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PETA wants to open a "Lobster Empathy Center"

Somerset County in Maine is getting themselves a new jail, and as such, are leasing out the old jail for anyone interested. PETA, being the brilliant strategists they are, thought it would be a perfect location for... a "Lobster Empathy Center"!!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent a proposal to the Somerset County commissioners to lease their jail for the world's first Lobster Empathy Center.

The central Maine county is constructing a new jail and has put the century-old jail in downtown Skowhegan up for sale. The Realtor handling the sale called the offer "likely a publicity stunt."

"A prison is the perfect setting to demonstrate how lobsters suffer when they are caught in traps or confined to cramped, filthy supermarket tanks," PETA wrote in a June 2 letter to the commissioners. "The center will teach visitors to have compassion for these interesting, sensitive animals while also commemorating the millions of lobsters who are ripped from their homes in the ocean off the coast of Maine each year before being boiled alive."

Commissioner Chairman Phil Roy, who doesn't care for lobster, was at a loss for words Monday afternoon.

"I'm shocked and I don't know what to say. I didn't realize Skowhegan was the coastal community PETA was looking for," Roy said, with tongue in cheek.

As the crow flies, the distance from Skowhegan to Rockland, home of the Maine Lobster Festival and a lobster fishing port, is approximately 53 miles.

"The lobster capital of the state of Maine certainly isn't here," Roy said. He said it was odd that PETA would object to the jail conditions for lobsters but had never filed a complaint on behalf of the human inmates incarcerated there.

Ah, but PETA doesn't care about humans. They only care about saving the animals. The humans can rot for all they care, as long as the cockroaches and rats that live there are comfortable.

The center will have interactive displays, where lucky, lucky visitors can have their hands wrapped in rubber bands which are required to stay on for the entire visit. They'll then be crammed together into a disgusting glass tank for up to an hour. Kiddos will get stuffed lobsters that say "Lobster Are Friends, Not Food."

Kind of reminds you of Finding Nemo, huh? "Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!"

Interestingly enough, PETA may have a pretty big stumbling block to overcome. The county wants to sell the property, not lease it. And considering they have 22 leads indicating interest, I'd wager that the county will probably go after the potential buyers before the potential leasers.

Slublog at Ace of Spades has the best perspective on this:

Interesting, sensitive animals? They're sea cockroaches, for crying out loud. The only thing interesting about them is the variety of ways they can be cooked and served on a plate. And sensitive? There's a reason they put those rubber bands on the lobster's claws before they drop them in a tank together.


What's really funny is that Skowhegan is about 53 miles from the coast. Anyone who has ever seen a lobsterman will understand why the PETA weenies are staying away. Lobstering towns are basically full of guys who look like cast members from "The Deadliest Catch" and they have minimal patience for people who want to shut down their livelihoods.

You know, maybe PETA could try out a "Hornet Empathy Center". They could build a human sized replica of a hornet's nest, complete with real live hornets! Then, the PETA wackjobs could peacefully commune with the gentle, humming insects all they want, since, like this exhibit, they'd be the only ones interested.


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Comments (25)

Anyone else feel like we're... (Below threshold)

Anyone else feel like we're getting way too close to Tool's "Disgustipated" becoming reality? Who will hear "the cries of the carrots"?

At least they picked the wr... (Below threshold)

At least they picked the wrong place for this kind of nonsense.

Lobstermen aren't going to abide by this easily.

Then again, there are probably enough carpetbagger New Yorkers living there to raise a fuss.

PETA doesn't care about 'sa... (Below threshold)

PETA doesn't care about 'saving' animals, unless you mean slaughtering thousands of adoptable pets to prevent them from being adopted and dumping their bodies illegally.

"sensitive animals"</... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"sensitive animals"

Lobersters have what is called a "decentralized" nervous system. Essentially this means they are all refex and involuntary nerve response and have no brains. They basically have no intelligence at all.

In this respect they are similar to PETA members and most other leftists.

Oh Sh!t...sell all yer draw... (Below threshold)

Oh Sh!t...sell all yer drawn butter stocks...NOW!!

PETA never ceases to amaze ... (Below threshold)

PETA never ceases to amaze me with their vast stupidity.

Mmmmmmm.....lobster empathy... (Below threshold)

Mmmmmmm.....lobster empathy....*drooling like Homer*

Just wipe the butter off yo... (Below threshold)

Just wipe the butter off your chin before visiting, for chrissakes.

Someone should show up with... (Below threshold)

Someone should show up with a lobster bib, knife and fork exactly like Homer, Peter F.

I'd love to see the reaction on YouTube.

"I empathize with ya, man. ... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

"I empathize with ya, man. Now, in the pot you go!"

That would be priceless, Ke... (Below threshold)

That would be priceless, Ken!

I don't support many action... (Below threshold)

I don't support many actions of PETA, however it is a fact that cattle often suffer unacceptable needless suffering. On 4/10/01 THE WASHINGTON POST had this to say in "Modern Meat: A Brutal Harvest", "It takes 25 minutes to turn a live steer into steak at the modern slaughter house wher Ramon Moreno works...

"The cattle were supposed to be dead before they got to Moreno. But too often they weren't.

The blink. They make noises", he said softly. "The head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around".

"Still Moreno would cut. On bad days, he says dozens of animals reached his station clearly alive and concious. Some would survive as far as the tail cutter, the belly ripper, the hide puller.

"They die", said Moreno, "piece by piece".

Is PETA always right? No. But there still exists unacceptable industry suffering of animals where even KFC had to make reforms. And more industry reforms are needed. Schoolchildren are still fed sick and dying "downer" cattle in school lunches, and even the U.S. Army has had to reject some meat products from major suppliers due to quality and safety concerns.

I say let them do it. And ... (Below threshold)

I say let them do it. And then we can celebrate the grand opening with a BBQ or something--maybe a clam bake.

These PETA guys ever went t... (Below threshold)

These PETA guys ever went to the fish market near Paris in Antony and watched the staff dispach live lobsters they'ed all have heart attacks. It's not even the large cleaver splitting the live lobster, it's that the staff shouts "ou la" or some such as the deed is done. The lobster incidently was delicious.

Anyone dumb enough to go to... (Below threshold)

Anyone dumb enough to go to a Lobster Empathy Center should be allowed to complete the experience by being boiled alive at the end.

Just wait till the tourists... (Below threshold)

Just wait till the tourists come from NY and San Fran and want to be put in cages and drenched in melted butter. They'll go bankrupt for sure.

People Enjoy(ing) Torturing... (Below threshold)

People Enjoy(ing) Torturing Animals (PETA). Follow their recent hitory and a truer thing was never said.

Oh for the love of God. Pe... (Below threshold)

Oh for the love of God. People with way too much doggone time on their hands!

People - we are supposed to be protecting our nation from foreign terrorists. Trust me, unless PETA plans to stand in front of the next plane being used as a bomb, let them shut the hell up!

Sounds like time to open a ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like time to open a seafood restaurant across the street, with a daily special on lobster...

Anyone protesting PETA gets a 10% discount on their bill.

Maybe we can trade Lobster ... (Below threshold)

Maybe we can trade Lobster for Oil?

PETA discriminates against ... (Below threshold)

PETA discriminates against crawfish.

Great - but I prefer mayonn... (Below threshold)

Great - but I prefer mayonnaise to butter. Makes GREAT sandwiches!

Maybe we can convince PETA ... (Below threshold)

Maybe we can convince PETA that all plants have feelings as well. Then they can all starve. Just a thought before dinner is served.

"Let the rabbits wear glass... (Below threshold)

"Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers! Can I get an amen?"

Lobstah in Skowhegan...I ca... (Below threshold)

Lobstah in Skowhegan...I can't wait!






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