Jony Phan:

Obama CHANGE? I wonder what meaning of CHANGE. CHANGE WHAT and HOW? If he is not going to have some specifics or general goals of CHANGE, then whoever support him has no eye and so they do not need to see what change. The next issue is how to change these unknown goals of change. This sounds like Communist Society in Vietnam, they always say "Let us move forward" but no body knows "move to WHERE and HOW".

I just do not understand so... (Below threshold)

I just do not understand some of these Clinton supporters who will not vote for Obama. If you had a problem with the Bush admin., then you have no business voting for Mcain. If so, you get what you deserve, 4 to 8 more years of Bush like rule. Obama, is articulate, calm and organized. He defeated Hilary not becuse he knows the facts better, but because he ran a more organized campaign. He will bring those skills to the white house where he will have a top notch cabinet advising him. IT is a false notion that a presdient has to be an absolute expert in any one field. The knock on Obama not having enough experience does not hold water. Give the man a chance and really listen to what he is saying and look at what he is capable of doing. As far as his being a racist, please prove it to me that he is a racist. There is not one bit of evidence to show this. Wright and the other priest made racist comments, not him. I think it is laughable that the first black man to run for prsident is seen as racist and elitist.

In June 1998 at a Republic... (Below threshold)

In June 1998 at a Republican Senate fund-raiser, McCain told a downright nasty joke making fun of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Reno and Chelsea Clinton.
The fact that McCain had made the tasteless joke was reported in major newspapers, as was the vain attempt by his press secretary to initially deny what McCain had done. But in several major newspapers, the joke itself was kept a secret. When Maureen Dowd penned a column in the New York Times about the joke, she wrote that McCain "is so revered by the press that his disgusting jape was largely nudged under the rug." But Dowd chose not to relay the joke, either.
The joke did appear in McCain's hometown paper, the Arizona Republic, and the Associated Press did report the joke in full, this is what he reportedly said:
"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno."

So, apparently some Clinton... (Below threshold)

So, apparently some Clinton supporters are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face, and would rather support McCain over Obama. If you just don't like Obama as a candidate, fine. But if you're somehow trying to "punish" him because Clinton lost, that's ridiculous. Had Clinton won the nom, I would have voted for her because her policies are more in line with Obama's. The only people who the revenge-seekers are going to end up hurting is themselves.






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